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Cuphead Funko Pop

Our Cuphead Funko Pop guide is here to help you grab yourself a collectible version of your favourite mug-shaped heroes. Land yourself a tea-riffic figure.

Cuphead Funko Pop: A product image shows a Funko Pop figure of Cuphead

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Enough waffle, let’s get into our Cuphead Funko Pop guide

Cuphead Funko Pop guide

Cuphead Funko Pop: a product image shows a Funko Pop figure of Mugman

Cuphead – Mugman collectible figure 

Not quite the main man himself, but if you squint your eyes I’m sure you couldn’t tell the difference. Cupheads’s right-hand cup, Mugman is a reliable friend and a fierce ally. He probably did encourage Cuphead into doing deals with the devil though, like your mates in the park egging you on to eat your mouldy lunch. Just me?

Cuphead Funko Pop: A product image shows a funko pop of Ms Chalice

Cuphead – Ms Chalice Funko Pop 

This fantastic figure showcases the third member of the cup trio, Studio MDHR recently gave Ms Chalice a turn in the Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC, and changes how players interact with the game. Take home the powerful new protagonist herself with this cracking collectible.

Cuphead Funko Pop: A product image shows a funko of Cali Maria from Cuphead

Cuphead – Cala Maria figure 

One of the most iconic bosses from the original Cuphead, Cala Maria is a blend of a traditional Medusa-like figure, alongside some seriously savage squid and octopi. Our love for her is deeper than the ocean, and we’re sad we had to kill her. Anyway, how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles… Get it? Well, I feel better now anyway.

Cuphead Funko Pop: A product image shows a Funko Pop figure of The Devil from Cuphead

Cuphead – The Devil collectable figure 

The main man himself, don’t trust him even if it sounds like a great deal… The titular devil from Cuphead – Don’t Deal with the Devil (yes, that’s the game’s actual full name) is an imposing figure, and naturally one of the toughest boss fights in the game. We love their design here, managing a great mixture of charismatic and horrifying that the devil normally inhabits. The devil is in the details, and you can look at this horned figure whenever you’d like in your own home.

Cuphead Funko Pop: A product image shows a Funko pop figure of Sally Stageplay from Cuphead

Sally Stageplay + wind-up mouse 

Another of the many tricky bosses from Cuphead, Sally Stageplay caused havoc for Cuphead and Mugman in the theatre, and this figure brings that moment to life. It also includes an absolutely adorable little clockwork mouse, that almost makes the whole collectible worth it already.

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That’s it for our Cuhead Funko Pop guide today folks, but if we see anything else around we will do our best to put the best deals up here again. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our guide covering the best Nintendo Switch games so you can find another game as good as Cuphead today.