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Dead by Daylight characters lore and perks

Our Dead by Daylight characters guide goes into detail on all of the avaiable survivors, offering you some background on their lore, as well as their perks

Dead by Daylight The Trickster and Yun-Jin

There are many Dead by Daylight characters to choose from, with there being 34 killers and 40 survivors. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. You’ll find the Laurie to your Michael, the Nancy to your Freddy, or the Jill to your Nemesis. In this guide, we intend to hone in on the survivors, detailing who they are, what perks they possess, and frankly, what chances they have of actually being alive by daylight.

If you’re after more information on the maniacs, head over to our Dead by Daylight killers guide, it explains what their powers are, which perks they have, and what weapon they intend to slice and dice with. We also dive into their lore, giving some insight as to how they became so psychopathic. Or, if you’re after some different scares, we have lists of the best mobile horror games and best Switch horror games.

Without further ado, here are the Dead by Daylight characters.

Dead by Daylight characters

Dead by Daylight Dwight

Dwight Fairfield

Dwight is one of the original Dead by Daylight survivors. It’s fair to say that he’s a bit of a geek – no judgement, we’re all nerdy here – and as a result, was picked on. He was also a bit of a laughing stock, never quite making it on to any of the sports teams he tried out for.

Then, one day, he went into the woods with his colleagues on a team-building exercise. After drinking moonshine, Dwight woke up alone and never found his way out of the woods. Fortunately, he’s well equipped to be a survivor. Having been bullied, he’s used to flying under the radar, making it tricky for killers to track him down.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Bond You can see the auras of your fellow survivors in a radius that can reach up to 36 metres from your location
Prove thyself Teamwork makes the dream work
  • For each survivor within four metres of you, Dwight’s repair speed increases by 15%
  • All other survivors within this range also benefit from the perk
  • If you perform cooperative actions, the number of bloodpoints you earn increases by at least 50%
Leader Be the leader no one believed you could be
  • If other survivors are within eight metres of your location, the speed at which they heal, unhook, and sabotage increases by up to 25%
  • The effect remains inn place for 15 seconds after survivors leave your radius

Dead by Daylight Meg

Meg Thomas

Meg Thomas is an original Dead by Daylight survivor, and she’s rebellious, though whether this comes from being raised by a single mother, or lingering anger at her father for abandoning her, we don’t know. However, she still excelled in school, going so far as to earn a college scholarship, yet she never got to go due to her mother becoming sick. One day, Meg went for a run, but was never seen again. Her impressive stamina and fitness mean she’s able to distract killers while her fellow survivors complete their tasks, a valuable friend indeed – but if she gets caught, just run, you can make other friends.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Quick and quiet Meg doesn’t emit a loud noise notification when she rushes through windows or out of lockers.
  • It takes at least 20 seconds for this perk to cooldown
Sprint burst For three seconds, Meg runs 150% faster than her normal running speed
  • The perk causes her to become exhausted for a maximum of 60 seconds
Adrenaline It’s time to dig deep with a big burst of energy
  • After exit gates open, Meg runs 150% faster than normal for five seconds and instantly heals
  • If Freddy Kruger is the killer, this perk can wake you up, returning you from the dream world
  • Meg becomes exhausted after using the perk for up to 60 seconds

Dead by Daylight Claudette

Claudette Morel

Claudette is one of the first Dead by Daylight survivors, and she’s a bit of a science wiz, having been fascinated with the subject since she was a child. Due to her genius, she was able to attend a top tier college on an early scholarship, though her age meant it was difficult to be sociable. One evening, Claudette went for a stroll through the woods, but she never left. This survivor might not have great social skills, but she’s got what it takes to make it through the night.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Empathy Help those around you
  • Claudette can see the auras of survivors in injured and dying states, so long as they are within at least 60 metres of her location
Botany knowledge Put your knowledge to good use
  • Healing speeds and medkit efficiency increases by up to 33%
Self-care Claudette can heal herself without the use of a medkit, though it takes her 50% longer to do so
  • The depletion rates of medkits decrease by at least 10%

