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Alien Isolation 2 Switch release date speculation

After all these years, Alien Isolation 2 Switch release date rumours continue to swirl, but with new source citations, could we really get the sequel?

Alien Isolation 2 Switch release date - a close up of the Xenomorph

If you’re one of the many to brave that terrifying journey with Amanda Ripley aboard Sevastopol Station, you likely want to know if Alien Isolation 2 is in the works, and whether or not it’s for Nintendo Switch. They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. Fortunately, we’re on earth, and we’re more than happy to shout from the rooftops that we’re dying for a sequel as we hunt for all you need to know.

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Will there be an Alien Isolation 2?

Even after all these years, fans live in the hope of a sequel, and after the majority of the team behind the team at Creative Assembly disbanded, we lost hope. However, in late 2022, Insider Gaming cited a source that a new Alien game is in development and that it’s set to be a triple-A title.

It’s said that the game is a survival horror title, and that certainly gives us a little bit of hope that this is an Alien Isolation sequel. Better still, the likes of Resident Evil and Dead Space serve as inspiration. The rumors suggested a late 2023 window, but as we’re now long past that date, we’re unsure what to think.

Alien Isolation 2 Switch release date - Amanda Ripley in a space suit

Alien Isolation 2 Switch release date speculation

If you believe the rumors, then the Alien Isolation 2 Switch release date could be later this year, but we’ll update this guide with firmer info when we have it. Should any concrete details come to light, we’ll update this guide immediately.

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