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Who is Amanda the Adventurer’s Wooly?

Amanda the Adventurer's Wooly is an important character in this unnerving horror game, but who exactly is he, and is he as sweet as he seems?

Amanda the AdventurerWooly coming out of a TV

In Amanda the Adventurer, Wooly is a cartoon sheep that appears alongside Amanda in the television show. At first glance, Amanda and Wooly look like a normal duo you’d expect in any kid’s show. However, as the deep, unnerving lore begins to unravel, we see him desperately attempting to keep Amanda in check – and even facing Amanda’s wrath. So who exactly is Wooly?

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Now, let’s hit play on that tape, as we look into Amanda the Adventurer’s Wooly.

A screenshot of Amanda the Adventurer's Wooly telling Amanda that they shouldn't use the oven by themselves

What is Amanda the Adventurer Wooly’s personality?

In the early tapes, Wooly appears to live up to his species – he’s sheepish and somewhat shy, allowing Amanda to take the lead with his main input being responses to her. He also acts as the voice of reason. This becomes apparent very quickly, with him advising Amanda that they shouldn’t use knives or the oven without parental guidance, but is a more defining feature as you progress through the game and Amanda gets more erratic and dangerous.

Wooly appears to be quite anxious, and even scared of Amanda at times. When Amanda (or you as the player) says something that offends him, he generally clams up, not replying and looking off to the side. But he continues to try to keep Amanda calm and the show on track. However, he does break character at several points, attempting to rebel against Amanda and even talking directly to you through the TV screen.

He does treat the viewer/player with kindness, guiding you to help Amanda, asking if you trust him, and even treating you as a friend. However, with the malignant underbelly that defines the horror in the game, some of the community believe that his kind and helpful nature is little more than an act and that he is, in fact, one of the true baddies. Which brings us to our next question…

A screenshot of Amada the Adventurer's Wooly as Amanda attempts to attack him

Who is Amanda the Adventurer’s Wooly?

This question has both an easy answer and an entirely unclear answer that depends on your interpretation of the game.

Let’s begin with the easy answer. Wooly (also spelled as Woolie in earlier versions of the game) is a character from the Amanda the Adventurer show. We don’t know for sure whether he was a character in the original, live-action show, whether he replaced another character, or if he’s an entirely original character brought in by Hameln when it turned the show into an animation.

On the more complex side of things, the answer is we don’t actually know. Considering the heavy implications that Amanda is actually the original actor (and show creator’s daughter) Rebecca trapped in the tapes, and how Wooly responds to external factors and outcomes flexibly in the same way that Amanda does, it becomes apparent that he’s likely another soul trapped in the show alongside Amanda. But who?

An early theory is that Wooly is Amanda’s brother. This was most popular during the demo of the game and gained even more traction when the Game Theorists posted a video discussing it. However, the game has come a long way since its beta and the community generally believes that the events of the initial demo aren’t canon in the final release.

Additionally, there’s no indication that Amanda has a brother in the full Amanda the Adventurer game, with the only real mentions of her family life coming from a lore tape where Sam explains that he adopted Amanda when she was very young and that while she has been through a lot, she’s still a very kind and optimistic girl. We don’t know what traumas she has been through, but we still get no hint of any siblings – considering the way Wooly and Amanda speak at times, it makes sense why some of you still hold onto this theory.

Another theory made popular by the second Game Theorists Amanda the Adventurer video is that Sam is in fact Wooly. There’s quite a bit of circumstantial evidence to support this in the final release. Firstly, Sam goes missing shortly before the TV show entirely derails – likely due to Hameln silencing him in response to his protests that the show was transforming into something that he didn’t like. Much like Amanda went missing later down the line, it could be that Hameln somehow trapped Sam inside the tapes, too.

The Sam theory is also somewhat supported by the way Wooly attempts to keep Amanda safe and calm, steering her away from inappropriate topics or dangerous objects in a protective manner. However, this theory has holes in it, considering the way he says things such as ‘we’ shouldn’t be using this without a parent. There’s also a theory that Sam is actually the barn in the Petting Zoo episode, considering that, when you give Amanda the answer of ‘Sam’ when she asks what the daddy rooster is called, the angry-eyed barn seems to wheeze and look directly at you. However, Wooly also gets antsy upon hearing that name.

Finally, another popular theory is that Wooly is some kind of industry plant by Hameln to keep Amanda from escaping the game world or busting their supposed child hypnotizing, kidnapping scheme and their quest to apparently raise demons. This also has some supporting factors, such as the way Wooly attempts to stop us from hearing Amanda’s secret or helping her, and the fact that he seems to want to keep up the status quo so that the show can keep airing. A lot of theorists also think that his behavior is suspicious and that he seems to be trying to convince us to trust him despite malicious intentions.

However, there are flaws in this theory too, including queries as to why Hameln would want to stop Amanda when this appeared to be its goal all along, what kind of employee would volunteer to be trapped in this sort of hellspace, and why would Wooly try to save the viewer. These queries can mostly be swayed with suggestions such as an employee seeing the horror and gaining a conscience, the person possessing Wooly not truly understanding the depth of the issue until it’s too late, or them being an unwilling participant forced into the tapes, trying to keep Amanda calm for their own sake too, among others. But that’s just another uncertainty with no true proof.

There are also other theories – such as the ‘detective’ that appears in the final scene of ‘The End?’, or the librarian (and your auntie) Kate entering the game as a last-ditch effort to stop the horror from spreading. But, as with many elements of this game, all these theories are generally up to speculation and your own personal interpretation – and, unless we get that sequel containing more concrete info, it’s likely to stay that way.

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Is Wooly dead?

Wooly meets a few seemingly grizzly ends throughout the course of the show, all of which are dependent on how your choices impact Amanda. However, with five different endings and no way of truly knowing which one is canonical, it’s hard to say.

For now, the community generally believes that Wooly’s dead and gone – with his generally accepted ‘true death’ being the one where Amanda attacks him in the altered version of ‘Oh No! Accidents!’ – but, once again, this is an open-ended sort of story. Personally, I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of Wooly in the future, though that’s entirely my own theory.

There is one new spanner that DreadXP has thrown into the works though, and that’s the Amanda the Adventurer 2 trailer from the 2023 Indie Horror Showcase, which you can see above. The trailer is primarily set on Wooly, apparently held at gunpoint by a rooster, as he nervously reads a script. Of course, this may be old footage, but I personally believe it means that Wooly is alive, though seemingly not doing so well. Perhaps these characters can’t actually die, and are stuck in a vicious cycle within the tapes? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Well, that’s all we’ve got on poor ol’ Amanda the Adventurer’s Wooly for now. If you have any theories on his true identity, we’d love to hear from you through the social links below. But, in the meantime, why not acquaint yourself with the FNAF characters, the FNAF games, or the Poppy Playtime characters for more spine-tingling spooks?