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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2024

From cases to microSD cards, these Nintendo Switch accessories are perfect for travel, gaming with friends, and completing your game room setup.

A collection of the best Nintendo Switch accessories on a yellow background

The best Nintendo Switch accessories are practical, functional and super fun to look at too. Why settle for boring accessories on possibly the most aesthetically pleasing console ever created? Aside from adorable thumb grips, dynamic case covers, and pretty stickers – there are some fantastic accessories for the best Nintendo Switch consoles.

In this guide, we’ve picked out essentials like MicroSD cards to store more new best Switch games, Switch cases and screen protectors to protect your console, and the best Switch controllers to enhance your gameplay. You’ll also find storage towers, cartridge cases, and colorful Switch skins from Dbrand to keep your console scratch-free.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories on the market aren’t always cheap, but we’ve used our expert industry eyes to pick value-for-money products that will also bring you joy – whether you have the original Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED, or the Switch Lite

The best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2024:

Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers in red and blue

1. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller

One of the best Switch accessories for most people.

Compatible with the original Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite, Nintendo’s official Joy-Con controllers are hard to beat in terms of their feel, build quality and battery life – which gives you up to 40 hours on a full charge.

These Switch Joy-Cons are perfect if you’re looking to play Switch games on your TV, or if you just want to play with a more traditional controller in your hand. These Joy-Cons support HD rumble and Amiibo, and come in several fun colorways, including the standard Neon Red and Blue.

A zelda-themed MicroSD card for the Nintendo Switch from SanDisk

2. SanDisk MicroSDXC card for Switch

Best for extending your Switch’s storage

The Nintendo Switch has limited internal storage of 32GB, which means that to store all of the best new Nintendo Switch games you’ll need a micro SDXC card. We’ve picked these SD cards from SanDisk because they’re designed specifically for the Switch. We found them to be reliable, and thanks to their transfer rates of up to 100MB/s they load games quickly.

SanDisk’s MicroSD cards start at 64GB capacity and go all the way up to 1 TB. Of course, the biggest cards are the most expensive. We’d recommend starting with at least a 128GB card, which is enough to store between five to ten games, depending on their size. Once you’ve chosen the right capacity for your budget, you can also choose the branding of your card from popular franchises like the Mario and Legend of Zelda.

The Power A Switch controller on a stand

3. Power A wired Switch controller

Best for gaming with a friend or group

While the Nintendo Switch technically comes with two controllers in the form of a pair of Joy-Cons, sometimes you might want to play a three-player game. This officially licenced Power A wired Switch controller gives you an amazing console-like experience, and it connects to the dock using the 10ft included cable.

It’s a great backup for when a friend comes over and has the same traditional switch button mapping and extra buttons on the back. These controllers might look vibrant and fun, but one thing to be aware of is that they don’t have a gyro fitted, so motion gestures and controls won’t work, and it lacks any rumble or vibration features too. While Joycon controllers on their own can be pretty pricey, the Power A wired Switch controller is a very affordable option.

Best Nintendo Switch skins

4. Dbrand Nintendo Skins

For Switch protection and fun customization

Dbrand offers a massive range of skins and screen protectors for gaming consoles. We couldn’t pick just one design here, but whether you want a plain, pastel or patterned design, you’ll find an option to suit you. We love the quality of Dbrand’s skins, which are thin enough to stay subtle but also offer protection against scratches when you’re playing on the go or carrying your Switch around in a backpack.

Dbrand offers Nintendo Switch skinsSwitch Lite skins and Switch OLED skins, which are all precision-cut to fit your device snugly. The company even makes Switch Pro Controller skins so that you can fully customize your Switch setup. Dbrand is based in Canada, but most orders over $30 get free tracked shipping to the US and UK.

5. BMO Switch stand

Best dock for the cutest gaming setup

This adorable stand and dock is possibly the best Nintendo Switch accessory ever. Not only can it hold your switch perfectly still and frame it like you’re playing hands-free through a miniature tv, but it’s also in the shape of the loveable Cartoon Network character BMO from Adventure Time. This dock comes in either pink or blue colours for the ultimate Kawaii-style gaming room setup. Game hands-free and in style from the comfort of your desk with this handy BMO dock. 

A screen protector kit for the Nintendo Switch

6. Switch screen Protector kit

Best for keeping your screen looking crisp

If you don’t already have a screen protector on your switch then stop what you’re doing immediately and get one. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a screen protector on your Switch, and this low-cost accessory is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories that will keep your console scratch and crack-free.

