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Cavern of Dreams Switch review - sweet dreams

In our Cavern of Dreams Switch review we look at what makes this adorable adventure a must-play for Spyro and platforming fans.

Cavern of Dreams Switch review - Fynn a little red dragon holding an egg while the sun shines brightly over the forest in the background

Our Verdict

Cavern of Dreams is the game Spyro fans have been waiting for. It’s an adorable game that throws you back to the N64 and PlayStation era for games, featuring a simple but sweet story, fun platforming segments, and cute world design.

I want a new Spyro game. There, I said it. The purple dragon deserves another outing, and after the success of the Re-Ignited Trilogy and the popularity of Crash Bandicoot’s latest mainline entry, Crash 4: It’s About Time, I was sure a new Spyro game would hit the scene. Well, it’s been nearly six years since Spyro’s last outing, and there’s still no sign of another adventure for this dragon.

Well, luckily for me, Cavern of Dreams is coming to Nintendo Switch, and the good folks at Super Rare Games provided me with a review code for it. Let me tell you, this is basically the Spyro game I’ve been waiting for. At long last, there’s another dragon ready to succeed the purple dragon, and I’m here for it.

At $12.99 (£9.99), you can already tell that it’s not a long game, but sometimes you need something short and sweet, for which Cavern of Dreams is a perfect option. You take control of Fynn, an adorable little do-gooder who enters the Cavern of Dreams in search of his siblings. Yes, someone stole the dragon eggs. I bet that sounds familiar, right?

Fynn is determined to get his younger siblings back, and considering the fact that there are 40 of them, you’d best be ready for a serious game of hide and seek. Luckily, for all your efforts in getting the eggs, you develop new body parts courtesy of Sage, the lovely lady you first meet upon entering the game – it’s getting weird, I know. For instance, you develop wings, which then allow you to reach places that were previously off-limits. You also start the game without a tail, which made me chuckle; I didn’t even notice until Sage gave me one and told me to start knocking things out with it.

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In a similar vein to Spyro, there’s a single hub world that connects to a further four worlds. Each of these locations has a different theme, the first of which is Lostleaf Lake, which gives off an autumn feel as you explore its various locations. One part of the level even has you swimming underwater, which admittedly made me look around for Hunter. But, given how special Cavern of Dreams is, I wasn’t disappointed when I came to the realization that I, of course, couldn’t find him in this game.

While the worlds may have their differences, all of them offer various platforming puzzles for you to conquer. These are pretty much what you’d expect. Careful navigation and well-timed jumps are the keys to success – anyone who’s familiar with Spyro games, Crash Bandicoot games, and Tomb Raider games is more than aware of this already. The platform sections are fun and well-designed, and the levels are a treat to jump through.

Aesthetically, Cavern of Dreams is a throwback to the 3D platformers of the 1990s, which gives a huge nostalgic feel – I can honestly say it made me look at my N64 fondly as it sits on my shelf gathering dust. Better still, unlike games of old, Cavern of Dreams runs well on Switch, so you don’t have to worry about bugs hindering your experience. I’m a huge retro game fan, but revisiting some of my favorite games can be trying for this reason.

Cavern of Dreams Switch review - Fynn the dragon jumping across platforms in a bedroom with a bed in the corner

When it comes to the controls I have no complaints whatsoever. Fynn’s movement is smooth (and adorable; his little walk puts a smile on my face), maneuvering for jumps is easy, and I never feel as though I’m fighting the camera.

Cavern of Dreams is the spiritual successor to Spyro that I never knew I needed, and it’s perhaps the most adorable game I’ve played for some time. With engaging platforming, fun world design, and a look and feel that induces nostalgia, I can’t recommend Cavern of Dreams enough. It’s a lovely little adventure that will wiggle its way into your heart.

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