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Braindom 2 guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Learn the best ways to uncover answers with our Braindom 2 guide

Observation is a simple thing, but Braindom 2 has built an entire game around it, as you survey scenes and try to find evidence to solve a series of increasingly difficult riddles. That’s why we’ve decided to create a Braindom 2 guide to help you through some of the game’s harder moments with some choice advice.

Whether we’re talking about finding answers, how to remove ads from the game, or just some general tips and tricks for solving each puzzle, our Braindom 2 guide has everything that a budding riddle resolver could possibly wish for. For those of you that are curious about the first game, we also have a Braindom guide, which can offer even more help.

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everything in our braindom 2 guide:

Braindom 2 download: HOW TO GET IT ON IOS AND ANDROID

You can download Braindom 2 for free on Google Play and the App Store. Simply tap ‘download’, or ‘get’ on iOS, and once it has, you’re ready to play!

Braindom 2 APK: how to bypass android app stores

APKs allow Android users to download the game outside of App Stores, which has advantages such as allowing you to manually update when you choose. You can find the Braindom 2 APK on APKPure. Simply press download, and open when ready.

braindom 2 pc: how to play on the big screen

Though Braindom 2 isn’t on Bluestacks, you can download it on the mobile emulator Memu Play if you want to try the game on PC.


The ads in Braindom 2 do seem a little excessive at times, playing after every level. However, if you want to play the game without ads, you can purchase ad removal for $2.99 (£2.99) which is effectively like buying the game.

braindom 2 answers: how to solve riddles

The central play of the game revolves around solving riddles by using evidence, but this is sometimes a little tricky, so here are the best ways to get Braindom 2 answers:

  • Evidence: each Braindom 2 riddle requires you to choose an option, but also provide evidence for why you chose it. Search for relevant details in the scene that might give you a clue
  • Buying a clue: by paying brain points in Braindom 2, you can access a clue if the riddle has you stumped. This gives you a hint that makes solving the riddle easier
  • Skipping: if you’re willing to pay even more brain points, you can skip the riddle entirely.  It’s worth only doing this with really tricky riddles, however, as you have to watch an ad, or complete riddles to earn more brain points

braindom 2 tips, tricks, and cheats

Here we’ll round up some key tips and tricks for success in Braindom 2:

  • Try tapping: by tapping the screen, you can enlarge important details that are hard to see, allowing you to find evidence, and solve the riddle
  • Consider no ads: if you enjoy playing Braindom 2, it might be worth considering paying the money to go zero ads, so you can just play it as a regular game
  • Use brain points: brain points are there to be used, and offer some great advantages, such as clues to solving hard riddles, or even letting you skip riddles entirely. If you want more brain points, you can also watch an ad
  • Survey the scene: everything you need to solve each riddle is in the picture that the game shows you, so take a second to recognise the different characters, and what’s going on
  • Spot the difference: Braindom 2 often asks you to decide which of two people is the correct answer. In these cases it’s useful to compare both, as well as surveying the scene for evidence

And that’s our Braindom 2 guide, we hope it helps! For more similar recommendations, be sure to see our list of the best mobile puzzle games.