You can now play those games in mobile ads as long as you want ad free

No, we’re not joking - Those Games recreates silly mobile advert games on Switch so you can play on uninterrupted by annoying ads.

Those Games release: a stickman stuck in a box with a wolf

Yeah! You Want “Those Games”, Right? So here You Go! Now, Let’s See You Clear Them is out now on Switch. That all makes perfect sense to you, I assume. If not, read on – or find some of the best mobile games to play something more recognizable.

Let’s go with just ‘Those Games’ for short because retyping ‘Yeah! You Want “Those Games”, Right? So here You Go! Now, Let’s See You Clear Them’ is going to give me carpal tunnel. So, Those Games is now available on Nintendo Switch, and it’s a compilation of ridiculous mobile-style games.

You know the ones, the ones in the ads that have nothing to do with what you actually download – pulling pins out and directing falling debris into a chamber to avoid harming someone on the other side of the screen, filling tubes with like-colored liquid – well, Those Games has it all.

Think of it like a wacky Wario Ware-type puzzler but filled with typical mobile game conundrums. The publisher behind the ridiculous but enthralling Those Games is D3Publisher, who describes the game as “a collection of minigames that you wanted to play to your heart’s content, but couldn’t” – mostly due to the mobile game versions being infested with ads.

Honestly, I’m sold. There’s nothing I enjoy more than vegetating on the couch after work playing mindless free mobile ‘games’, and the thought of it without constant ads is brilliant. Check out the trailer below to get some more context on what on Earth I’m talking about:

YouTube Thumbnail

You can grab Those Games right now, or if you’re not interested even after our great description, grab these Honkai Star Rail codes and AFK Arena codes for some gifts in other notable games.