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Kuro Games issues apology for Wuthering Waves launch

The developer apologizes for the issues players faced at launch, offering some in-game items for more character pulls as compensation.

Wuthering Waves fatal error - A character with long silver hair looking at his hand as he hunches over

The Wuthering Waves fatal error issues appear to have affected numerous players following the game’s global launch on May 22 (May 23 in the UK and across Europe), and it’s even resulted in a public apology from the developer, Kuro Games.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the team claims that they “are committed to constant self-reflection and improvement,” with player satisfaction being the developer’s “top priority.” In an official notice update on the Wuthering Waves website, the devs acknowledged various problems that the gacha game is facing, including the login timeout, age authentication, Unreal Engine 4 crash reports, and Android compatibility issues.

Furthermore, there appear to be some localization issues, with Kuro Games explaining that “We have received feedback regarding the localization quality of the game. Ensuring high-quality localization has always been a priority for us, and we are fully committed to improving it. Currently, our team is endeavoring to continuously rectify and optimize the localized texts to provide an enjoyable experience for Rovers everywhere.”

However, some of the issues are already fixed, the login timeout being one of them, though Kuro Games encourages you to “contact customer service with your device model and carrier for further investigation” should that problem persist. Due to the unfortunate technical difficulties, the developer is offering in-game compensation in the form of ten lustrous tides, which you can use to pull characters and weapons.

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The dev team closes out its post by saying, “in future updates, we will continue to optimize the game’s performance to improve your gaming experience.” So should you be one of the many experiencing the lag, freezes, frame rate drops, crashes, and other issues, you can rest easy knowing the team is working to fix the problems pronpto.

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