Every current and upcoming Brawl Stars event

This mobile MOBA has a selection of different events available, but they change so often it can be hard to keep up! Keep track with our Brawl Stars event guide

Multiple Brawl Stars characters playing basketball.

What Brawl Stars event is happening now? How many of them? And for how long? Well, we’ve collated all of that information into one handy guide, keeping track of all the different events and their timings. So, read on, and be sure to bookmark this page to come back to as the events change on a daily basis.

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Brawl Stars events

For an up to date list of all current and upcoming Brawl Stars events, check out Brawlify. They’ve got countdowns to the ends and starts of the different events, as well as win rate percentages to help you out. If you’re wondering what the different Brawl Stars events are, check them out below.

Art of three Brawl Stars characters running in the desert.

What Brawl Stars events are there?

You can find a list of all Brawl Stars events down below.

3v3 Brawl Stars events

  • Gem Grab – collect ten gems from the gem mine before your opponent.
  • Brawl Ball – take the ball to the opponent’s goal
  • Bounty – get the highest bounty by the end of the game
  • Siege – take down the enemy turrets while defending your own
  • Heist – defend your sage while trying to break the enemy’s one
  • Hot Zone – capture all the hot zones on the map
  • Knockout – defeat the enemies without getting knocked out

Special Brawl Stars events

  • Big Game – five players work together to take down the big brawler
  • Robo Rumble – defend your safe from robot bandits
  • Boss Fight – work together to take down the boss robot

Other Brawl Stars events

  • Showdown – ten players, no teams, last one standing
  • Duo Showdown – ten players, teams of two, last two standing
  • Duels  – 1v1, three brawlers each

That’s all the Brawl Star event info for now. Be sure to check back and see the updated info. For more, check out our list of the best mobile MOBAs to find something similar.