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Coding Simulator just hit a huge milestone

The stats are in, and Roblox Coding Simulator’s latest milestone is hitting one million visits, which shows just how popular it is.

Coding Simulator key art in which a bunch of eyes are looking over the town

The latest Coding Simulator milestone is mighty impressive as the game crosses the one million visits mark. Granted, this is but a drop in the ocean for games such as Blade Ball and Blox Fruits, but it’s still a huge achievement for developer RoDark Studios, who is sure to be over the moon at the news.

As ever, it’s RoMonitor Stats that shared the news on X (previously Twitter), showing that Coding Simulator is one of the many Roblox games to hit one million visits. Though, as exciting as that is, we can’t help but want to know what other stats it has, starting with likes. Upon hitting the milestone, Coding Simulator boasted just under 18k likes with only 792 dislikes, giving it a rating of 95.74 – a mighty impressive stat if we do say so ourselves.

The favorites count sits at just over 12.1k, showing that the game has quite a few fans. Honestly, we can’t help but wonder if there are some new Coding Simulator codes on the way to celebrate this accomplishment. It’d certainly be handy to get our hands on some extra cash and diamonds.

For those unfamiliar with this fun Roblox game, it gives you a look at the popular world of coding, though make no mistake, it’s not easy by any means. In this experience, you get to become a coder, creating various programs and doing all you can to debug them – it’s not hard to see why people seem to enjoy this one.

a character standing in front of a fountain in Coding Simulator

Not to worry if Coding Simulator isn’t the game for you, perhaps you’d prefer to play Anime Last Stand, which hit an impressive milestone of its own not too long ago. If you do decide to give this anime game a try, make sure you check out our Anime Last Stand codes list to avoid missing out on some valuable freebies.