The best Among Us memes

Looking for a laugh? Our list of the best Among Us memes can definitely help you with that, and provide you with templates to make your own personalised posts

Among Us VR screenshot of a imposter shushing for Among Us memes guide

Ah, Among Us. Where did you come from? Who thought it was a good idea to put beans in charge of a spaceship? These are questions we’ll probably never know the answers to, such is the nature of history and human memory. But there are definitely some questions we can answer. Questions like – what are the best Among Us memes on the internet right now? These images and videos are pretty much guaranteed to make you chortle. They might even elicit a guffaw out of you.

Some of them capture the wonderful absurdity of Among Us, some of them demonstrate the ridiculous nature of life in general. One of them has a dog in it. Oh, and if you’re looking for more Among Us content, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a list of the best Among Us wallpapers, a detailed description of the Among Us maps, or all of the available Among Us hats, you can find it on Pocket Tactics.

So, let’s get on the ship for our picks of the best Among Us memes.

An Among Us meme featuring characters from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Rarely has a meme captured so many things in one go. There’s at least two popular culture references here, as well as a cutting commentary on the current state of the world. A lot of classes are online. That’s the joke. Or it’s part of the joke at least. There are layers to this meme it would take a doctorate to truly unspool.

An Among Us meme featuring a dog hiding amongst ducks

What’s the best thing about memes? The answer to that is dogs. In fact, the answer to most questions is dogs. Strangely, this meme is actually easier than playing a game of Among Us. The impostor here is the dog, which has a shuttlecock on its nose. If the impostor in Among Us has a shuttlecock on their nose, the whole game would be far too easy – you’d just have to look for the character with the shuttlecock on their nose. We’re glad the designers decided against it.

An Among Us meme featuring Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants

This is one of the Among Us memes we all feel deep within our bones. When we’re trying to catch the impostor it feels like our crewmates have got better things to do than actually play the game. Maybe they remembered they’d left the oven on, or they’ve suddenly developed narcolepsy. When we’re cast as the impostor it feels like everyone else in the game is Columbo. Or Quincey ME. Or a more modern TV detective – Wallander, that’s one, right? Or CSI Miami.

Another Among Us meme featuring characters from SpongeBob SquarePants

This one asks us a deeply plausible question about the nature of safety. And it’s also got some SpongeBob SquarePants stuff going on in there. What have we really achieved playing Among Us? Doesn’t the impostor’s role tell us more about the fragility of human society and the inevitability of collapse than our successful discovery of them ever could? Also SpongeBob.

YouTube Thumbnail

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a meme, but we thought it was worth sharing. Which is sort of what makes a meme a meme, so by sharing it memetically we’ve made it a meme. Anyway, rather than make you laugh, this one is going to make you… well we can’t think of a word to describe what it’ll make you do. It’s a gritty reimagining of Among Us that owes more to Alien than it does the cutesy wootsy world of the game. It’s 12 minutes long, and we’d recommend you watch every dang second of it.

And those are all the Among Us memes we can handle. If you need a break from social deduction, but want to continue to show your competitive dominance, check out our picks for the best mobile war games here.