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Best Nintendo Switch cases in 2024

The best Nintendo Switch cases are great for protecting and transporting your portable games console. Find the best one for you below.

Three Nintendo Swich carry cases, one with a Kirby design, one with a Mario design and one with an Animal Crossing design.

Part of the reason for the Nintendo Switch’s enormous success is that it gives players the choice of playing it either as a home console or as one of the best portable gaming consoles. But if you are going to take your Nintendo Switch out and about, it’s essential to keep it protected from drops and damage with a Nintendo Switch case.

On top of the peace of mind that a case for the best Nintendo Switch console will give you, it’s also the easiest way to transport Switch games and accessories together.

While the size differences between the original Nintendo Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED aren’t massive, consider how much room you need and whether you want to carry lots of extra accessories like Micro SD cards and Switch headsets in there as well. Some Switch cases are model-specific, while others are designed to fit every console.

There are hundreds of Switch cases to choose from. Some offer fun designs with your favorite Mario Kart characters, while others are plain and affordable. We’ve tried and tested lots of Switch carrying cases for different budgets, protection levels, and designs.

These are the best Switch carrying cases in 2024:

A typical Switch carry case on a white background.

1. Nintendo Switch OLED case

The best Switch OLED case with a free screen protector

Not everybody wants to display their favorite franchise on their Nintendo Switch case. If you’re looking for a sleek but simple option, then the official Switch OLED carrying case is the one to go for. It comes with screen protectors as well, to keep the screen of your Switch OLED scratch-free.

2. Mario Kart Switch Case

Almost everybody loves Mario Kart. There’s a reason Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best-selling game on the console. The joy of racing around fantastical tracks as your favorite characters from the Super Mario series (plus a few guests) appeals to gamers of all ages and skills, making it the perfect party game.

Curiously, the art used in this case actually comes from Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo, release it on Switch, please, my Android can’t run it anymore), but that doesn’t detract from it looking pretty swish. Inside, you get a couple of plastic cases designed to carry four cartridges each, which tuck nicely underneath your Switch when it’s in place.

3. Pokémon Switch Cases

Pokémon is one of the only Nintendo franchises that can really rival Mario when it comes to overall popularity (sorry, Zelda). With 898 Pokémon at the last count (thanks, Bulbapedia), everybody has a different favorite and while not every single Pokémon has its own carry case, there are a number of different designs based on different pocket monsters.

One has a retro piece of Pikachu art alongside an emblazoned number 25, one gives you a sweet Poké Ball motif, another is shaped like a Snorlax head and if you can’t choose a favorite, you could go for one with multiple different Pokémon on it. It’s a good selection.

4. Donkey Kong Switch Case

While the Nintendo Switch is sorely lacking in its own unique Donkey Kong game, it does, at least, have a remake of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. With many fans considering this as potentially one of the best platformers on Switch, it’s by no means a bad addition to the Switch library.

Fans who have a soft spot for Donkey Kong’s battle against the Snowmads might be delighted by this Switch case with a lovely piece of Tropical Freeze art on it. Hey, it’s the one my Switch travels around in.

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5. Animal Crossing Switch Cases

Many people have found themselves falling in love with Animal Crossing for the first time on the Switch, and those who were already smitten by the animal-based life sim found their passion reignited when Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released. There are a few different Animal Crossing Switch cases around, ranging from ones that have a colorful character lineup on the front, to ones that have a more subtle leaf motif. Either could be a good option for fanatic islanders.

6. Zelda Switch Case

Zelda fans have been well served by the Nintendo Switch. Breath of the Wild was one of the first games on the console and it was soon followed by various spin-offs and remakes. Link is the star of two of the games in our best Switch adventure games article.

On top of that, various classic Zelda games are included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service and Link’s also been popping up in lots of cameos and crossovers. Heck, you can even get Master Sword in Skyrim on the Switch, which is the epitome of cool.

To celebrate the enchanting kingdom of Hyrule, why not protect your Switch with a case that comes with some slick Sheika markings?

7. Snorlax Switch Case

This may be the second Pokémon themed Switch case in this article, but considering that there are almost 900 Pokémon at this point, don’t you think it’s borderline impressive that we managed to whittle it down to just two of them?

Snorlax is easily one of the most beloved Pokémon from Generation  I, with its continued popularity meaning that even now you can find it roaming around the Hisui region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The design of this case has Eevee and Pikachu sleeping on a big Snorlax, which is pretty heart-warming.

8. Mario Switch Case

We’ve already had a Mario Kart-themed Switch case in this article, but we thought should throw in a regular Mario one too for good measure. It features Mario himself in the iconic 2D Mario art style,  along with a Koopa shell, a coin, a Super Mushroom, a Fire Flower, a Super Star, and a ? Block. There’s a retro aesthetic to it that looks wonderful.

9. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch Case

As with Mario, we’ve included two Zelda Switch cases in this article. Why? Well, it’s because there’s so much variety among Zelda games, so while we already have one based on Breath of the  Wild, this one features artwork from the Switch remake of Link’s Awakening, which is a totally different game. Link’s Awakening looks adorable too, so it’s easy to see why you’d want it on your Switch case. The zip even has an adorable Hylian shield.

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