League of Legends: Wild Rift champions

A list of all of the League of Legends champions on mobile

League of Legends is coming soon to mobile in the form of Wild Rift, a brand new version of the popular MOBA that basically makes it a heck of a lot more comfortable on the smaller touchscreen. Expect a bevvy of changes like a redesigned UI, touch controls, and other tweaks. However, if you’ve come to this guide, you likely care the most about the League of Legends: Wild Rift champions.

Here, we have good and bad news. The good news is that many of your favourite League of Legends champions do make the transition to Wild Rift, with minimal differences, most of which simply make the champion easier to play on mobile. The bad news is that not all of your favourites appear on the League of Legends: Wild Rift champions roster, though most, if not all, should make the transition at some point.

As we get ever closer to League of Legends: Wild Rift‘s launch, we thought it was about time to start putting together some content to help you, our dear readers and LoL players, get accustomed to the mobile version. This guide takes a look at the League of Legends champions that make an appearance in Wild Rift, and you can check out a round up of everything we know so far in our complete League of Legends: Wild Rift guide.

League of Legends: Wild Rift champions:


Ahri is a mage type champion who shapes magic into orbs of raw energy to deal damage. Her abilities generally involve messing with her opponents to strengthen herself.


Akali is the rogue assassin, so it makes sense that she’s, you know, an assassin type champion. She uses deception, trickery, and her badass kunai to deal magical melee damage.


This mighty tank uses his slavery-induced rage as a weapon. It also helps that he’s massive. And has huge horns.


Just why is Amumu so sad, anyway? Perhaps it’s something to do with spending centuries in an undead form, wrapped up in bandages?


Don’t let her childish appearance fool you, mage Annie is as likely to set fire to you as summon her childhood teddy to scare you off. The teddy will also be on fire.


Shooting arrows of pure ice from her frozen bow, Ashe is a born marksman and leader.

Aurelion Sol

Some kind of star dragon, Aurelion Sol is a powerful mage capable of dragging the very stars down to earth to deal damage.


Good luck so much as scratching this enormous metallic tank, who lives to help others.


We’re not sure we believe it, but Braum apparently once punched a whole mountain into rubble.


Camille is part human, part machine, and all-powerful.


Though he may be small and cute, Corki is a dab hand with his rockets, and will blow you up as soon as look at you.


This bloodthirsty warrior absolutely loves conflict – so much so that he grows stronger the longer he’s fighting.

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A true warrior of Noxus, Draven likes to inject a bit of flair into proceedings. You might never live to see it though – such is his deadly ability.

Dr. Mundo

This deadly fighter harms himself to deal even more damage to his enemies. Dr. Mundo is possibly the last hero that you want to cross.


Don’t fall for Evelynn’s charms. Much like a cat, she prefers to toy with her prey before the inevitable killing ensues.


Loving nothing more than raiding tombs, Ezreal is pretty gifted with magic.


A duelist as deadly with the rapier as she is determined to restore her family’s honour.


This ocean-dweller can control the deadly beasts lurking beneath the water’s surface.


Garen’s armour can withstand magic as much as a blade, which is useful when hunting down mages.


Gragas spends as much time drinking as he does fighting, which ends up exactly as you imagine it does.


Graves loves getting into trouble. So-much-so that he’s wanted pretty much everywhere he’s visited.


A helpful wind spirit, Janna helps sailors navigate treacherous waters.

Jarvan IV

A frustrating warrior to battle against is Jarvan IV, who wields a lance with deadly precision.


With wit as sharp as his, err, lamppost, Jax wanders the world seeking new allies.


You don’t want to mess with Jhin, as he enjoys murdering as much as you enjoy a hot drink.


As deadly as her explosive weapons suggest, you don’t want to cross Jinx.


With a life plagued by darkness, Kai’Sa is constantly on the edge between good or evil.


Kennen is adorable, yes. But don’t stop to tell him as you’ll be dead before you even think about it.

Lee Sin

If you get hit by Lee Sin, the battle’s basically over. That’s thanks to the fact that most of his abilities have a secondary effect.


Given the choice, Lulu probably wouldn’t spend so much time fighting. She’d have a much better time chilling with her fair friend, Pix.


Though hailing from a region that views it with suspicion, Lux is gifted with magic.


Poor Malphite is the last of his kind, and is struggling to find a place for himself in this difficult world.

Master Yi

Basically the Yoda of LoL, this mysterious swordmaster seeks new disciples for the art of Wuju.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a deadly pirate, who stops at nothing to get revenge. Just ask Gangplank. Oh, wait, you can’t.


Using her Tidecaller staff, Nami can attack with the strength of the ocean.


This jackal-headed demigod defends the city of Shurima with a fierce zeal.


Looking like a Nord right out of Skyrim, Olaf dispatches bloody justice with his dual axes.


Previously a living, breathing human girl, Orianna is now made up entirely of clockwork.


She wishes she could be the biggest pop star the world of Runeterra has ever seen. Instead, she’s stuck playing countless battles of Wild Rift.


Shyvana may look humanoid, but she’s actually a dragon.


Alchemist Singed fires off a wide variety of chemical concoctions to frustrate his opponents.


Bard Sona is as good at helping her teammates as she is hindering her enemies.


A former immortal who gave it up to protect us fellow mortals, Soraka is a very kind-hearted support character.


The scout Teemo aims to explore the world of Runeterra.


Much like Teemo, Tristana was fascinated by the lands of Runeterra. Unlike Teemo, she’s quite the fan of combat.


Tryandamere harnesses his rage to fuel his attacks.

Twisted Fate

Filled with rogueish charm, Twisted Fate lets his cards do the talking.


A frustrating opponent to face, Varus keeps you at arm’s length with ease.


Are you fighting Wukong, or his double? A million dollars to the fighter who can figure that out!


A monster hunter who dedicates her life to destroying the demon that murdered her family.


Vi has huge gauntlets, which she uses to punch through walls. She may have an anger issue.

Xin Zhao

A master of the spear, Xin Zhao fights for his kingdom.


Yasuo is so quick he can use the very air itself as a weapon.


A master of dangerous and corrupt spirit magic, Zed stops at nothing to defend his home nation.


An explosives expert and fanatic, Ziggs loves to blow stuff up.

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