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Will there be an Among Us 2?

Though the Among Us 2 release date may not be on the horizon, but there's still plenty to be excited about in the future of the game.

Sadly, if you’re looking for an Among Us 2 release date, you’re out of luck – as Among Us 2 has been canceled. But never fear, little space beans, Innersloth plans to add all content intended for Among Us 2 into the original game, including updated social systems, and even new player roles.

We’ve looked into what’s coming next for Among Us, but keep in mind that this is a small independent studio and plans can change, particularly during the pandemic. If you want to know more about Among Us, you can check out our Among Us character, Among Us hats, Among Us maps, and Among Us wallpapers guides.

Here’s everything we know about Among Us 2.

Will there be an Among Us 2?

Among Us 2 was announced in August 2020, initially intended to improve on the rough framework of the original game. “[Among Us] really was not created to be this big,” InnerSloth wrote in a blog post. “Because of this, it’s extremely hard to add more things without breaking existing things… so the first goal of Among Us 2 is to be made to withstand growth”.

However, InnerSloth canceled Among Us 2 a month later, and “all of the content” planned for it is to be implemented into the original game. “Seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level,” the developers wrote in September 2020.

As of early 2024, it still looks like we’re not getting a true Among Us sequel anytime soon. Fortunately, Innersloth has continued to add new ideas to the game in the years since its release, so it’s well worth jumping back in if you can’t remember the last time you were an imposter.

Among Us Xbox release date

Among Us is now available to play on Xbox One and Series X and S as part of Game Pass or by purchasing the game. Like all other versions of the game, it has crossplay, so you can play with all of your friends across different platforms.

Among Us Airship

One of the features that was planned for Among Us 2 was the Airship, which has now been released as a part of the original game. The Among Us Airship is a map that launched in March 2021, and dwarves the size of the previous largest map, Polus. It is perfect for large parties of players due to its massive size, which can be explored via a system of ladders and a floating platform in the gap room.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Airship offers four vent systems which allow you to navigate great distances easily, as well as the dark and perilous maze of electrical, which can give an impostor the edge. However, if you’re a crewmate, not all is lost – thanks to the terminal in security and the cockpit, you can keep an eye on a variety of different rooms, which may just help you catch a traitor in the act.

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