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DC: Dark Legion is bringing The Batman Who Laughs to mobile

FunPlus is bringing a new Batman-orientated superhero strategy game to mobile, though we don’t have a DC: Dark Legion release date just yet.

Screenshot of The Batman Who Laughs for DC Dark Legion release date speculation news

Superhero fans, rejoice! Developer FunPlus has announced its upcoming strategy game, DC: Dark Legion, is coming to mobile platforms, bringing with it a host of familiar heroes and iconic villains. While we don’t have a DC: Dark Legion release date just yet, we’re sure this one is going to end up on our list of the best Batman games, with the caped crusader leading the line of DC heroes.

DC: Dark Legion sees you take control of an agent from the 31st century, tasked with the mission to take down The Batman Who Laughs in his quest to spread darkness and dismay across the DC multiverse. Still, with heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash on hand, I fancy my chances of taking on the Joker-Batman hybrid.

This upcoming title isn’t the first collaboration between DC and FunPlus, with the developer responsible for introducing The Joker to its popular zombie title State of Survival. It’s also not the only mobile DC game we’re getting in the next year-or-so, with the DC: Dual Force release date also slated for late 2023. Simply put, there’s never been a better time to be a Batman fan.

When is the DC: Dark Legion release date?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release date for DC: Dark Legion just yet, though we do have a release window set for 2024. Hopefully that means we can look forward to battling The Batman Who Laughs within the next twelve months.

Is there a DC: Dark Legion trailer?

There is a short DC: Dark Legion trailer you can check out below. While it doesn’t give much away about gameplay, it does set the tone for the upcoming mobile title, and ends with the text ‘Featuring all DC characters. More to come this Fall’. So, keep an eye on the official DC: Dark Legion Twitter for further details.

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Is there DC: Dark Legion pre-registration?

There’s no word on DC: Dark Legion pre-registration yet, but it is still very much early days with FunPlus only recently announcing the game. Still, we expect a pre-registration phase to arrive sometime before the release of the game, so stick a bookmark on this page for the latest.

There you have it, all we know so far about DC: Dark Legion, FunPlus’ superhero strategy title. For more heroes and villains, check out our picks for the best Marvel games, or jump into a superpowered CCG with our Marvel Snap decks guide.