The best iPhone cases in 2024

Browse through our top picks for the best iPhone cases, offering a range of features from MagSafe compatibility to fabulous fashion colors.

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In this list of the best iPhone cases in 2024, we’ve hand-selected a wide range of options for users of all types. Whether you’re looking for durability, affordability, MagSafe compatibility, functionality, or fashion, we’re here to help you find the perfect case to protect your phone.

But don’t worry if you don’t see something that appeals to you here – we’ve got plenty of other lists for specific models, including our top picks for the best iPhone 13 cases, the best iPhone 14 cases, the best iPhone 15 cases, and more.

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OtterBox Summetry Series+ Clear

The best MagSafe-compatible iPhone case

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OtterBox Summetry Series+ Clear specifications:
Materials Polycarbonate, synthetic rubber
MagSafe compatible? Yes
Reasons to buy
  • Three-times military standard drop height protection
  • Antimicrobial
Reasons to avoid
  • Limited, plain designs

OtterBox has garnered quite the reputation as a quality case provider thanks to its durable, protective phone cases, and the Symmetry Series+ Clear is no different. This case takes the classic OtterBox Symmetry Series design and adds MagSafe charging compatibility, meaning you no longer have to choose between protection and convenience. Before, you ran the risk of your case not offering the stability you need when compatible with wireless charging.

The case is infused with a silver-based additive that blocks microbial growth, so your phone will be slightly cleaner than other people’s when you use it in the bathroom. The Symmetry Series+ Clear is lightweight, durable, and easy to install.

Unfortunately, the MagSafe version is only available in Clear or Stardust (Clear Glitter), so it’s not the best choice for people who like to express themselves through their accessories. If you’re prone to losing your phone at parties, perhaps consider a more recognizable iPhone case.

Smartish Waller Slayer Vol. 1

The best iPhone wallet case

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Smartish Waller Slayer Vol. 1 specifications:
Materials Grippy sides, smooth back, slim wallet
MagSafe compatible? No
Reasons to buy
  • Large capacity for cards and cash
  • Air-pocket corners
Reasons to avoid
  • No wireless charging
  • Not MagSafe compatible
  • A little bulky

Ah, gone are the days of those flaky folio designs we all used to use (and some of us still use – no judgement here), as wallet cases for smartphones have come a long way since then. In 2023, you can still have a stylish and protective phone case while having space to carry your cash and cards. The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is the best iPhone wallet case out there for its functionality both as a decent-sized wallet and a durable case.

We like that Smartish’s wallet case is available for a wide variety of iPhone sizes and generations, including those as old as the XR and SE, meaning those of you who don’t rush to upgrade every year don’t have to miss out anymore. The wallet section can hold up to three cards and still have room for a note or two, making it perfect for taking on the town. Better still, the phone’s shell boasts grippy sides while the corners have air pockets, helping to prevent damage if you do accidentally drop your phone.

The design might be a little utilitarian for some, but it at least comes in some fun colors and patterns and has the option for customization. Sadly, the extra bulk of the wallet means it’s not MagSafe-compatible, but we think that’s a decent compromise for the added storage and protection.

ESR metal kickstand case

The best iPhone kickstand case

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ESR metal kickstand case specifications:
Material TPU
MagSafe compatible? No
Reasons to buy
  • Sleek design with integrated kickstand
  • Camera and corner protection
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Affordable
Reasons to avoid
  • Plain design
  • Not MagSafe compatible

As iPhone screens get better and streaming services take over our media consumption, more and more people turn to their phones to watch their favorite shows. If you prop your phone up against any nearby object when you’re trying to multitask, check out the ESR metal kickstand case. This sturdy, sleek case comes with an integrated metal kickstand that’s perfect for watching a show while you cook or catching up over FaceTime for hours on end.

According to ESR, the kickstand “retains over 80% hinge strength after 3,000+ uses, based on lab testing,” and there’s extra protection against screen cracks in the corners.

Sadly, it’s only available in a very basic and plain design, so it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing option. Additionally, while it supports wireless charging, it’s not MagSafe compatible – though you can pick up a MagSafe version from the ESR websites with a slightly less effective stand. Overall, it’s a handy and affordable little case.

CASEKOO Crystal Clear

The best budget iPhone case

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CASEKOO Crystal Clear specifications:
Material Polycarbonate, thermoplastic Polyurethane
MagSafe compatible? No
Reasons to buy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-yellowing technology
Reasons to avoid
  • Boring design
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Imprecise button cut-outs

Sometimes you’re just looking for a cheap option, and the Casekoo Crystal Clear provides a decent all-around package for a much lower price than its competitors. It includes patented anti-yellowing technology, so you don’t have to worry about the age-old clear phone case problem. It’s easy to slip on and off of your iPhone when you want it to and is grippy the rest of the time.

