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PUBG Mobile update: Jungle Adventure Mode comes to Sanhok

Find out the latest changes occuring in the battle royale shooter

We have a fondness for PUBG Mobile here at Pocket Tactics, since it’s hard not to have some respect for one of the original battle royale games. But we also enjoy PUBG Mobile because it’s well supported and gets plenty of great updates. Mad Miramar recently added a variety of changes to the map, including more weapons, a new car, and a pretty cool Mad Max-esque desert race track to run it on.

Supporting an online shooter in the long-run with new content and game modes, is often what makes or breaks its multiplayer scene, and that’s why PUBG Mobile is still so popular on the platform, even four years after release.

We decided it would be a good idea to create a PUBG Mobile update guide, to keep you informed of all the changes coming to the game – whether they be massive new maps, or just a smattering of guns and items. So here’s what’s yet to come – and what already has – in the world of PUBG Mobile updates.

Here are the latest pubg mobile updates

June 2: Jungle Adventure Mode comes to Sanhok

Today, in the world of PUBG Mobile, a mysterious jungle appeared in the Sanhok map, with new game features, powerful Totems, and a whole new mode. Here’s how it works:

  • When match-making for the Sanhok map, you have a chance of being spawned into Jungle Adventure Mode
  • In Jungle Adventure Mode, you’ll find Totems, Jungle Food, and Hot Air Balloons

The most interesting of the new items are the Totems, which have three varieties – Power, Strategy, and Protection – each conferring a different effect:

  • Power Totems: Repair vests and armour
  • Strategy Totems: Restore energy
  • Protection Totems: Replenish health

Jungle Food likewise grants effects for those willing to hunt up some grub, but they aren’t all beneficial. Some Jungle Food won’t grant you a buff, but instead makes you horribly dizzy – certainly a lesson in why you don’t eat random objects you find in the jungle.

Finally, there are Hot Air Balloons, which allow players to observe the carnage from on high, peacefully drifting in the breeze – until that inevitable RPG finds you.

If you want to experience this jungle paradise for yourself, you can download PUBG Mobile on Google Play and the App Store. Happy hunting!

May 7: Mad Miramar heads up content for PUBG Mobile season 13

Tencent Games has launched a major update for PUBG Mobile, kicking off the thirteenth season of the game, and introducing a variety of new features and updates. The main highlight of this is Mad Miramar, adding two sections to the pre-existing map, including an oasis in the north, and ruins in the north-west. There are also more resources spawning throughout the map.

The crowning glory of the update, however, is the rust-punk style race track which runs through the entire area, as well as a new vehicle to race on it. The golden mirado, a one-of-a-kind golden convertible, now spawns on the map, and is only available to whoever grabs it first.

Some other quality of life changes include the addition of vending machines, dispensing painkillers and energy drinks, with the possibility of you collecting eight at a time. The other main map update is the cheer park, an area where you and your friends can kick back and relax after a match, with shooting ranges, and an outdoor BBQ.

There are changes to the results screen too, letting you see stats such as revives, assists, distance traveled, and time survived. This, as well as a variety of weapon-based information, is a great tool for perfecting your game.

Guns are also getting some love, with the P90 submachine gun’s  inclusion in arena mode, a new 2.7x scope for the Win97 carbine, and a new canted site for classic mode, giving you three modes of weapon fire to switch between.

All in all the changes are a great increase to the game’s quality of life. If you want to find out more about upcoming PUBG content, check out the PUBG mobile website.

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