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Striker Odyssey tier list

In our Roblox Striker Odyssey tier list, we rank all the weapons and prodigies in this Blue Lock-inspired Roblox game, as well as tell you their drop rates.

Striker Odyssey tier list: A close-up of a blue-haired Roblox character standing on a soccer field

The latest anime to take over Roblox is Blue Lock, an action-packed soccer battle royale filled with iconic characters and crazy powers. One of these Roblox-inspired games is Striker Odyssey which puts you right in the center of the action on the field. We’ve put together this Striker Odyssey tier list to help you know which weapons and prodigies to roll for, their rarities, and how to get more spins.

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Striker Odyssey weapons tier list

Tier Weapon
S Trapping (Nagi), Immense Speed (Chigiri), Villainous Soccer (Barou), Godspeed (Loki)
A Perfect Kick (Rin), Elastic Dribbling (Bachira), Mark Smell (Darai)
B Stealthy Steps (Otoya), Explosive Acceleration (Zantetsu)
C Jumping Power (Aryu), Finesse Shot (Kunigami)
D Direct Shot (Isagi)
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What are the best Striker Odyssey prodigies?

Prodigies in Striker Odyssey are ways to further buff your weapons’ stats, so it can be hard to rank them by power. Some prodigies specifically buff certain weapons – for example, Dribble enhances Bachira’s Elastic Dribbling weapon.

As with a lot of gacha games, higher-rarity prodigies give you more buffs than lower-rarity ones, but they’re a lot harder to get.

What are the Striker Odyssey weapon drop rates?

Rarity Drop rate Weapon
Common 59% Direct Shot (Isagi)
Rare 25% Finesse Shot (Kunigami)
Epic 12.4% Explosive Acceleration (Zantetsu), Stealthy Steps (Otoya), Jumping Power (Aryu)
Legendary 3% Mark Smell (Darai), Immense Speed (Chigiri)
Prodigious 0.5% Perfect Kick (Rin), Villainous Soccer (Barou), Trapping (Nagi), Elastic Dribbling (Bachira)
World Class 0.1% Godspeed (Loki)

What are the Striker Odyssey prodigy drop rates?

Prodigies are extremely rare extra buffs for your Striker Odyssey weapons. If you manage to get one, count your lucky stars!

Prodigy Drop rate
None 75%
Intellect 8.5%
Punch 5%
Defense 4%
Speed 3%
Dribble 2.5%
Ball Control 2%

Striker Odyssey tier list: A screenshot of the customize screen

How can I get more Striker Odyssey spins?

You can buy more Striker Odyssey weapon and prodigy spins using Robux. All you need to do is:

  • Boot up Striker Odyssey on Roblox
  • Open the Customize screen
  • Click on the button next to the Weapons panel that matches how many spins you want to buy
  • Enjoy!

Weapon spin prices range from 99 Robux for five spins to 1299 Robux for 100 spins, and prodigy spins are 299 Robux for one and 1199 for five. If you’re looking for a way to get some free spins, check out our Striker Odyssey codes guide.

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