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Big Arena of Valor update brings a new character, game mode, and more

Do you need something new in this mega MOBA? There’s more than enough in the new Arena of Valor update, with a brand new game mode and hero to take into battle

The character Yue from the new Arena of Valor update for 2022, seen holding a pair of magical fans.

The first Arena of Valor update for 2022 brings with it a slew of little tweaks and balance changes, but the headline here is the brand new character, Yue. This ‘distinguished and elegant princess of the Dragon Kingdom’ has a Divination Fan that ‘makes the world shake’ with a single wave. What that means in-game is that she’s best suited for mid players, a ‘sniper mage’ who can conjure spells and inflict big damage from afar. She seems incredibly powerful.

The second big bit of the Arena of Valor update is the new game mode Supremacy Blitz, which apparently evokes ‘the hidden potential of heroes, greatly enhancing the power of their skills.’ A little vague, but expect enhanced hero skills, shorter respawns, faster cooldowns, and greater rewards in a one-match battle between any of the 20 available heroes at launch.

There’s also a long list of UI tweaks, balance adjustments, and some changes to underlying mechanics. You can find all the Arena of Valor updates on the Beta 35 patch page on the official website. For some similar fun check out our best mobile MOBAs list to see if there’s anything else that takes your fancy. We’ve also got news about an upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift champion or there’s our League of Legends: Wild Rift champions list for a rundown of everyone in-game.

You can learn more about Yue from the official Tweet below.

That’s everything coming in the first Arena of Valor update for 2022. If you’re into your MOBAs, the chance is you enjoyed Riot Games’ Arcane on Netflix, so check out the Fortnite Arcane collaboration or the PUBG Arcane crossover to get your Vi and Jinx fix.