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Cuphead Cala Maria’s boss fight, personality, and more

Cuphead’s Cala Maria is an intriguing character that serves as one of the more memorable bosses in the game, and here’s why, as we discuss who she is and more

Cuphead's Cala Maria and her eel hair going on a bit of a mad one surrounded by lightning

Cuphead features many memorable bosses. Some have a reputation as one of the hardest boss fights in gaming, while others feature a unique design that helps them to stand out from the crowd. Then there are characters such as Cuphead’s Cala Maria, who is arguably one of the best bosses in the game in her first phase, though her unique design takes things in a different direction later in the fight. Nonetheless, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about her.

Of course, the main reason you even go after this Medusa-inspired mermaid is that you’re in debt to Cuphead’s Devil, so make sure you give that guide a read to get the down low on him. We also have Cuphead bosses, Cuphead characters, Cuphead download, and Cuphead Show content so you can discover even more about this cartoonish paradise known as the Inkwell Isles.

Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about Cuphead’s Cala Maria.

Cuphead's Cala Maria leaning on a rock looking at her nails

Who is Cuphead’s Cala Maria?

Cala Maria is a boss in Cuphead, and she appears on Inkwell Isle Three, so you do need to fight through a good portion of the game before you meet her. At first, the mermaid comes across as sweet and innocent, but that quickly changes as she takes issue when you start to shoot her from your plane. Honestly, I get it. Just think, she wants to relax, catch some rays, and then bam! Debt collectors fly towards her with a barrage of bullets.

Cuphead Cala Maria’s personality

Cala Maria is a somewhat playful individual with a flirtatious and vivacious side. In fact, she initially blows a kiss towards Cuphead at the start of their fight – go on, my little protagonist. Though it quickly becomes clear that she’s also an irate and angry being that has no problem with opening a can of whoop-ass to those that dare to cross her.

Cuphead's Cala Maria smiling while holding a orange fish as Cuphead flies towards her

Cuphead Cala Maria’s boss fight

To face Cala Maria, you must first enter the boss level ‘High Seas Hi-Jinx’ on Inkwell Isle Three and prepare yourself for a shooter side-scrolling experience in your plane. During the first phase, Cala Maria only takes damage via headshots, and she has a tendency to try and corner you with her attacks. The best way to combat this is to be on the move, and make full use of the screen. It’s also vital that you know what to expect when she grabs fish or unleashes pirates from her mouth – they’re about to fly at you, so prepare yourself for some top-tier Maverick flying.

Eventually, three eels emerge from the water to bite Maria (a bit rude, but if she’s as promiscuous as she appears, I’ve no interest in being in the middle of her affairs), and she moves into phase two of her fight. However, in this phase, she’s not really the one who attacks you. As it turns out, her hair is made of eels, and after a shock awakening, they can’t wait to electrify things. Still, you do need to pay attention to Cala Maria, as the mermaid embraces her inner Medusa to fire a beam at you from time to time, and this turns you to stone. The second you see her eyes glow, get ready to dive.

Eventually, Maria gets a taste of her own medicine, as her body decides to peace out when it turns to stone and crumbles, leaving her as nothing more than a gorgon-head. That’s cool, I guess. Some people only care about the head. Anyway, you need to do some careful flying as you enter a narrow cave system, and the boss still uses her stoney beam (I guess she’s a little salty about her body after all). During this phase, you need to keep a careful eye on the eels, as they still fire projectiles your way.

Keep firing at her, and eventually, Cala Maria goes down. In the end, she accepts defeat as one of the eels plays a sad tune on the violin.

Who voices Cuphead’s Cala Maria in the Cuphead Show?

Natasia Demetriou lends her voice to the villain in the Cuphead Show season two.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Cuphead’s Cala Maria. If you’re in search of more difficult titles to play, our list of the best hard games on Switch and mobile can help you out.