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Clash Royale Valkyrie guide 2024

Learn all about the Clash Royale Valkyrie in our guide and use everyone’s favorite heroine in the hit tower defense and RTS combination.

Clash Royale Valkyrie: A screenshot from Clash Royale is blurred behind a png of the ginger female character Valkyrie

Our guide to Clash Royale Valkyrie covers how you can unlock the powerful character, the best deck to use alongside her, and ultimately the best way to counter the heroine. She’s a pretty nifty addition to your deck, so it can’t hurt to know how to deal with her as well. Not to mention, while Valkyrie is a rare card, she’s useful enough that you’re bound to see plenty of her when battling opponents.

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Let’s get cracking with our guide to Clash Royale Valkyrie.

Clash Royale Valkyrie: a screenshot from Clash Royale shows the character Valkyrie swinging her axe

Who is Clash Royale Valkyrie? 

Valkyrie is a rare card from the game Clash Royale. She fits into the melee troop style of combat and is an ideal character to drop into a match to clear space and disrupt attacking infantry units as she’s a great shield character with her high defense.

Though she moves very slowly, she can take a few hits and issues serious splash damage with her wild swinging axe attacks. She can even take on heavier units like the Elite Barbarians all on her own.

How do I unlock Valkyrie? 

If you think luck is on your side and want to attempt to pull Valkyrie’s card, she’s a rare character, so you will have to open chests of silver or higher rarity. Failing that, you can wait for her to appear in the item shop and pay for her with gems or coins. Of course, you can only unlock a character once you find and beat them.

So to find Valkyrie’s card in chests, first, you must progress to Bone Pit Arnea in Clash Royale. This isn’t far into the game’s campaign so you only need 600 trophies to access this area, and once you defeat Valkyrie, hopefully, it isn’t long until that card is yours.

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What is the best Valkyrie deck?

With her huge HP pool, Valkyrie is a great disrupter, has a fantastic move that spins around in a circle around her, and is best used as a defense when enemies deploy large-scale opponents like the Golem.

Status effects like the Ice Spirit can slow her down, so ideally, you want to avoid magic and use Valkyrie to clear the board and wipe away troublesome threats. Here are some examples of an effective Valkyrie deck build.

Deck one

  • Archer Queen
  • Fire Spirit
  • Miner
  • Mortar
  • Poison
  • Skeletons
  • The Log
  • Valkyrie

Deck two

  • Arrows
  • Baby Dragon
  • Ballon
  • Fireball
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Lava Hound
  • Miner
  • Valkyrie

Deck three

  • Baby Dragon
  • Bowler
  • Freeze
  • Graveyard
  • Ice Wizard
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Tornado
  • Valkyrie

How do I counter Valkyrie? 

The best thing to do against Valkyrie is to slow her down, so using the Ice Wizard is highly recommended. If you just want to try and outpace her, then fast units like the Bandit or the Barrel Barbarian can be helpful here, but keep in mind that Valkyrie is also very weak to air units like the Bats.

However you do it, slowing her down and trying to halt her progress is your top priority, so if you don’t have the Ice Wizard, even the Spear Goblins can do a great job of disrupting and confusing her, and drawing Valkyrie away from your precious buildings.

We hope this Clash Royale Valkyrie guide helps you to get to grips with the character as well as add a bit of brute force to your team. For more, see our article on Clash Royale wallpaper and the Clash Royale download.