The best iPhone 13 cases 2023

We’ve put together a list of the best iPhone 13 cases, so you can keep your device safe and stylish no matter what your needs might be.

Custom image for best iPhone 13 cases guide with a selection of different colorful cases

If you’re looking for the best iPhone 13 cases, you’re in the right place. We’ve gone out in search of some durable delights to keep your Apple device in tip-top condition, no matter what you throw at it. What we’ve ended up with is a list of options for all of your possible needs, from budget bargains to something a little snazzier to keep your device secure.

Check out our picks below for the best cases for iPhone 13 we could find on the web. If, instead, you’re thinking of making a change from your Apple device, see what the other mobile manufacturers have to offer with our guides to the best Motorola phones, the best OnePlus phones, the best Samsung phones, and the best Google Pixel phones.

So, let’s take a look at our picks for the best iPhone 13 cases.

Custom image of the Otterbox MagSafe case for best iPhone 13 cases guide

1. Otterbox Symmetry+ Series Case

The best MagSafe iPhone 13 case.


  • MagSafe technology
  • Multiple designs


  • Slightly expensive
  • No additional perks

If you’re a fan of magnetized charging, the Otterbox Symmetry+ Series case is compatible with Apple MagSafe technology, making it the best option for those who left cables behind in the 2010s. Sure, you’re paying a little more than other cases advertised as working alongside MagSafe tech, but the big difference here is that this device actually does it right every time.

Outside of the main magnetic draw, there are plenty of design options for the Otterbox case, from classic clear casing to something a bit jazzier like stardust – that means clear with glitter – or matte blue, green, and black finishes. The only problem with this option is that it’s slightly pricey, even compared to other MagSafe-compatible cases. Still, with a brand like Otterbox, you at least know you’re getting the finest quality product.

Custom image of a black Tucch wallet case for best iPhone 13 cases guide

2. Tucch Wallet Case

The best iPhone 13 wallet case.


  • Plenty of color options
  • Sleek design
  • RFID-blocking technology


  • Not the most durable
  • Less screen protection when open

Who carries a separate phone case and a wallet these days? Losers, that’s who. Especially when you can get something as snazzy as the Tucch Wallet Case for less than $30. This stylish piece of kit holds all your cards and keeps them safe with RFID-blocking technology. Better still, with countless colors to choose from, you can pick whichever design suits your style best.

As with many of the entries on this list of the best iPhone 13 cases, there’s a price to pay for the addition of the wallet part of the case. The Tucch case is the least durable protection in this guide, and you need to make sure you get a glass screen protector to go with the Tucch, as there’s nothing to stop your screen from smashing if you drop the thing while it’s open. So, the clumsy among us – myself included – might want to think twice before going for a wallet case.

Custom image of a ESR kickstand case for best iPhone 13 cases guide

3. ESR Metal Kickstand Case

The best iPhone 13 kickstand case.


  • Three stand modes
  • More durable than it looks


  • Feels a bit cheap
  • Only two designs

If you’re looking for a case that can stand on its own two feet – or kickstand, in this instance – the ESR Metal Kickstand case might be the one for you. With not one, not two, but three different ways to keep this thing facing upright so you can stream movies or take video calls hands-free, it’s ideal for anyone who uses their phone for, well, everything.

In terms of protection, the ESR case does everything you need it to. It might not seem like it at first, though, with the case itself feeling a little cheaply built. Still, feel can be as deceptive as looks, and there’s plenty of proof from the manufacturer and in the case’s many reviews that this thing is just as durable as some of the more expensive options.

Custom image of a heavy-duty Lanheim case for best iPhone 13 cases guide

4. Lanhiem Heavy Duty Case

The best iPhone 13 heavy-duty case.


  • Ready for anything
  • Cheap for a heavy-duty option


  • Can be uncomfortable to hold
  • Not as visually appealing as other options

This case seriously means business, with drop, shock, and water resistance technology keeping your phone in tip-top condition no matter what you throw at it. The Amazon reviews are full of tales of construction workers dropping this thing from great heights, or cyclists who have watched it bounce out of their pockets at high speed without a scratch. So, you can keep the Lanhiem in your pocket wherever you go, safe in the knowledge it’s built of stronger stuff.

Admittedly, there are a couple of sacrifices you have to make for the heavy-duty factor. The Lanhiem isn’t the most comfortable thing to have in your hands for a long time, despite claiming an ergonomic design. The color options are also lacking, with all three options looking a bit tacky thanks to a plain black, red, or white gloss finish. Still, if you’re not concerned with appearances, this one might be the one for you.

Custom image of the Ulak transparent case for best iPhone 13 cases guide

5. Ulak Transparent Case

The best budget iPhone 13 case.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight


  • Less durable in the long term
  • No plain design option

If you don’t want to break your phone but also don’t want to break the bank, the Ulak Transparent Case is a great option to keep your iPhone safe and secure. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other options on this list, but it’s drop-proof proven and better still, comes with an option to get a pink or purple glitter design.

The main issue with this device is that it’s a little less durable in the long term than other options, and you might need to replace it after a couple of substantial drops. Still, for less than $10, you can’t complain so long as the thing is doing its job and protecting your phone.

Custom image of a Casetify Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva Unit-01 case for best iPhone 13 cases guide

6. Evangelion Test Type-01 Casetify Case

The best iPhone 13 case for getting in the robot with.


  • Eva Unit-01 color scheme
  • Reliable brand


  • Expensive
  • No additional perks

Okay, so we’re having a bit of fun with this one, but if you’re a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan, I think you can agree this thing looks all kinds of cool. With the classic purple and green design copying the colors of the iconic Eva Unit-01, you can have your own piece of Nerv kit in your pocket, without having to worry about the end of the world.

Having used and abused a Casetify case for well over a year, I can personally swear by the brand and that its cases work. Better still, it takes a real whack to dent the thing or chip away at the design, so there’s no concern of losing the charm of this case after a couple of drops. The only real negative here is the price point, with Casetify products tending to cost a little more than other market equivalents due to their official tie-in status with brands like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Street Fighter, and more.

How we choose the best iPhone 13 cases

As you can imagine, we take plenty of things into consideration when choosing entries for our list of the best iPhone 13 cases. Design is a big factor. After all, whichever case you choose says a little something about you, whether it be the extravagant Neon Genesis Evangelion Casetify or the sleek and simple Tucch Wallet Case.

The other big factor is durability. It isn’t much good to have a phone case that falls to pieces with one drop, or worse still, doesn’t do its job and allows a fall to damage your phone. There are lots of other factors, too, so check out our how we test page if you want to see more details on our testing process.

There you have it, our list of the best iPhone 13 cases. For more accessories for your phone, check out our guides to the best iPhone chargers, the best iPhone power banks, and the best iPhone keyboard.