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Gear up soldiers, Respawn is making some Apex Legends Mobile changes

Apex Legends Mobile changes are coming, and Respawn aims to add new servers while updating the existing ones later this week to increase ping

Screenshot of Apex Legends Mobile character

Apex Legends Mobile finally hit all mobile devices on May 17, and while many fans worldwide are pleased to finally see the battle royale game on the small screen, there are some issues that they’re not happy with, but fortunately for all you virtual soldiers out there, Respawn is listening.

That’s right, thanks to a recent tweet from the game’s official Twitter account, we know that the development team is set to release various Apex Legends Mobile changes to improve your experience. According to the tweet, the leaver penalty for non-ranked matches is on the way out this week, while more servers are coming to the UK, US, and France, all of which are to get an update to improve ping.

It’s nice to see Respawn listen to player complaints. Then again, the community is vocal in the changes they want to see, with some Apex Legends Mobile performance issues such as frame rate drops, desync, sensitivity problems, the prize system, and servers. Of course, improvements for the latter are to hit the game soon.

When are the Apex Legends Mobile changes coming?

The tweet claims you should “be on the lookout” for changes to the servers and non-ranked match leaver penalties “this week”, and it also states that further alterations are on the horizon, too.

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