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The best ocean games on Switch and mobile

Wave goodbye to boredom and swim into a new adventure with our picks for the best ocean games on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

ocean games - Dave the Diver, a giant shark, and a Splatoon squid on a blue background

Turn the tide and try out some of the best ocean games you can play on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, right now. For many years we went without an Endless Ocean on Switch, but now we’ve got one – and plenty more fin-tastic sea-themed games. Shoal-ly there’s something in this guide to tempt you.

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Right, let’s dive into the best ocean games, shall we?

Dave the Diver – Switch

Ah, the ocean. Filled with creatures big and small that would all go very well in sushi dishes. Dave the Diver lets you explore this as you dive by day, and serve patrons in your restaurant at night.

The game blends exploration and management together in a wonderful package that will have you hooked. As Dave, the aforementioned diver, you head into the Blue Hole to collect fish to fill your menu – but be careful, and keep an eye on your oxygen.

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Endless Ocean Luminous – Switch

Sometimes, you want a game that lets you gently float along looking at lovely sea creatures. Endless Ocean Luminous, a surprise release for 2024, gives you just that.

If you ever played the first couple of games on the Wii, you know what to expect – diving in search of whales, squids, and all manner of colorful fish, with minimal puzzle solving or questing. It’s just a really nice time, and if you don’t believe me, check out our Endless Ocean Luminous review here for another opinion.

Let’s Build A Zoo: Aquarium Odyssey DLC – Switch

Let’s Build A Zoo was already incredible, and then they went and added an aquarium DLC. It might not be literally in the ocean, but you can now build a gigantic park dedicated to creatures of the sea, with shell-shaped gift shops and huge shark statues.

What fish and sea critters are there, I hear you ask? Everything from dumbo octopuses, sunfish, and lobsters to nautilus that gently float around. Plus, you can mix and merge species to create new ones to wow your guests.

ocean games Katoa: a still of a garden under water with fish and coral

Katoa: Grow and Nurture Oceans – mobile

It’s your job to manage a small piece of the ocean in Katoa – you need to create the perfect conditions to ensure a sprawling selection of sea life while fighting back against toxic blight underwater.

If this on-the-go aquarium isn’t charming enough, then let us tell you that playing Katoa unlocks funding that’s sent directly to charities and communities working to protect ecosystems in our world.

ocean games The Cosmic shake: spongebob wearing karate gear

Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake – Switch

Kicking things off in style is The Cosmic Shake, Spongebob Squarepants’ latest adventure on Switch. Join Spongebob as he uses Mermaid’s Tears to grant wishes and totally not create havoc at all.

Don costumes that grant different abilities and traverse the under-sea Wishworlds with your best buddy Patrick, as you work to save Bikini Bottom once again from total catastrophe.

ocean games Abzu: a diver surrounded by whales

Abzu – Switch

Ok, it’s not quite Endless Ocean, but Abzu is a close second. Abzu lets you float gently around the ocean as a diver discovering many species of fish, whales, and sharks as you go.

Drift towards the coral reefs or pick your way through kelp forests – perhaps you can even keep up with a pod of whales that pass by?

ocean games Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium: a smiling coral reef

Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium – mobile

Everyone loves an idle clicker game, and Tap Tap Fish is a perfect choice for those who also like the ocean and all the friends you can find in it. Imagine it: a full, reef-sized aquarium right on your phone.

Starting with an empty, lonely coral reef, you can populate it with bright and bountiful creatures from shrimp to whales, and even some cute sea-faring mammals.

ocean games Subnautica: a small creature held in a hand

Subnautica – Switch

Subnautica takes us deep into the oceans of a different planet, where you must learn to survive by building a base, and figuring out which wildlife is friendly and which are foes.

There’s a huge catalog of resources to collect, which aid you in creating submarines, science equipment, and more. There’s also Subnautica: Below Zero, for even more underwater adventures!

ocean games Far Lone Sails: a boat rolling along the sea bed

Far: Lone Sails – Switch and mobile

Alright, so, most of the ocean in Far: Lone Sails is dried up, but it still counts. You’re in control of your slapdash vehicle which you need to constantly fix and fill up, in order to continue rolling along the dry seabed.

You come across the remains of civilizations and many obstacles to overcome in this dystopian adventure set in a side-scrolling puzzle world.

ocean games Maneater shark decked out in a cool skin

Maneater – Switch

Maybe chilled-out adventure games aren’t your thing? In which case, try Maneater! You’re the shark, the formidable hunter of the deep, and you’re on a rampage.

It’s an RPG – a ShaRkPG, according to the Steam page – where your objective is to hunt and kill. Plus, you can decorate your shark with skins and accessories, which is neat. See what we had to say about it in our Manaeter review.

ocean games Splatoon 3: an inkling and their lil buddy

Splatoon 3 – Switch

While not set in the sea per se, Splatoon has enough nautical nonsense to earn a place in this list. Become a squid kid or an octoling and prove your mettle in battle against enemy teams – just don’t actually go in the water, or you’ll dissolve.

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ocean games Dredge: a boat sailing out of a bay

Dredge – Switch

Dredge lets us captain our own fishing boats and explore the wild seas to discover islands aplenty and mysterious goings-on – while fishing up as many catches as we can and sorting them in a Tetris-like minigame on our hull.

There are plenty of weird and wonderful fish to find and sell, so you can afford upgrades to your boat, to go and get more fish. It’s really good, honestly. Check out our Dredge review and see if you wanna pick it up!

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