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A Street Cat’s Tale 2 curls up on Nintendo Switch this year

Follow Cinnamon the house cat’s journey in the emotional tale A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous on Nintendo Switch in 2023.

A Street Cat's Tale 2 release date - a close up view of a cartoon siamese cat with a big smile on its face

Get ready to embody an adorable lil’ kitty when the A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous release date hits Nintendo Switch this year – a title that’s definitely going in our list of the best cat games for all you pet-loving gamers out there.

Publisher CFK along with Korean indie developer PPIYO Studio bring A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous to Switch in 2023, following on from the successful adventure game A Street Cat’s Tale. This time, we become Cinnamon the house cat and solve issues through Sokoban-style puzzles littered across the city.

Cinnamon is a kitten that’s spent his whole life indoors but chases a butterfly into the scary outside world. The game follows his treacherous adventures outside where he learns that life is not always comfortable and lovely and that outdoor cats deal with a whole host of problems like hoarders and cat-nappers.

In this tale, Cinnamon meets alley cats, strays, and pets who are unfortunately turned out by their owners. This is an emotional experience, following a heart-wrenching story that builds on the world of the first entry in the series.

A Street Cat’s Tale, the predecessor, began as a mobile game before coming to the Switch and paving the way for the sequel. It met positive reviews, praise, and the 2019 Made With Unity Korea award for the best indie game.

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The A Street Cat’s Tale 2 release date isn’t set just yet, but we’re due to get the game in 2023 after a launch on Steam on June 2. Check out the first game here to get yourself ready.

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