Dead by Daylight Jake

Jake Park

Another Dead by Daylight original survivor is Jake Park. As the son of a CEO, Park faced a lot of pressure, especially when his brother was academically inclined, while he wasn’t. In the end, Jake dropped out of school, cutting contact with his father after going off-grid in the woods. He still saw his mother, though, after some time, she never saw him again, with Jake becoming yet another mysterious woods disappearance.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Iron will The noise Jake makes while injured reduces by at least 50%
Calm spirit Living in the woods means Jake is friendly with animals
  • The chances of crows giving away your position decreases by at least 80%
  • While this perk is active, Jake makes no sounds of pain
Saboteur When a fellow survivor is picked up, Jake can see all auras within a 54-metre radius of where the victim was captured
  • Jake doesn’t need a toolbox to sabotage a hook
  • Sabotaging a hook without a toolbox takes three seconds
  • Sabotage takes at least 60 seconds to cooldown

Dead by Daylight Nea

Nea Karlsson

Dead by Daylight welcomed Nea as part of The Last Breath chapter. Nea is of Swedish descent, enjoys graffiti, and is a bit of a troublemaker. One evening, when out with friends, Karlsson is dared to tag the old asylum, only to never be seen again. Now she’s trapped, fighting for survival against The Nurse. However, she has what it takes to survive, being the nimble girl that she is, but, does she want to make it out alive?

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Balanced landing Nea is like a cat, in that she always lands on her feet
  • When falling from heights her stagger duration decreases by 75%
  • She doesn’t grunt when falling
  • After landing, she runs 150% faster than she usually does for three seconds
  • This perk causes her to become exhausted for up to 60 seconds
Urban evasion Being a sneaky troublemaker has its benefits
  • When crouching, you can move up to 100% faster than you normally do
Streetwise Your items take at least 15% longer to deplete. This perk extends to those within an eight-metre radius of you

Dead by Daylight Laurie

Laurie Strode

Horror fans everywhere know the name Laurie Strode, she’s the leading lady from Halloween, and is the obsession of Michael Myers. She was just like any other teenager, babysitting for some extra cash, it’s just a shame that a crazed killer with a knife wants her dead. Oh, and he happens to her brother – if we go based on the original films.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Sole survivor As more of your friends perish, your want for survival increases
  • The killer is unable to see your aura
  • Each time a survivor is killed or sacrificed you get a token for this perk
  • For each token you have, it increases the radius in which your aura can’t be seen by at least 20 meters
  • Using these perks means you’re 100% more likely to become the killer’s obsession, but Laurie is used to that
Object of obsession If the killer reads your aura, theirs is revealed to you
  • All action speeds increase by at least 2%
  • You’re chances of becoming the obsession increase by 100%
Decisive strike To survive is to fight back
  • After being unhooked this perk activates for at least 40 seconds
  • If you’re picked up in that time and successfully complete the skill check, you escape the killer and stagger them for five seconds
  • Successfully using this perk deactivates it and results in you becoming the obsession

Dead by Daylight Ace

Ace Visconti

This guy is part of the Of Flesh and Mud DLC. Ace isn’t a bad guy, just one that made some bad choices, especially when it came to gambling. Eventually, this caught up with him as Ace owed money to the wrong people. To avoid what could have been a grizzly fate, he ran, it’s a shame he headed in the direction of what could be a truly horrific end.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Up the ante Ace’s confidence is a shining beacon for those around him
  • You got one token for this perk for each survivor that’s still in the trial
  • Each token gives at least an extra 1% boost in luck
Open minded All aura reading ranges increase by a minimum of eight meters
Ace in the hole The chances of Ace getting good loot from chests increases
  • The chances of getting a very rare item go up by 100%
  • The chances of an uncommon add-on coming with it goes up by at least 10%

Deead by Daylight Bill

William “Bill” Overbeck

Any Left 4 Dead fans out there? If so, chances are you recognise Bill, who made his way into Dead by Daylight in 2017. He was once an army man, an accomplished one with a range of accolades and medals, but an injury saw him discharged. One day, he awoke to find the world he knew in pieces, and a horde of angry zombies outside. Well, at least he could finally fight again.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Left behind If you’re the final survivor in the trial you can see the aura of the escape hatch if you’re at least within 24 metres of it
Borrowed time Saving an ally gives you purpose
  • Once you unhook a survivor they get the endurance status effect for up to 12 seconds
  • They won’t enter the dying state if hit, they instead get a deep wound but have 20 seconds to heal themselves
Unbreakable During each trial, you get one chance to fully recover from the dying state

