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Cuphead toys

Check out all the best Cuphead toys and some other cool stuff we’ve found to crash, bang, and wallop your way into a retro-themed playtime.

Cuphead toys header: official art of Cuphead's Youtooz figure

The zany world of Cuphead lends itself very well to merchandise and other products, so we’ve gathered together some of the very best Cuphead toys you can buy to help kick off your cartoon collection. Below you can find plush, dioramas, board games, and so much more.

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Right, here are all the best Cuphead toys you can get.

Cuphead toys plush duo of Cuphead and Mugman next to each other

Cuphead and Mugman plush

If you’re going to start collecting Cuphead stuff, then it seems logical that you begin with the iconic duo themselves: Cuphead and Mugman. These cute plushies are the best place to start.

All the Cuphead toys board game pieces laid out neatly

Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game

Sometimes, playing games on a screen can get a little overwhelming. Therefore, we recommend this Cuphead board game! Play as Cuphead, Mugman, Elder Kettle, or Ms. Chalice, and use parries, jumps, and attack moves to battle enemies and win before the time runs out.

The box and diorama of the Cuphead toys Chaotic Casino set

Cuphead Chaotic Casino construction kit

Building things is fun, especially when they come in a kit and are themed to one of our favorite games. The Chaotic Casino construction kit features small figures of Cuphead and Mugman that you can place where you like on the casino’s entrance diorama.

Cuphead toys youtooz figure on a white background

Cuphead Youtooz figures

Decorative little figures are a staple for any fan. The Youtooz collaboration has a few different variants of Cuphead and Mugman and are perfect to play with or create scenes with on your desk between pesky meetings.

Three Cuphead toys plush on a white background

Cuphead plush collection

If Cuphead and Mugman plush aren’t enough, then here are even more! This set features King Dice, Devil, and a ghostly chalice to spruce up your shelf.

A pair of brightly coloured Cuphead toys socks

Cuphead and Mugman socks

Ok, so these aren’t really toys, but socks are cool too. They’re themed around Cuphead’s classic duo, in a bright red or blue stripy fashion. Now you can show off your love for Cuphead wherever you go.

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