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Cuphead King Dice personality, boss fight, and more

Inkwell Isle is filled with villains, and Cuphead’s King Dice is no different. Check out who he really is, and what he gets up to during Cuphead’s quest.

Cuphead King Dice leaning over the wall of his boss fight

Just who is Cuphead’s King Dice? Well, he’s the sneaky and suspicious manager of the Inkwell Hell Casino and a constant thorn in Cuphead and Mugman’s sides as they work to complete their contract. Read on to find out more about King Dice’s dastardly deeds and his boss fight.

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Let’s roll on into who Cuphead’s King Dice is…

Cuphead King Dice leering at the player from the screen

Who is King Dice?

King Dice is the Manager of Inkwell Hell Casino and the Devil’s very own Right-Hand Man. He appears as a part-croupier, part over-enthusiastic host, and frequently involves himself with what the Devil has going on.

His first appearance in Cuphead is when he notices Cuphead and Mugman’s winning streak in his casino. He approaches them with the Devil, to comment on their luck. King Dice then makes sure that the two young drinkware dudes complete the deal that the Devil offered them: collect contracts across Inkwell Isle. We then meet him as we journey across the world, as he blocks off areas that aren’t reachable until you secure more contracts.

King Dice takes it upon himself to interrupt Cuphead and Mugman’s progress, as he thinks they’re cheating somehow in their quest to fulfill their contract. Once they finish collecting contracts across Inkwell Isle, he challenges them to a game because they lost him a bet. Basically, he bet against Cuphead and Mugman’s success and now has it out for them. This is where his boss fight comes in.

Cuphead King Dice’s personality

As the Devil’s Right Hand Man, it’s no surprise that King Dice is the epitome of sleaze. He’s a deceiving individual as evidenced by his actions as Cuphead and Mugman finish their side of the deal. Manipulative though he is, King Dice does have the personality for his job as a bombastic entertainer in the casino

Cuphead’s King Dice boss fight

The boss fight against King Dice can be long and arduous – as many Cuphead bosses tend to be – but is only accessible in regular and expert difficulty modes. To actually reach the battle, too, you need to play the board game King Dice has set out and avoid the obstacles to finish it.

The King Dice fight, called All Bets Are Off, has different amounts of phases depending on how many players and characters are in the battle, starting from four, all the way up to a whopping ten phases.

King Dice claps his hands and materializes a dice, which Cuphead then rolls. Depending on the outcome – one of the numbers on the back wall of the arena – Cuphead either fights one of a few different enemies or lands in a safe spot.

The potential enemies are tied to a numbered space, and are as follows:

Number Enemy
1 Tipsy Troop
2 Chips Bettigan
3 Mr. Wheezy
4 Pip and Dot
5 Hopus Pocus
6 Phear Lap
7 Pirouletta
8 Mangosteen
9 Mr. Chimes

Each of these are mini-bosses, and on themed stages according to what they are – for instance, Pirouletta is on a roulette board, and Chips Bettigan is on a gambling table.

Once you reach the last space, Cuphead fights King Dice himself: King Dice reaches over the wall and uses his hand as a humanoid puppet, and sends cards streaming at Cuphead. In order to stay alive, Cuphead must jump onto the pink cards, while shooting King Dice in the downtime.

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Who is King Dice’s voice actor?

King Dice appeared in the game and also in The Cuphead Show. His voice actors are Alana Bridgewater in English, König Würfel in German, and Rey Dados in Spanish.

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