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EA and Ubisoft veterans create new tactical shooter

Armor Attack is an upcoming tactical shooter in which three factions duke it out on the battlefied with a range of units and vehicles.

Armor Attack release date: A mech firing a green beam ahead

The mobile platform isn’t short of shooters, and it looks to get another one when the Armor Attack release date lands. It’s to be the first game from KEK Entertainment, a studio composed of industry veterans from EA and Ubisoft, which only adds to our excitement. It’s not just mobile gamers that have it to look forward to either, as Armor Attack is coming to PC this year, too, with a console release further down the line.

Though it’s too soon to say whether or not Armor Attack is good enough for our lists of the best mobile shooters and best mobile strategy games, it has much promise thanks to its class and ability-centered vehicles. Each one has something different to bring to the battlefield, such as energy shields, fire bombs, a scout map, and more. You can also give each machine a different combat objective, encouraging you to think strategically in each battle. The fact that you can also customize your vehicles is the cherry on top here.

To have the best chance of winning, you need to know what combinations work best among your unit abilities, weapons, upgrades, and talent systems, especially since each map features a unique game-changing mechanic. You’re always on your toes. You never know when the tides of war could change for the better (or worse). Admittedly, if we stumble across a map with an AI-controlled boss, we may bolt and wave the white flag.

You likely want to know who it is that’s actually at war. Armor Attack features three different factions, each with their own reasons for going to war. As you might expect, each has a different play style, with each either encouraging defense, offense, or using the environment to your advantage. We don’t know too much about these factions just yet, only that they each have a story to tell, playing an integral part in the world of Armor Attack.

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Speaking on the upcoming shooter, KEK Entertainment CEO and co-founder Georgy Egorove says “as gamers ourselves, we always wondered why there were not more opportunities to experience the same quality play with friends across all types of gaming platforms. So, we are making our own ultimate mecha shooter experience for friends to enjoy across PC, mobile, and consoles without sacrificing caliber.”

For those hoping to enjoy this game with your friends, Armor Attack does feature crossplay, so you don’t have to worry about being an iOS, Android, or PC player; you can still play with people on other platforms. As for the multiplayer options in the game, we’ll have to wait for further details from KEK Entertainment.

Though the Armor Attack release date may still be some time away, that’s no reason to let your skills on the battlefield turn rusty. With our list of the best mobile war games you can keep your skills sharp. Or, if you’d rather have a peaceful life plucking vegetables on a quaint farm, check out our picks for the best games like Stardew Valley on mobile and Nintendo Switch.