Dead by Daylight Feng

Feng Min

Making her debut in Sparks of Madness, we can identify with this survivor, as she’s a hardcore gamer – though we do hope to avoid meeting deranged killers if possible. As her passion for games grew, so did her drive to be the best, despite the disapproval of her parents. Well, Feng got her wish, becoming a pro player, but she felt the pressure, leading her on a downward spiral, until finally, she was to become a victim of the trial.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Technician Should you fail a skill check, this perk:
  • Prevents generator explosions
  • Applies the default regression penalty
  • Gives an additional regression penalty of at least 3%
Lithe Upon performing a rushed vault, Feng runs 150% quicker than normal for three seconds
  • Feng becomes exhausted for a minimum of 40 seconds
Alert If a killer wrecks any breakables, or kicks a generator, you can see their aura for up to five seconds

Dead by Daylight David

David King

David made his debut as part of the A Lullaby for the Dark DLC. He comes from money, and was once a promising rugby player, at least until assaulting a referee got him permanently banned. However, given money was no issue, this didn’t phase him, it just meant he had more time to do other things like drinking at the pub and getting into fights. Eventually, David disappeared, and now he has one heck of a fight for survival on his hands.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
We’re gonna live forever The speed at which you heal fellow survivors increases by 100%
You got perk tokens for the following actions:
  • Rescuing a survivor from a hook
  • Taking a protection hit
  • Blinding the killer in order to save a captured survivor
  • For each token you have, you get a 25% increase to bloodpoints
Dead hard If you’re injured, you can activate this perk to dash forward, putting some distance between you and your would-be murderer
  • The perk causes exhaustion for at least 40 seconds
No mither Activating this perk inflicts the broken status effect on you for the rest of the match, but this does have its benefits:
  • Blood pools are suppressed
  • The noise you make when injured decreases by at least 25%
  • David’s recovery gets at least a 15% boost
  • When in the dying state, you can fully recover

Dead by Daylight Quentin

Quentin Smith

Quentin is one of the teenagers from the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street remake. It turns out that he, along with his friends and former classmates, were being abused by Freddy Krueger, at least until their parents killed him. However, Freddy returned, determined to kill those he felt wronged him, attacking the students in their dreams.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Wake up! This perk doesn’t activate until all generators are repaired
  • All the exit gate switches within a 128-metre radius of you are revealed through their auras
  • If you’re opening an exit gate, all your fellow survivors in a 128-metre radius can see your aura
  • Quentin opens exit gates at least 5% faster than normal
Pharmacy You open chests at least 40% faster than normal
  • No matter what, the first chest you open contains an emergency medkit
Vigil The speed at which you recover from status effects such as haemorrhage, blindness, exhaustion, exposed, and hindered increases by at least 20%
  • All survivors within eight metres of you also benefit from the perk, and continue to do so for 15 seconds upon leaving your presence

Dead by Daylight Tapp

Detective David Tapp

Detective Tapp is from the Saw franchise, and to say he has an obsession with bringing the jigsaw murders to an end would be an understatement. Unfortunately, in his haste to capture the killer, he got reckless, leading to the death of his partner, and the disfigurement of his neck. In the end, this act got him discharged from the force, but these events reinforced his desire to bring the brutal murders to an end.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Tenacity Not only does this perk allow you to crawl up to 50% faster, but you can recover health as you do so
Detective’s hunch Whenever a generator is repaired, you get to see the auras of chests, totems, and other generators within at least a 32-metre radius for ten seconds
Stake out High-risk high reward
Each time you remain within the killer’s terror radius for 15 seconds you get a perk token up to a maximum of four
  • When performing a good skill check, you consume a token thus turning it into a great skill check
  • If you’re doing a great skill check no token is consumed

Dead by Daylight Kate

Kate Denson

From a young age, Kate Denson knew she wanted to be a singer. The girl was talented, learning to play the guitar too, she would travel with her family performing in folk music competitions. As she got older, she was able to travel by herself, and this took her all over the place. For the most part, this filled Kate with inspiration, but one day, she sat in a quiet clearing encircled by trees. As she was playing her guitar she was pulled into what can only be described as a nightmare.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Dance with me After vaulting out a window or locker you won’t leave scratch marks for three seconds
  • It takes up to 60 seconds for this perk to cooldown
Windows of opportunity Upon activating this perk, you can see the auras of breakable walls, windows, and pallets in a radius of up to 32 metres
Boil over After being captured by the killer, your struggle causes the killer to strafe sideways up to 75% more frequently
  • The killer can’t see the auras of any hooks within a 14-metre radius of where they caught you

Dead by Daylight Adam

Adam Francis

A man that values education, Adam knew what his calling in life was as a college student. He wanted to teach abroad, and after some hard work, Adam managed to achieve this, heading to Southern Japan to start a new life.

