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Sonic, Disney, Downwell, and more join the Apple Arcade fall lineup

The Apple Arcade fall additions make the iOS gaming platform an even more exciting proposition, and one that increasingly feels worth the subscription fee.

Custom image for Apple Arcade fall lineup news with Mickey from Disney Dreamlight Valley and Sonic for Sonic Dream Team

We’ve got our hands on the full Apple Arcade fall lineup of new additions, and there’s certainly going to be plenty to play this holiday season. Of course, the big news you may have seen already is the arrival of an exclusive game starring the blue blur, Sonic Dream Team, but there are plenty of other exciting titles to look forward to in the coming month or so.

After adding the 2023 installment to the growing list of Apple Arcade games, we’re pleased to see Football Manager 2024 Touch arrive on the platform on November 6. This new season of soccer simulation introduces fresh mechanics in the form of Manager Principles, offering even deeper tactical freedom, as well as a Set Piece Creator to go all Ted Lasso with pre-prepared routines. Better still, you can carry on your saved file from FM 2023 Touch on Apple Arcade, leading your team onward to promotion and cup glory.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition is another brilliant addition to the list of available games, especially considering the news that the full game is losing its free-to-play status as it leaves early access behind. This arrival also includes the upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time, so you can make the trip to the mysterious Eternity Isle without any added cost. This one arrives on the platform on December 5.

It’s worth an honorable mention that Downwell+ is coming to Apple’s gaming platform on November 17. This dark adventure mixes procedurally generated levels with surprisingly simplistic gameplay to offer something that still feels pretty unique almost nine years after its original release. Just keep in mind that what waits below can be pretty horrifying, even if it’s pixelated, so this might not be one for the faint-hearted.

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Still, while we’ve avoided it so far, the Sonic Dream Team release date is probably the one we’re most looking forward to from the Apple Arcade fall lineup, arriving on December 5. This SEGA offering is a fully-fledged 3D Sonic experience with distinct visual similarities to the iconic Sonic Adventure originally for Dreamcast. In this new blue blur adventure, Sonic, Tails, and some other recognizable faces from the franchise team up to take down Doctor Eggman in a dangerous dream world full of some of the villain’s most delirious but dastardly schemes to date.

For a reminder of everything we’ve mentioned and more, plus when they arrive on the iOS gaming platform, check out the list below.

  • Knotwords+ – November 3
  • Football Manager 2024 Touch – November 6
  • Downwell+ – November 17
  • Delicious – Miracle of Life+ – November 24
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition – December 5
  • Sonic Dream Team – December 5
  • Puzzle & Dragons Story – December 5
  • Turmoil+ – December 5

There you have it, all the highlights from the Apple Arcade fall lineup. For more marvelous mobile experiences, check out our picks for the best Sonic games and Disney games you can play today.