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The first Android 15 preview might be on for this week

Word has it that the first Android 15 preview is coming soon, and it might see the implementation of the new ‘Private Space’ feature.

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It looks like we’re getting the first Android 15 preview this week, with a Google developer seemingly revealing some interesting info via the Android Open Source Project forum. The timing certainly makes sense following the arrival of the first Android 14 preview in early February, so we’re keeping an eye out for any official announcements from Google.

The comment via the Android Open Source Project, which 9to5Google first spotted, reads: “Maybe makes sense to wait until Android V will be available? Its first Developer preview is scheduled for Feb 15.” For those that don’t know, each Android update has an internal codename, with Google developers currently referring to Android 15 as Vanilla Ice Cream or, in this instance, Android V.

We should point out that these early Android previews are there for developers to master the latest software before it rolls out to consumers, and they’re nowhere near as stable as when in the official beta. However, if you’ve got a Google Pixel phone from the 6 Series or newer, then you should be able to test it out for yourself and see what changes the creator is planning to bring when the full rollout takes place, which we assume is still a fair few months away. If the developer preview arrives on February 15, we’re assuming Google will release it alongside an official post on the Android developer’s forum with details on how to download it.

While we now know that Android 15 is very much in the pipeline, we’re still not sure what features the next big update might bring to the table. In doing the research rounds, the only new element we’re pretty certain is coming is the ‘Private Space’ feature. This function is as sneaky as it sounds, making it possible to hide away apps you don’t want others to see on your home screen when you’re not using them. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of ideas of what you could use that for already.

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There you have it, the news that the first Android 15 preview might be fast approaching. If you’re looking for a new Android smartphone yourself, check out our picks for the best Samsung phones and the best Xiaomi phones. Or, if you prefer iOS, see our guide to everything we know so far about the iPhone 16.