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Roblox Anime Champions Simulator codes April 2024

Our Roblox Anime Champions Simulator codes list is here to help you level up, add some power to your punch, and teach you how to redeem them.

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If you need Anime Champions Simulator codes, we have your back like all of planet Earth powering up your spirit bomb. This exciting Roblox game brings together characters from many anime worlds, so if you know your Shonen Jump, you’re in for a really good time.

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Here are all the new Anime Champions Simulator codes:

  • AddedSkins – three raid keys, cosmic summons, and easter coins (new!)
  • EclipseUpdate – 100 rune dust and 1k diamonds (new!)
  • 150kLikesTY – cosmic summons, 1k diamonds, scrap, rune dust, and potions (new!)
  • MissingEggs – 150k eggs and a Galaxy 2 summon capsule
  • Sheeple – 100 rune dust, potions, and boosts
  • NewPass – 100 rune dust, 1k diamonds, and boosts
  • 170kFaves – a cosmic summon, 1k diamonds, scrap, dust, and potions
  • EasterSunday – a cosmic summon, 1k diamonds, and a luck boost
  • HappyEasterACS – 1k diamonds, scrap, dust, and potions
  • 10kPlay – a cosmic summon, 1k diamonds, and a luck boost
  • Ultrainstinct – 1k diamonds, scrap, dust, and potions
  • OrbEnhanced – 1k diamonds
  • Survey – a Galaxy 1 and 2 cosmic summon, a luck boost, scrap, dust, and diamonds
  • GiveMeAstral – galaxy 2 summon capsule
  • DailyQuest3 – 1k diamonds, scrap, dust, and potions
  • Punch – three luck boosts and 1k diamonds
  • PatchSunday – 1k diamonds
  • DailyQuest2 – 1k diamonds
  • OrbLuckBuff – three luck boosts and 1k diamonds
  • Update13 – a cosmic summon, 1k diamonds, scrap, dust, and potions
  • CloverPower – a cosmic summon, 1k diamonds, scrap, dust, and potions
  • DailyQuest – one raid chest key, 300 scraps, one coin boost, one drop boost, one luck boost, and 1 XP boost
  • DungeonBuff – 1k diamonds
  • DungeonShudown – boosts
  • Update12 – boosts
  • VirtualDungeon – 1k diamonds and boosts
  • HappyNewYear – 1k diamonds and boosts
  • JingleBells – boosts
  • HappyHoliday – boosts
  • RandomShutdownCode – boosts
  • ShutdownBackInTown – boosts
  • FreeWilly – boosts
  • MageWarrior – boosts
  • SafetyFirst – boosts
  • LagBeGone – diamonds and boosts

Expired codes: 

  • Galaxy2Hype
  • ThisIsFine
  • SorryTourney
  • 100kFaves
  • thanks50mil
  • WaitingGiantsTM
  • WOW100Mil
  • QuestFix
  • DeathBall
  • Scrappy
  • Tournaments
  • Gigantic
  • TYBurger
  • GiveMeLuck
  • PatientZero
  • WinterIsComing
  • TurnDown4What
  • ACSFoodEvent
  • GiveMeLuck
  • TurkeyDay
  • EightLegs
  • SevenUp
  • shutdown7052
  • shutdown705
  • ExtraDaily
  • TrickOrTreat
  • HappyHalloween
  • Chainsaws
  • GiveMeDPS
  • SawbladeRaid
  • StayClassy
  • WoodBall
  • SpookyGremlins
  • FreeKeys
  • raidbuff
  • towerstuff
  • update3
  • updateshutdown
  • MeltedIcecream
  • oTMSaveUs
  • update2
  • updatedelay
  • shutdown3
  • 100thousand
  • update1
  • shutdown2
  • shutdown1
  • 1million
  • release
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What are Anime Champions Simulator codes?

Anime Champions Simulator codes are a series of letters and/or numbers that you can pop into the game, unlocking some nifty boosts or bonuses. Many Roblox games have codes, and ordinarily, codes give you things like in-game currency, or powerful items to aid your progress.

For Anime Champions Simulator, developer Bura ACS gives out codes periodically, often to coincide with updates, events, or holidays. You can join the Anime Champions Simulator Discord to stay up to date, or save yourself some notifications, and just bookmark this page and check back regularly.

How do I redeem Anime Champions Simulator codes?

It’s easy to redeem Anime Champions Simulator codes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Open up Anime Champions Simulator
  • In the main menu, press the shopping cart icon
  • In the next menu, press the Twitter icon
  • Input a code into the text box
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

There you go, folks, that’s all we have for our Anime Champions Simulator codes guide for today. If you want even more great codes, be sure to check out our mammoth guide on Roblox game codes next.