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Samara’s back with a vengeance in DBD Mobile’s Sadako Rising event

The Dead by Daylight Mobile Sadako event is here, and it promises to pull you in (through the screen) as Samara leaves her well once more.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Sadako Rising key art showing Samara climbing out the well while a survivor looks on

It’s the day that all of you survivors and killers have been waiting for, and not only is it time to face The Entity in DBD Mobile, but to try and survive the Dead by Daylight Mobile Sadako Rising event. If you happen to be a fan of the main title, you likely know what this mobile game event entails.

But for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sadako Rising DLC, allow us to educate you. This expansion features Samara, the iconic horror villain from The Ring franchise, though you might be more familiar with its Japanese counterpart, Ringu. She brings death to anyone who dares to watch her VHS tape, and she does so in seven days – what a proficient killer, got to respect her work ethic.

In case it’s not clear, Samara becomes a playable Dead by Daylight killer, one that suits those who like to strike fear into their victims with murderous stealth. However, she’s not the only Ringu character to hit the small screen as investigator Yoichi Asakawa enters the fray. He’s a great ally with the ability to stun killers and heal his fellow survivors.

When does the DBD Mobile Sadako Rising event begin?

If you want to add Samara and Yoichi to your roster, you need to face The Entity between March 15 and March 28 in Dead By Daylight Mobile. Furthermore, during this time, you can get limited-time crossover goodies, such as new outfits for each Ringu character.

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Just in case that’s not enough, if you send Samara’s tape to your friends (and condemn them to a grizzly fate), you can get even more gifts, varying from cosmetic to handy in-match items.

To make sure you survive Samara’s wrath, check out our Dead by Daylight characters guide to see what each survivor brings to the table. We also have a Dead by Daylight codes list, because you need all the help you can get to escape with your life.