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Bandle Tale is the next game from Riot Forge, and it features Teemo

We finally have a Bandle City: A League of Legends Story release date, and pre-orders are now live for the cute crafting RPG with Teemo.

Bandle City key art showing off various characters

Wow, we only just learned what the Song of Nunu release date is, and already we get a glimpse of the next title in Riot Games’ string of A League of Legends Story games. Luckily for us, the Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story release date is just around the corner, meaning it’s not long until we can dive into a crafting RPG featuring some of LoL’s most popular champions.

Such League of Legends champions include Teemo, Lulu, Veigar, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and more. As you might notice from that select cast, it seems that it’s time for the cute characters to shine. However, there’s a certain thing about this game that’s even more exciting than that adorable cast… you can play as your own Yordle! Yes, you read that right. You get to create your very own Yordle to help your pals in Bandle Tale.

When the Bandle City’s portal network goes all haywire, it’s up to you to restore balance, and to do so, you need to gather resources, craft items, and fulfill quests. Honestly, it just seems like a cozy time that’s bound to appeal not only to League of Legends fans but those who enjoy a wholesome experience, too.

Bandle Tale release date speculation

The Bandle Tale release date is February 21, 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC. That means we only have one more month to go until the adorable-looking RPG is in our hands.

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How do I pre-order Bandle Tale?

Pre-orders for Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story are now live. You can pre-order the digital deluxe version via the Nintendo eShop, but if you’re a die-hard fan who wants the best, you can head over to the Riot Games merch site and get the Bandle Tale collector’s edition.

Bandle Tale deluxe edition

The Bandle Tale Deluxe Edition features the game and a DLC bundle that includes:

  • A poro pet skin pack
  • Backpack house skin pack
  • Particle effects trails pack
  • Secret Menu pack

Bandle Tale collector’s edition

The Bandle Tale collector’s edition includes:

  • The base game
  • Five Yordle figurines
  • A Bandle Center diorama kit
  • A sticker set
  • A wooden pin set
  • A notebook
  • A Hardcover art book
  • A collector’s box
  • All the digital content from the deluxe edition

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