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Call of Dragons trailer offers a glimpse at some amazing artifacts

The latest Call of Dragons trailer shows us some of the powerful artifacts we can expect to get our hands on when waging war across the continent

Screenshot of different character classes for Call of Dragons trailer news

There’s a new Call of Dragons trailer for the upcoming fantasy adventure from Farlight Games and Legou Games, with the short clip introducing some of the magical weaponry and armour you can equip to your hero. If these enchanted armaments are the sort we can look forward to in this dragon-fighting quest, we’re more excited to jump feet-first into this warring world than ever.

The latest Call of Dragons trailer isn’t your standard cinematic, instead, it’s a behind-the-scenes explanation from the dev team detailing some of the weapons you can expect to use, known here as artifacts. Each artifact comes not only with its own buff, like a stat increase to damage output or health, but there are also special artifact skills you can use to catch your opponent off-guard.

Some of the enchanted items included in the Call of Dragons trailer are; Greymar’s Warhammer, a defence-boosting thumping hammer, Storm Arrows, increasing cavalry damage and allowing for attacks from behind, and Kingslayer, another attack booster with a special wide attack that takes out enemies in an instant. Better still, you can use all three with any character, allowing for some creativity in play styles.

The short Call of Dragons gameplay trailer also shows us what we can expect from full-scale wars between two players. It’s as chaotic as you would expect from a battle simulator like this, with action taking place all over the screen, but just from a few seconds, you can tell how much of an effect the artifact weapons have on a battle. I’m very much looking forward to laying down the law with Greymar’s Warhammer.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the latest Call of Dragons trailer. For more monsters on your mobile, check out our Pokémon Go codes, as well as our guides for Pokémon Go raids, Pokémon Go event, and Pokémon Go Community Day.