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Shindo Life bloodline tier list - the best abilities

This Shindo Life bloodline tier list will help you unleash your true power. Whether you’re new to the Naturo-inspired title, or a well-practised ninja

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In Shindo Life, your bloodlines determine your powers, offering out some serious firepower if you can find the best of the best. But with so many different abilities available in this Naruto-inspired title, it can be hard to figure out which is the best to get your hands on first, especially for new players to the popular Roblox experience.

That’s where we come in, with our Shindo Life bloodline tier list, ranking all the power-ups taken from the Naruto anime available in the game. Whether you want to use your powers for good, evil, or something in between, with the magic of bloodlines you can unleash the ninja within and take down all enemies before you. 

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What are Shindo Life bloodlines? 

Shindo Life bloodlines are the items that give you your powers in-game. All players begin with two default bloodlines, and can purchase two extra slots for 200 and 300 Robux respectively. 

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There are three different types of bloodlines – Eye, Clan, and Elemental – but there’s not much to differentiate between them except for the fact that in general Eye and Clan bloodlines are more powerful than their Elemental counterparts. 

Bloodlines tier list

Below you can find our rankings for every individual Shindo Life bloodline, as well as that bloodline’s type and roll probability. Unsurprisingly, some of the most powerful abilities have some of the lowest roll probabilities, though there are a couple that you’re more likely to get, such as S+ rank Shindai-Rengoku. 

Bloodline  Rank Bloodline type Roll probability
Shindai-Rengoku S+ Eye   4%
Shindai-Rengoku-Yang S+ Eye   0.33%
Borumaki-Gaiden S+ Clan 5%
Ashura-Ruby S+ Clan 0.25%
Borumaki-Shiki S+ Clan 1%
Gura-Rengoku S+ Eye 0.33%
Ashura-Shizen S+ Clan 0.29%
Kamaki-Inferno S+ Eye 0.25%
Kamaki-Akuma S+ Eye 0.29%
Shindai-Akuma S+ Eye 0.5%
Alphirama-Shizen S+ Clan   0.5%
Ryuji-Kenichi S+ Clan   0.5%
Shiro-Glacier S+ Clan   0.4%
Minakaze-Azure S+ Clan   0.33%
Minakaze S+ Clan   0.4%
Borumaki S+ Clan   0.5%
Borumaki-Gold S+ Clan   0.33%
Kamaki S+ Clan   0.59%
Kamaki-Amethyst S+ Clan   0.33%
Narumaki S+ Clan   0.5%
Narumaki-Ruby S+ Clan   0.33%
Yang-Narumaki S+ Clan   0.33%
Bankai-Inferno S+ Eye   0.4%
Riser-Inferno S+ Eye   0.33%
Doku-Tengoku S+ Eye   0.4%
Doku-Scorpion S+ Eye   0.33%
Gold-Jokei S+ Eye   0.4%
Dark-Jokei S+ Eye   0.5%
Light-Jokei S+ Eye   0.5%
Ghost-Korashi S+ Clan   0.5%
Inferno-Korashi S+ Clan   0.33%
Xeno-Dokei S+ Eye   0.59%
Forged-Sengoku S+ Eye   0.4%
Raion-Rengoku S+ Eye   0.5%
Indra-Akuma S+ Eye 0.29%
Indra-Akuma-Purple S+ Eye 0.25%
Raion-Sengoku S+ Eye   0.33%
Raion-Azure S+ Eye   0.33%
Sarachia-Akuma S Eye   0.5%
Sarachia-Gold S Eye   0.33%
Satori-Rengoku S Eye   0.33%
Satori-Gold S Eye   0.25%
Jayramaki S Clan   0.59%
Jayramaki-Azure S Clan   0.5%
Sengoku S Eye   0.5%
Shindai-Akuma S Eye   0.5%
Web S Elemental   0.83%
Eastwood-Korashi S Clan   0.4%
Arahaki-Jokei S Eye   0.5%
Akuma S Eye   1.33%
Bankai-Akuma S Eye   1.00%
Dio-Senko S Clan   0.67%
Dio-Azure S Clan   0.4%
Rengoku S Eye   1.00%
Riser-Akuma S Eye   0.71%
Satori-Akuma S Eye   1.00%
Tengoku S Eye   0.67%
Forged-Rengoku S Eye   7.69%
Vine S Elemental   0.63%
Blood S Elemental   1.25%
Deva-Sengoku A Eye   0.5%
Renshiki-Gold A Eye   0.4%
Renshiki A Eye   0.67%
Ashen-Storm A Elemental   0.67%
Cobra A Clan   0.59%
Giovanni-Shizen A Clan   0.625%
Hair A Clan   0.71%
Kabu-Cobra A Clan   0.5%
Kerada A Clan   1.43%
Mecha-Spirit A Clan   0.5%
Deva-Rengoku A Eye   1.67%
Eternal A Clan   1.11%
Odin-Saberu A Clan   0.59%
Raion-Akuma A Eye   0.83%
Rykan-Shizen A Clan   0.67%
Shiver Akuma A Eye   1.00%
Jokei B Eye   1.00%
Apollo-Sand B Elemental   2.00%
Azarashi B Clan   1.82%
Azim-Senko B Clan   0.77%
Bubble B Elemental   1.67%
Glacier B Clan   2.5%
Inferno B Elemental   1.25%
Jotaro-Shizen B Clan   0.5%
Kenichi B Clan   0.67%
Koncho B Clan   1.43%
Okami B Clan   1.43%
Paper B Elemental   2.00%
Shizen B Clan   1.00%
Typhoon B Elemental   0.95%
Smoke B Elemental   1.43%
Pika-Senko B Clan   0.56%
Black Shock C Elemental   2.00%
Bolt C Elemental   2.5%
Dangan C Clan   0.91%
Dokei C Eye   2.86%
Emerald C Elemental   1.43%
Ink C Elemental   0.83%
Kaijin C Clan   2.22%
Nectar C Clan   1.33%
Saberu C Clan   0.71%
Seishin C Clan   0.77%
Senko C Clan   2.22%
Sound C Elemental   2.00%
Wanziame C Clan   2.5%
Variety-Mud C Elemental   1.11%
Tsunami C Elemental   1.25%
Clay D Elemental   1.33%
Atomic D Elemental   2.5%
Storm D Elemental   3.33%
Minakami D Clan   2.22%
Kokotsu D Clan   2.86%
Shado D Clan   3.33%
Lava E Elemental   2.5%
Explosion E Elemental   16.67%
Ice E Elemental   16.67%
Frost E Elemental   1.43%
Gold-Sand F Elemental   1.67%
Sand F Elemental   2.86%
Scorch F Elemental   3.13%
Steam F Elemental   16.67%
Mud F Elemental   16.67%
Nature F Elemental   16.67%
Crystal F- Elemental   16.67%

How do I reroll my Shindo Life bloodlines? 

If you don’t get the bloodlines you’re after, there’s always a second chance with a Shindo Life bloodline reroll. You can reroll from the bloodlines menu as many times as you want, providing you have enough spins. If you’re short on spins, check out our Shindo Life codes to see if there are any freebies currently on offer.

There you have it, our Shindo Life bloodline tier list. For more sword-swinging adventures, be sure to browse through our list of the sharpest samurai games on Switch and mobile.