AT&T iPhone 14 deal nets you a new phone for less than $6 a month

With this AT&T iPhone 14 deal, you can secure the base model of the 2022 version for less than the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription.

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If you prefer great value to having the latest device, the latest AT&T iPhone 14 deal is well worth checking out. With the base model of Apple’s 2022 line-up still very relevant and just as reliable as most mid-range devices almost two years later, there’s no shame at all in opting for the older option and keeping a bit more money in your back pocket.

Despite the iPhone 15 slightly improving on the Apple handset formula, the most recent device is still quite costly, with no signs of prices falling anytime soon. With that in mind, it makes sense for users who aren’t particularly bothered about having the latest and greatest model for day-to-day use and the odd bit of mobile gaming to opt for any iPhone 14 bargains, and that’s exactly what this $5.99 a month AT&T deal offers.

While the iPhone 16 launch might only be a few months away, this deal could always tide you over until the next generation of Apple hardware arrives if the 15 hasn’t convinced you yet. Or, it might even be your gateway to your first iPhone. Either way, offers like this don’t come around all too often, so it’s one to look into.

It’s worth pointing out that the iPhone 14 deal is only available in the US and that it’s the 128GB model you can get for the monthly cost of $5.99. If you’re in need of more storage, the 256GB version is currently available at $10.99 a month, or you can double the storage again and get the 512GB alternative for $15.99 a month. You can check out the full terms and conditions on the official AT&T site for more information.

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There you have it, the AT&T deal that nets you an iPhone 14 for less than the equivalent of one McDonald’s Big Mac meal a month. If you’re more of an Android fan, check out our guides to the best Samsung phones, the best Xiaomi phones, and the best OnePlus phones. Or, if you’re looking for something to play, see our guide to the best gaming phones.