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Things are a bit frosty in Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap

Apex Legends Mobile’s Cold Snap update is here, and it adds a frosty touch to the battle royale game - but that should be snow problem for you

Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap key art

It’s time for Apex Legends Mobile season one to begin, and it’s known as Cold Snap. Given the game is less than a month old, it’s great that EA and REspawn are keen to get fresh content out, and finally get the ball rolling for the 23 million players that Apex Legends Mobile already has across multiple regions.

Naturally, the Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap update features a battle pass, of which there are two versions – premium and premium plus. Through these, you can grab skins for operators and weapons, item rewards such as emotes, banners, and syndicate packs, while also nabbing bonus BP experience.

Furthermore, in Cold Snap, popular legend Loba enters the fray, while some icy changes come to the map, and a new frosty grenade lets you take full advantage of this early winter surprise. To top it off, throughout the season, you can collect diamonds from forested loot boxes, which you can turn in at the seasonal shop to get some rare goodies.

When does Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap begin?

The season is already underway, so dive in now to get some frosty good prizes.

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