Mobile game Call of Dragons flies onto iOS and Android soon

We’ve got a Call of Dragons release date, so it’s not long to wait until we can check out the grizzly goliath Behemoth, along with plenty of other features.

Call of Dragons release date - promotional art for Call of Dragons showing a group of warriors and beasts on the battlefield

Call of Dragons, a new fantasy mobile game from Farlight Games and Legou Games, is coming to PC and mobile on March 28. Self-described as an MMOSLG, (a massively multiplayer SimuLation game?), Call of Dragons brings real-time battles on the go.

The game features a fantastical setting, PvP battles for up to 40 players, looks like a mix between classic base-building, RTS, and town-building vibes combined with more MOBA-inspired aesthetic and multiplayer features.

In a recent Call of Dragons trailer, we get a glimpse at the beastly Giant Bear behemoth we’ll be taking on. You need to utilise all of the skills you obtain and tame wild beasts to fight at your side if you wanna take this grizzly goliath down, and we don’t have long to wait until we get our hands on it.

When is the Call of Dragons release date?

Call of Dragons launches on Android, iOS, and Windows on March 28, 2023. So, not long to wait until we can try and work out what an MMOSLG actually is – and what it’s like to play.

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Is there a Call of Dragons trailer?

Of course there is! Above you can check out the aforementioned grizzly, down below, however, is the official trailer from quite a while ago, showing off some classic animated action.

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