However, it wasn’t what he expected it to be, adjusting to this new way of life took time, but he got there eventually. One day, the train he was riding derailed. The crash saw a door spring from its hinges, rushing towards a young girl, but Adam got in the way, saving her life. However, something strange happened, as he opened his eyes to see nothing but darkness.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Diversion To activate this perk, Adam must remain in the killer’s terror radius for up to 40 seconds while not being chased
  • When the perk activates, you have the option to throw a pebble to distract the killer within a 20-metre radius
  • The distraction either displays false scratch marks for the killer to follow, or a loud noise notification
Deliverance You must unhook a fellow survivor to activate this perk
  • Your self-unhook attempts never fail
  • After unhooking yourself, you suffer from the broken status effect for at least 60 seconds
Autodirect At the start of the trial, Adam takes a -25% hit to progression for skill checks in exchange for healing survivors
  • Each time you successfully complete a skill check when healing someone you get a token, and can hold a maximum of five
  • Each token you possess gives a 15% boost to bonus progressions for successful skill checks when healing victims

Dead by Daylight Jeff

Jeffrey “Jeff” Johansen

Jeff didn’t have the best start in life, he was an anxious kid that many mistook for shyness. To protect himself, he put on a front at school, a tough act that meant bullies left him alone. At home, life wasn’t much better due to his parents fighting, but he found solace in art and music. After some time, his parents divorced, and Jeff was forced to leave everything he knew to start fresh with his mum.

This led to some questionable choices that nearly took his eyesight. Fortunately, this was the wake-up call he needed. Jeff tried to turn his life around, going back to school, getting a rescue dog, and designing tattoos and album covers. However, a phone call that his father had passed away changed Jeff’s life forever, after going back to his home town and reminiscing over his childhood, no one saw or heard from Jeff again.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Breakdown Unhooking yourself breaks the hook and shows you the killer’s aura for up to six seconds
Aftercare Look after those around you
  • This perk allows you to see up to three of the survivors you have rescued from a hook, healed, or have healed you
  • The survivors can see your aura too
Distortion Jeff begins the trial with three tokens
  • If the killer tries to read your aura, distortion activates at the cost of a token, preventing your aura from being shown, you also leave no scratch marks for at least six seconds

Dead by Daylight Jane

Jane Romero

Jane’s father raised her, despite her mother being a famous actress. Naturally, this led to conflict within Romero, she hated her mother for abandoning her, but at the same time, admired her for her performances on screen. Eventually, the latter of her thoughts won out, leading Jane to try and emulate her mother’s talents.

As a result, she went on auditions for all sorts of roles, until eventually landing a position as a co-host for a talk show. A couple of years later, she had a programme of her own, which her mother appeared on. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t go down well, leading Jane to make a dangerous drive to her father’s house, with black ice causing her to crash. Authorities found her car, but what happened to Jane Romero remains a mystery.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Solidarity Be stronger than your past
  • If you’re injured and heal a survivor without a medkit you are also healed with a minimum conversion rate of 40%
Poised After successfully repairing a generator, Jane leaves no scratch marks for at least six seconds
Head on You must be stood in a locker for three seconds for this perk to activate
  • If you rush out of the locker and the killer is within range, they become stunned for three seconds
  • This perk causes you to become exhausted for up to 60 seconds

Dead by Daylight Ash

Ash J. Williams

If you don’t know Ash, are you even a horror fan? He’s the sole survivor of the original Evil Dead movie, catapulting him into spooky stardom. On a weekend away with friends, Ash made the terrible mistake of reading from The Book of the Dead, awakening an evil entity that possessed each of his friends, leaving Ash with no choice but to kill them.

Eventually, he got payback, kinda. He was transported to the future and attacked by a demon, which he managed to overpower, the pair came to an agreement that if Ash spares it, the demon returns him to his friends. However, to pull this off, Ash needed to recite an incantation, speaking after the demon. Did he manage to do this correctly? Did he buggery, and now he’s trapped in the world of The Entity. Not only that, but he has no shotgun, no chainsaw, and perhaps worst of all, he has no beer.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Flip-flop Ash just won’t die
  • If in the dying state, 50% of your recovery progression turns into wiggling progression when picked up by the killer
Buckle up Ash can see the recovery progress of dying survivors within a 48-metre distance
  • Upon healing a fellow survivor, both of you can see the killer’s aura for up to six seconds
Mettle of man This perk only activates after your third protection hit (evil really wants Ash dead, huh?)
  • You become immune to the endurance status effect
  • Damage that would cause you to enter an injured or dying state is blocked
  • When at full health, the killer can see your aura if you’re at least 12 metres away