Switch consoles can crack just as easily as the best gaming phone, and nobody wants to play Pokemon on a damaged console. This screen protector and cloth kit from PDP is a good choice, as it includes two HD protectors and a Nintendo-branded cloth.

7. HORI Compact Stand

Helpful for commuting on the train or plane.

This compact metal stand is another must-have accessory if you tend to travel a lot with your Switch. Officially licenced, it comes in a variety of different designs including Zelda, Mario and Animal Crossing. With three adjustable level settings, you can tilt the stand to play at different angles, and when you’re done playing, the stand folds up for maximum on-the-go portability. In terms of design, we also like that there are rubber feet to stop the stand from slipping.

It allows you to securely and safely hoist your console up and tilt it to the perfect viewing level, and then disconnect your Joy-Cons or connect a Pro controller for a hands-free gaming experience with ultimate comfort. This stand is also fantastic for your phone too! And for any game controllers that you might have lying around.

The best Switch case with a Jurassic Park design

8. Numskull hard shell case

Best Switch case designs for nostalgia

These Nintendo Switch case accessories from Numskull are the perfect gift for yourself, or for the gamer-slash-film lover in your life. The best quality cases by a mile, these 80’s movie-inspired Numskull hard shell travel cases for the Nintendo Switch are strong and secure, and have a handy pouch for keeping your cartridges in too!

We tried the Jurassic Park design and found it to be durable and useful. There’s a net for storing any extras such as headphones, cloths, or memory cards, and the outer material is hard enough to offer impact protection in the worst-case (get it) event that you were to drop your Switch or bash it around in a backpack or suitcase.

Mario Kart Home circuit; one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories

9. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Best for bringing the magic to life

Ever wanted to play Mario Kart IRL? Now you sort of can. With Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, your entire house becomes a race track through the magic of cameras, real-life karts, and augmented reality. This Nintendo Switch accessory was pitched more to kids and family when it was initially released, but trust us – it is the best fun you will ever have on a rainy day with friends or flatmates turning your living spaces into an immersive experience through included cardboard chevrons to keep you on track.

Switch dock crystals; one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories

10. Switch dock crystals

Best for displaying your Switch dock with pride

This accessory might be a little out there for some people, but we think it’s awesome. The latest accessory trend for game consoles is dock crystals for your Nintendo Switch. Granted, these crystals don’t do anything except look pretty, but they come in different patterns and colours to fit your style and for any Dragon Ball Z fans, you can get clouds instead. Take a look on Etsy for the best designs, but if you want super fast delivery then the Amazon link above is the way to go.

A game cartridge cube; one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories

11. Game cartridge cube

Best for keeping your game cartridges safe

This game cartridge cube is 3D-printed and intended to keep your cartridges all together in one place. Did we mention it’s Mario-themed too? Each cube has a large capacity of 16 card slots to store up to 16 switch games and is super portable for travelling light. The only downside, if you lose this cube, then you lose all of your games… so keep it as safe as you can!

A tower and organizer; one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories

12. Switch game tower and organizer

Best for keeping everything in one space

If you have multiple accessories for your Nintendo Switch console, then your gaming room or living space might start getting a little cluttered. The best way to avoid this is with the Switch Games Organizer Station. This affordable contraption allows you to keep everything together including JoyCons, game cases, individual cartridges, pro controllers, and your switch itself. This isn’t just a tower, though. It can also fast charge your controllers and charge 4 Joycons within two hours!

How do I choose the best Nintendo Switch Accessories?

Choosing the best Nintendo Switch accessories to complement your gaming setup and suit your lifestyle can be a tricky thing. It’s important to remember that you should only buy the things you definitely need and will use regularly to avoid any controller clutter in your game room or a messy box of wires and cables. Do you plan on upgrading your console any time soon? Or maybe downgrading to the Switch Lite perhaps? Then you’ll need to plan and decide accordingly on which accessories you need and which ones might be thrown out.

The best Switch accessories are ultimately a blend of both practical and useful, yet also fun to look at and a little whimsical. The Nintendo Switch is by far one of the most fun and creative portable gaming consoles, so just as you might decorate your phone with a case to match your unique style, why not upgrade your Switch too?

The most important accessories for the Nintendo Switch are ones that will aid you in keeping your games and console safe but also help continue the functionality of your switch by keeping it charged and expanding the storage when the time comes. It never hurts to have an extra charger or even a spare docking station lying about for when travelling to a friend’s house, and for the extra cautious, it might be wise to back up your best gaming screenshots onto an extra SD card or laptop to save your internal storage space too.