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Crossy Road secret characters - not so secret anymore

Not only do we name all of the Crossy Road secret characters in this list, we also let you know how exactly you can unlock each of them

A character trying to cross rivers and roads

Do you ever cross the road and think, ‘man, this is boring. I sure wish a rainbow pig would run past me’? Probably not, but how much fun does that sound? And that’s just one of several wacky things that might happen to you when playing Crossy Road. While the name implies the game is all about crossing the street, it’s a bit more than that. For one, you get to venture through snowy terrain and rivers too.

Crossy Road is full of many weird and wonderful mascots that are just waiting to go on some fun journeys with you. However, not all of them present themselves to you on a silver platter. No, if you want to hang out with the Crossy Road secret characters, you need to prove your worth. Not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry can chill with a Hipster Whale or Robot Dog.

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Crossy Road secret characters

Unlike unlocking regular Crossy Road characters, this mysterious bunch are only obtainable through unique means, instead of pulling them from the prize machine.

A bunch of Crossy Road characters

Name How to unlock
Ace Collect 50 burgers as Rocky
Andy Sum You must score 85% of your current high score while playing as Mallard
Anglerfish There are several steps to unlocking Anglerfish, and all must be done with any ocean character
  • Cross a trench
  • Go back by two logs or one lilypad
  • Jump off the side of the lilypad or log
Ben Weatherall Playing as The Dark Lord, you must achieve at least 85% of your current high score
Best in Show Play as any of the dog characters then stuff your face with food. Keep going until this secret mascot is unlocked
Bones When playing as Palaeontologist, you must collect one of each fossil type:
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Body
  • Leg
  • Tail

Then once you die, Bones becomes available

Blinky To unlock Blinky, Pac-Man must crush you when playing as Inky, Clyde, Pac-Chicken, or Pinky
Cai Shen You must collect 20 red envelopes when playing as Fortune Chicken, Fire Monkey, The Three Deities, Xi, New Year’s Doll, Hot Pot, or the Chinese Monster
Cat Lady Using any cat character, eat nine yellow fish that appear on the grass
Chinese Monster When playing as the New Year’s Doll you must catch up to the Chinese Monster, start another run afterwards to unlock the character
Clown You need to collect ten to 15 coins when playing as The Hand
Clyde In one power pallet session, when playing as Pac-Man, you must consume at least seven ghosts
Coconut Water When playing as a Tourist you must collect at least five coconut waters in one run, doing so unlocks this secret character upon death
Crab There are multiple steps to unlocking the Crab. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter which character you use
  • When in grass, sand, or snow, swipe left and right 50 times
  • Get a score of 40
  • Complete the run
  • If you did it successfully the character unlocks
Dragon Rider Complete the Pecking Order challenge to unlock Snow King, then play as Snow King in at least seven runs to unlock Dragon Rider
Drop Bear When playing as any Australian character, you need to encounter Drop Bear on a run, let it kill you, then it unlocks after the run
Gingerbread Man You need to play, and die, a few times as the Wolf. After this, the Gingerbread Man appears, jump on it, then the character becomes available after finishing the run
Gifty Playing as the Festive Chicken, you must charge into the Christmas Tree on a snowy level
Halfling When playing as any New Zealand character, you must jump into eight small gold rings across multiple runs. These don’t pop up very often, so unlocking the Halfling may take a while
Hipster Whale Every now and then, the Hipster Whale appears instead of a log, seize the opportunity and jump on it. Do so, and you get the character at the end of the run
Iceberg Dunk all Arctic mascots into the river
Inky Score 3,000 points as Pac-Man. This can be done across multiple runs
Leprechaun When playing as any character from the UK and Ireland, you must collect a four-leaf clover. A soft ‘ding’ noise can be heard when on a run, indicting the clover has spawned
Marmalade Unlocking Marmalade requires collecting the following items in one run:
  • Sock
  • Ball
  • Donut
  • Floppy disk
  • Dice
Matt Hall Playing as Lucky Cat, you must achieve at least 85% of your current high score
Merlady Cross a river as a non-ocean character, then jump back two logs and fall off
Michael Boom Using any mascot, you need to find the rocket truck at the end of your run and crash into it
Moon Rock When on a meteor flow run, make sure you play as a space character and get hit by a rock
Nessie When playing as a character from the UK and Ireland, stop by a river and wait for Nessie to show up, jump on its back to unlock the character
Piffle Ball You need to collect piffle items across multiple runs until the character unlocks
Pineapple Play as a Piffle update character, such as Piffle Ball, and wait by an empty lane for a truck to show up with a pineapple on it. Collide with the track to get the character
Pinky Collect a cherry when playing as Pac-Man
Pro Gamer You must play as any Korean character and score 80 points, while getting an actions per minute score of at least 150
Purple Bloop Play as a grablin character and beat another that’s at least level 35. Then, upon death, you get Purple Bloop
Phone Box You must play as a character from the UK and Ireland, then, when in a large clearing, follow the ringing to find the booth. Upon death, you get the character
Robot Dog When using any space character, track down a yellow duck
Rugby Player Collect four nuts and a rugby ball while playing as the Squirrel
Seal Complete all five trash-collecting missions on the snowy terrain with the Polar Bear to unlock this character
Space Walker Jump on the Hipster Whale when playing as any space character
The King of All Cosmos Play as The Prince of All Cosmos and collect as many items as you can. Eventually, the new character becomes available
The Princess of All Cosmos Play as The Prince of All Cosmos and collect as many items as you can. Eventually, the new character becomes available
The Queen of All Cosmos When playing as The King of All Cosmos turn items into rainbows, do this until the new character unlocks
The Totem When playing as Ida, a Crow, or the Storyteller, the top of The Totem floats downstream, jump on it to unlock the character
Waffles Just play the game as normal until a rainbow pig turns into a waffle, approach it to unlock the character
Yeti Playing as a Christmas update character, listen out for the sound of snowballs. Follow the noise and be killed by Yetis throwing snowballs, this unlocks the character
Big Fancy Pig Play as Blue and collect six green chips
Too Much Candy Playing as any character, find and jump into a brown river

There you have it, every Crossy Road secret character, and how to unlock them. If you’re sick of looking both ways and crossing the street, perhaps a journey through luscious landscapes with our picks for the best mobile RPGs would make a nice change.