Of course, as a budget option, there are some downsides. The button cut-outs are a lot less precise than competitors, meaning you might have issues toggling your silent switch. It’s also not as durable as other options on our list, but for the price, it’s a much better choice than one you can grab from your local phone shop. Oh, and let’s not forget that for those of you who like a little flair with your case, the Crystal Clear features a pretty boring design.

Casetify Bounce MagSafe Case

The best custom iPhone case

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Casetify Bounce MagSafe Case specifications:
Material Polycarbonate thermoplastic polyurethane
MagSafe compatible? Yes
Reasons to buy
  • Huge range of customization options
  • Phone charm slot
  • Six-times military standard drop height protection
Reasons to avoid
  • Expensive
  • Added bulk on corners

Who says phone protection has to come at the cost of style? The Casetify Bounce MagSafe case certainly doesn’t. Casetify sells a huge range of artistic case designs and has the option for you to create your own custom text-based and image collage cases, all using its most protective case design yet. Plus, it comes with a phone charm slot, something we’ve been missing since the late 2000s.

The bounce corners of this case are what makes it so durable, offering a whopping six-times military standard drop protection whilst being thin enough to offer MagSafe charging. Sadly, these bubbly corners make the case a little bulky and take up valuable pocket space – which is likely why Casetify suggests that you also buy a neck strap.

As cool and unique as this case design can be, it’s also extremely pricey, so we recommend thinking twice before splurging on a case covered in pictures of your current partner…

Wave Case

The best eco-friendly iPhone case

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Wave Case specifications:
Material Biodegradable materials (PLA & PBAT)
MagSafe compatible? No
Reasons to buy
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Eco-friendly, plastic-free, and arrives via carbon neutral shipping
  • Raised lip for screen and camera protection
Reasons to avoid
  • Limited availability
  • Limited colors and designs

Given how frequently we upgrade our phones, I think all of us have a drawer full of abandoned, old plastic phone cases somewhere in our house that would just fill up a landfill if we threw them away. Enter the Wave Case, a carbon-neutral iPhone case made from biodegradable materials.

One of the best things about the Wave Case is that it comes in a pretty decent variety of colors for an eco-friendly product. Most sustainable products only come in bland earth tones, but you can grab yourself a cute turtle-themed case in turquoise, light pink, or deep blue.

Of all the cases on this list, it’s not the highest level of protection, but it does come with a raised lip for both screen and camera protection, and is compatible with wireless charging. The main downside is its limited availability to anyone outside of the UK – but we certainly think it’s worthwhile if you can get your flippers on this adorable little shell. And, a portion of each purchase goes to charity, too!

Apple iPhone 15 Silicone MagSafe Case

The best silicone iPhone case

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Apple iPhone 15 Silicone MagSafe Case specifications:
Material Silicone
MagSafe compatible? Yes
Reasons to buy
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Good range of colors
Reasons to avoid
  • Apple tax
  • Less durable than other options

Whether you’re nostalgic for the days when all smartphone cases were made of silicone, or you just want a more lightweight protective option for your new iPhone, Apple has you covered. This silicone case is made specifically for the iPhone 15, comes with MagSafe compatibility, and has a pleasing range of colors to suit any style.

One drawback is the so-called Apple tax, which describes the added costs associated with purchasing an official Apple product. Sure, you’re paying for the company’s guarantee of quality, but you’re also paying for the clout of owning an Apple product.

Plus, there’s a reason most case manufacturers have moved away from silicone – it’s flimsier than other materials so it provides less protection than your average hard shell case, and it gathers dust easily. It’s all down to your personal preference in the end though, and this is the best silicone option on the market.

If you’re not sold on this one, be sure to check out our list of the best iPhone 15 cases for a wider range of options.

Case-Mate Wallet Folio case

The best iPhone folio case

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Case-Mate Wallet Folio case specifications:
Material Impact polymer
MagSafe compatible? Yes
Reasons to buy
  • Magnetic front cover to protect your screen
  • Good capacity for cards and cash
  • MagSafe compatible
Reasons to avoid
  • Only available in black leather
  • Cover doesn’t double as a stand like other folios
  • A bit bulky

If you’re as clumsy as many of us are here at PT, you may be interested in the Case-Mate Wallet Folio case. Not only does it have a magnetic cover to protect your screen, but it also comes with the added bonus of multiple slots for your cash and cards.

