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How to get Coin Master stars

If you’re looking to flaunt your hard-earned progression and rank, then you’ll need to know how to get Coin Master stars, so we’ve put together this handy guide

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Coin Master stars represent your progress in this popular slot-machine-inspired mobile game, but there are certain ways to go about getting your hands on them. Stars are displayed in pride of place on your profile and are a way to show off your achievements, so don’t be humble, get ready to show everyone just how much of a Coin Master you are.

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How do I get Coin Master stars?

Since an aim in the game is to compete against other players, it’s no surprise that you’re wondering how to get your hands on more stars, since this is one of the main ways to display your progress and status in the game.

So, here’s how to get Coin Master stars:

  • Open chests: If you open chests, they normally contain some handy cards that you can trade in for more stars when collected
  • Complete card sets: Once you collect all the cards in a set, you’re rewarded with extra stars
  • Upgrade your village: If you upgrade buildings in your Coin Master village and exceed village levels, then you’ll be rewarded with even more Coin Master Stars

What can I use Coin Master stars for?

These handy little bonuses actually serve a few different purposes, but their main use is simply as a way to represent your player rank and progression. It means you can easily compare your hard work to that of your friends or other players, and see where you stand as far as achievements go.

Coin Master stars also contribute to leaderboards, and the more stars you have, the higher you’ll see your name creep up. Since Coin Master is incredibly competitive, even between friends, stars can be super useful to gauge just how good you’re doing.

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Stars can also actually be used to unlock a whole bunch of different things, too, such as more spins and chests. So as nice as it is to have a bazillion stars, they’re definitely worth using to make your gameplay more fulfilling.

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