Blue Lock Project: World Champion release date sprints towards goal

Popular Japanese sports anime game Blue Lock Project: World Champion gets a global release date, letting us bond with our fave strikers.

Blue Lock Project: World Champion release date: Isagi outlined in white, looking serious and with one eye glowing with green fire as he activates his power. He is pasted on a blurred background image of the cast

Sports anime fans are in for a treat as we finally have news on the Blue Lock Project: World Champion global release date. The announcement coincides with the end of the Japanese version’s first anniversary celebrations.

Blue Lock Project: World Champion, known mostly as Blue Lock PWC, is Rudel Inc’s mobile game adaptation of one of the most popular sports anime of the last year. The story follows a group of high school-aged soccer players who all aim to join the Japanese national team as they compete against each other in cutthroat matches and challenges. According to the developer, Blue Lock PWC was the most downloaded app in Japan in the first half of 2023, so we’ve got high hopes for the global version.

Unlike the types of football games that we’re used to in the West, Blue Lock PWC instead functions more like an idol game like D4DJ Groovy Mix or Ensemble Stars Music. You get to personally choose and train your favorite strikers from the show by increasing their stats and learning more about them through visual novel-esque storylines. Then, assemble your dream team of strikers and face off against rival groups to claim victory.

When is the Blue Lock Project: World Champion global release date?

While there’s no official word from Rudel Inc, the App Store says that Blue Lock PWC is expected on April 24, 2024. You can pre-register via the App Store or Google Play to get updates and find out exactly when it launches.

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That’s everything we know so far about the Blue Lock Project: World Champion global release date. In the meantime, get ahead in Roblox’s Blue Lock fan games with our guides to Blue Locked League codes, Striker Odyssey codes, and Striker Odyssey tier list. We’ve also got a list of Grimoires Era codes for you to explore.