The Cuphead Show season four release date, trailer, and more

More Cuphead Show is on the way, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including the release date, trailer, and more. Hold on to your mugs.

Cuphead show: key art shows Cuphead and Mugman, two cartoon anthropomorphic mugs, jauntily walking along. The image is placed against a yellow background

Cuphead is already a great game, but luckily there is also an amazing Cuphead Show. So, many fans are wondering when they can expect the next season, which is sure to be full of the chaotic carnage that the franchise is known for. As such, we dive into the Cuphead Show season four release date, trailer, and more, as well as what we might expect from future seasons of the hit Netflix programme.

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Anyway, onto everything you need to know about the Cuphead Show.

Cuphead Show - Ms Chalice hoisting both Cuphead and Mugman off the ground and up against a wall with an angry expression on her face

When is the Cuphead Show season three release date? 

The Cuphead Show season 3 debuted November 18, 2022. Cuphead Show season 3 begins with The Devil kidnapping Mugman, and includes several standout episodes such as Joyride and Dance with Danger. It even includes a few impressive musical numbers. Watch all eleven episodes on Netflix now.

Is there a Cuphead Show season three trailer? 

There is indeed a Cuphead Show season three trailer, and you can watch the clip below to get a glimpse of the latest season.

YouTube Thumbnail

When is the Cuphead Show season four release date? 

Currently, Netflix has not commented on a potential season four for the Cuphead Show, leading many to assume the show could be cancelled. Many fans are using the #RenewTheCupheadShow social media campaign to demand a return, but given Netflix’s history, we aren’t holding our breath.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the next season of the Cuphead Show. If you need something else to watch, the Persona 5 anime is worth a try, and you might want to keep up to date with the latest Nier Automata anime news.