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What is Dark Nemesis’ best class?

All MMORPGs feature multiple classes, and we’ve detailed all the available ones in Dark Nemesis you can determine which is Dark Nemesis’ best class

A Dark Nemesis mage, warrior, and assassin

Dark Nemesis is an MMORPG, which means it not only features an expansive open world, a wide range of characters, and character creation, but numerous classes you can choose from when you select your hero. There’s a lot to consider when you make this decision, as it has an impact on how your journey pans out, and it especially influences your approach to combat.

However, what’s Dark Nemesis’ best class? To answer that question, we need to look at all four Dark Nemesis classes and dive into their stats, what skills they use, and how they approach combat in general. Of course, the best thing about MMORPGs is you can have multiple saves, so there’s nothing to stop you from trying out all of the available options.

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What is Dark Nemesis’ best class?

Okay, first of all, we have to say there isn’t strictly a best class in Dark Nemesis. Why, you might ask. Well, it’s because MMORPGs are designed to allow you to approach the game and its combat system in different ways. Therefore, the best class is subjective, and changes from person to person. As such, we’ve put together an overview of the four character types below, so you can determine what you consider to be the Dark Nemesis best class.

A female character with a glowing hand and a flashy gun in front of a black background


As the name suggests, this class utilises guns and, therefore, would suit anybody that wants to tackle combat from a distance. However, while range, burst, and damage attributes are high, and mobility is adequate, Gunslingers are squishy, to say the least. You don’t have a large health pool if you choose this class. So make sure you keep your distance on the battlefield.

The Gunslinger character is Artemis, a woman that was born on an island full of golems and firearms – this certainly explains her love of gunplay. Unfortunately, a war broke out in her homeland, which cost the lives of both of her parents. As a result, Artemis fled, jumping into the ocean to escape. However, as she did so, she swore vengeance on those that changed her life forever.


  • Spiral burst – this move casts a drone at a spot you select. It provides continuous fire and uses electromagnetic shots, which pull nearby enemies towards it. This ability is certainly handy when you deal with a crowd, or simply need some breathing room.
  • Heavy blast – your enemies will wish they were anywhere but here when you unleash a barrage of bullets that cause insane damage.
  • Doomsday – Artemis blinds her foes with this ability. She fires an intense explosion that wipes her enemies out.
  • Rings of doom – as the name suggests, this ability casts several rings that cause continuous damage as long as they’re on the battlefield.

A Dark Nemesis assassin holding a blade in front of a black background


You can probably guess what two attributes the assassin excels in – mobility and damage. Of course, the better the assassin, the closer they get before you know they’re there. However, this does mean that they’re ineffective at range, and don’t possess quite as much burst power as other classes. Furthermore, their survivability is low, which means they can’t take a lot of damage. If you play as this class, you must be quick on your feet, but the punishment you dish out is worth it.

The character associated with this class is Horus, a being motivated by belonging, recognition, and the need to understand himself. On his 16th birthday, Horus received a gift from the Mysterious Man (the head of the Universe Peacekeepers). He told the young boy to eliminate those that are evil with his new present – the ring of eliminators. Thus, this is what led the young lad on his path of self-discovery.


  • Blade rush – you move forward at speed, using your blade to great effect as you dish out considerable damage to all enemies in your way.
  • Swirling blades – you throw two swirling blades forward, this damages enemies and pulls them towards you as the blades return.
  • Bladestorm – you are the storm. You whirl around in a storm that causes phantom weapons to appear and attack all enemies within the vicinity.
  • Hellfire sigil – you move so fast that you open a dimensional rift which burns all enemies caught within its range

Dark Nemesis mage casting magic in front of a dark background


If you’re a lover of magic, the mage class is for you. While you don’t have quite the same amount of range ability as gunslingers, you’re still adequate enough to fight with some distance between you and the enemy. Better yet, the amount of damage you dish out is second to none. The hordes will cower before you, and many will be left in your wake. Your blast stat is also incredibly high.

Ursula is the mage around here, and it’s love and respect that motivates her. She hails from Mirror City, where she was born to a family of magic users. However, this wasn’t enough for her. She didn’t only want to know common magic. Ursula always had a keen interest in the forbidden arts – something she could pursue after her 20th birthday.


  • Dual blast – you throw a Gemini core forward. It deals damage to all enemies caught in its path.
  • Starfire torrent – you unleash an energy storm that harms all foes within reach
  • Starry swirl – numerous magic beams rain down from the sky, dealing continuous damage to all enemies within range.
  • Blasting horror – this ability uses the fears of your enemies against them, unleashing unrelenting torment upon them.

A huge warrior looking ahead with a giant sword on his shoulder


Warriors are the up close and personal type, and most of their stats are above average. Their only true weakness is not being able to fight at range. Then again, you wouldn’t select this class if you didn’t want to be close enough to hug your foes.

The associated character for this class is Jasper, a man that values justice and family above all else. Due to his father being an army man, Jasper always wanted to become a soldier, and thus, he would master the art of using a sword through training with the best teachers around.


  • Brutal dash – you charge forward and deal damage to those caught in your path.
  • Fury slam – You launch your enemies into the air, before brutal slamming them back down to earth.
  • Death tornado – you continuously swirl around, using your sword to harm everyone nearby. You also perform a leap attack at the end.
  • Titan’s wrath – not only do you turn into a colossus, but you also cause your enemies to feel incredible pain.

There you have it. Hopefully, you now have enough to determine the Dark Nemesis best class for you. If you want something totally different to play, hop, skip, and jump your way over to our best mobile platformers list.