On top of all that, this little beauty is one of the rare folio wallet cases that is also compatible with MagSafe charging, meaning you don’t have to slip your phone out of the case in order to juice it up.

The front cover of this folio case is made of genuine, pebbled leather. This durable material makes it scratch and abrasion-resistant, while also having a softer and more pleasant texture than other leather cases. The back of the case is also made of impact and shock-absorbing materials, with a soft cushion corner to protect your phone from bumps and even drops from up to 12ft.

On the downside, the cushioned corners do add a bit of bulk to your phone, and the case is only available in black leather, with no other colors and no vegan-friendly options on offer. The cover also doesn’t double up as a stand like many folio cases do. But if you’re looking for a sturdy folio case that can act as an alternative to a bulky wallet in your pocket, this one is a great choice for you.

Colorful Dino Shock iPhone case by Skinnydip

The best dinosaur-themed iPhone case

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Colorful Dino Shock iPhone case by Skinnydip specifications:
Material Recycled plastics
MagSafe compatible? Yes
Reasons to buy
  • Fun design
  • Available for a huge range of phone models
  • Eco-friendly
Reasons to avoid
  • More expensive in US than UK
  • Not the most durable

Look, dinosaurs are cool. And they’re even cooler if they come in a variety of adorable colors on the back of a shock-resistant case, right? Well, they are in our opinion.

Part of Skinnydip London’s print-to-order range is the delightful Colorful Dino Shock iPhone case. Delivery can take a little longer for this kind of case, but when it’s so cute, you can’t really be mad. Plus, it’s more sustainable.

This simple case is shock absorbent thanks to the anti-shock bumper corners and has an anti-slip grippy edge to keep your phone in your hand. If you do drop it – don’t worry. This case is drop-tested and scratch-resistant so will keep your handset safe. And, to top it all off, all the Skinnydip cases are compatible with MagSafe charging – though keep in mind that they’re not compatible with all MagSafe accessories.

Enough about that – what you really want to know about is the design, right? Skinnydip’s cases are slim and lightweight, and this particular one has T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops among other cute dinosaur options, all in bright and eye-catching colors.

Casetify Stick-It Case

The best hands-free iPhone case

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Casetify Stick-It Case specifications:
Material Recycled phone cases
MagSafe compatible? No
Reasons to buy
  • Nearly five-foot drop protection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Opens up a whole new way to take selfies
Reasons to avoid
  • Only available for newest models
  • Limited design choices
  • No wireless charging

Now this one’s new to us – a phone case that makes it easier to not hold your phone. Yep, you read that right. The Casetify Stick-It case is a bizarre yet ingenious iPhone case that’s covered in 42 miniature suction cups, letting you adhere your device to a variety of surfaces. Say goodbye to arm-ache from that three-hour-long FaceTime call with your parents by simply sticking your phone to your wall! It’s a great alternative to using an additional phone stand while doing your makeup or watching a video in the background, especially if you’re tight on space.

As per the rest of Casetify’s high-quality smartphone cases, the Stick-It features raised bezels to prevent screen damage, protection from drops of up to 4.9 feet, and even includes a socket to accommodate phone charms and straps! That’s not to say it’s without its downsides, though. The thick plastic layer of the suction cups means you can’t use a MagSafe charger with this case, so check out our list of the best iPhone charging cables to stay prepared.

The Stick-It is also one of Casetify’s newest designs, so it’s only compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and only comes in two color options. We’re hoping that as more people try it out for themselves, Casetify will add more design and model options in the future.

How we chose the best iPhone cases

All iPhone users are unique, so you all want different things out of your phone cases. We take this into account when choosing the best iPhone cases on the market. With all the different categories, we look at the basic considerations for the level of protection, bulkiness, and affordability. You can check out our full process on our how we test page.

Past those basics, each category requires its own extra checks. We compare charging effectiveness and capacity in MagSafe cases, and we consider wallet capacity when choosing the best iPhone wallet case. Design plays a big part in choosing the best Barbie iPhone case and custom case. All of these elements go towards finding the best options on the market for your category of choice. Of course, you don’t have to agree with our selections, but we hope they make your decision a bit easier.

That’s the end of our list of the best iPhone cases. Your phone isn’t the only thing you want to keep scratch-free and dustless, so you should check out our best Nintendo Switch cases guide next.