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You can now play games on YouTube

YouTube Playables features games from various genres, such as puzzle and RPG, with Angry Birds Showdown being one of the biggest titles.

YouTube Playables - Red in front of a screenshot from Angry Birds Showdown

YouTube Playables is a new feature that’s sure to intrigue all you gamers out there, as it allows you to play more than 75 games directly on YouTube. Yes, you read that right, looks like the video sharing platform is following in the footsteps of streaming service Netflix, bringing an assortment of mobile games to its platform.

The feature is available across iOS, Android, and desktop, so everyone can go and see what Playables is all about. To access it, all you need to do is head to the homepage and go to the explore menu. From there, you can see the games on offer, of which Angry Birds Showdown is present, making this the only place you can play the game. Yeah, it’s inclusion surprised me, too.

Farm Land, Cut the Rope, Merge Heroes, and Endless Siege are also on offer, with each game saving your progress so you can dive back in as you please. Mind you, it would feel a bit weird not to be able to continue your progress in mobile games like those.

Playables features a mixture of genres, from puzzles and RPGs to simulation and sports – there’s something for everyone. In an announcement, Google claimed that the company wants to “hear from you” on its quest to make Playables even better.

A screenshot showing a few games in YouTube Playables

While Playables might seem enticing for some, thanks to the inclusion of games like Angry Birds, it’s not available worldwide yet, though it is for those of you in the UK and the US. However, it is coming to even more regions over the coming months. It’ll be interesting to see how Playables develops, especially since Netflix boasts impressive games such as Hades on its own service.

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