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How to use Coin Master’s Thor’s Wheel

Learn how to spin the Coin Master Thor Wheel and reap its plentiful rewards here in our handy guide. Call on the power of Asgard and get spinning for coins!

Coin Master Thor's Wheel: Official artwork of the pig being held by Thor, a blonde haired white human male wearing awinged helmet and holding a sword aloft into a blue sky. They are standing on a pile of gold coins

Every so often, Coin Master’s Thor’s Wheel comes along, bringing with it rewards as mighty as the Nordic gods themselves. But what exactly is it, and how do you spin it? That’s what our guide is here to answer today, so keep on reading to gain the ancient knowledge for yourself.

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What is the Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master?

Thor’s Wheel is a special event wheel in Coin Master. It replaces the standard daily wheel spin during Coin Master events like Treasure Hunter. It offers bigger rewards than the usual daily wheel too, but at a cost.

Coin Master Thor's Wheel: A screenshot of the wheel spinner pasted on a blurred graphic of the pig and Thor

How do I spin Thor’s Wheel?

To spin the Thor Wheel, you’ll need Thor Wheel Tokens. This special currency is a purple circle with a golden lightning bolt inside, representing the mighty thunder god’s powers. Like other currencies in the game, you can earn them through events or purchase them in the Offers tab.

What are the Thor’s Wheel rewards?

The Thor Wheel offers larger rewards than Coin Master’s standard daily spin. You’ll usually see XP potions, coins, Coin Master chests, and Coin Master Joker cards on the wheel, but it can change from time to time.

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