Dead by Daylight Nancy and Steve

Nancy Wheeler

This one has a rebellious streak, but that’s what makes her not only an effective journalist, but also a great investigator. Nancy is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery when her friend Barb goes missing. One night, she follows a lead to the Hawkins National Laboratory, though she soon loses consciousness, waking up in a place that’s anything but friendly.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Better together If you’re repairing a generator, other survivors can see its aura if they’re within a 32-metre range
Fixated Nancy’s walking speed increases by at least 10% and she’s able to see her own scratch marks
Inner strength This perk only activates after cleansing a totem
  • When hiding in a locker for at least eight seconds you automatically heal if injured or suffering from the deep wound status effect

It’s worth noting that the Stranger Things chapter is no longer available, meaning new players can’t play as her. If you bought the DLC before November 17, 2021, you can still use her.

Dead by Daylight Steve and Nancy

Steve Harrington

Steve is a unique mix of arrogance and compassion, often helping out the younger kids when they find themselves in a spot of bother. Well, one night, after receiving a call from his friend Nancy Wheeler, Steve finds himself at the Hawkins National Laboratory, and – you guessed it – he winds up in a strange place.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Babysitter A surprising amount of compassion means Steve risks himself to help others
  • After unhooking a survivor, they won’t leave pools of blood or scratch marks for at least four seconds
  • For four seconds, you and the killer see each other’s aura
Camaraderie This perk doesn’t activate until you’re on a hook
  • If another survivor is within 16 metres of your location, the struggle phase timer is paused for a minimum of 26 seconds
Second wind When you heal another survivor this perk activates
  • Next time you’re unhooked, you suffer from the broken status effect until this perk wears off
  • You automatically heal after at least 20 seconds

Much like Nancy, Steve is only available to those that bought the Dead by Daylight Stranger Things DLC before November 17, 2021.

Deead by Daylight Yui

Yui Kimura

A motorcycle enthusiast, Yuri read her grandfather’s engineering manuals so that not only could she keep her scooter in good health, but she could compete with older lads in races. Unfortunately, her dreams of being a motorbike racer meant her father shunned her from the family, but the support of her grandmother meant she could pursue her dreams. Soon enough she had a motorcycle gang, but this also came with a stalker.

One night, she returned home to find her stalker there. A fight broke out, which Yui won, though she still went to the hospital after the police showed up. It took some time before she could race again, but the support of her gang helped her pull through. They also showed support for all women needing help from stalkers and abusers. Soon enough Yui found herself in a major race again, one she was winning until a strange fog engulfed her.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Lucky break This perk activates when you’re in the injured state
  • You don’t leave blood pools or scratch marks for up to 60 seconds
  • This perk can only be used once
Any means necessary You can see the auras of dropped pallets, and it takes just four seconds to set them back upright
Breakout If you’re within six metres of a carried survivor the haste status effect kicks in, increasing your movement speed by up to 7%
  • The survivor being carried gets a 20% boost to their wiggling speed

Dead by Daylight Zarina

Zarina Kassir

Zarina has a unique sense of justice, one that made her go undercover at a restaurant to prove it treated its workers in a despicable way. She accomplished this, only to have the news put a sympathetic spin on it, making the restaurant seem to be the one in the right.

Zarina was spurred on by this, going on to become an accomplished filmmaker, but it wasn’t until the death of her father that she gained international acclaim. She interviewed the man that pushed him in front of a car, proving it was premeditated murder, not manslaughter. After this, she decided to shed some light on a story from an abandoned prison. She went on the walking tour, only to become shrouded in fog after entering a cell.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Red herring After you repair a generator for at least three seconds you can see its aura
  • The generator stays highlighted until its fully repaired, or you enter a locker
  • Entering a locker emits a loud noise notification that leads the killer to the generator
Off the record Being quiet has its advantages
  • This perk activates for at least 60 seconds after you’re unhooked
  • The killer can’t see your aura
  • The noise you make when injured is reduced by 100%
For the people You can only activate this perk at full health
  • You can instantly heal a survivor without a medkit
  • The killer becomes obsessed with you
  • After using the perk you suffer from the broken status effect for up to 80 seconds

Dead by Daylight Cheryl

Cheryl Mason

Cheryl Mason came to Dead by Daylight as part of the Silent Hill DLC. Mason first pops up in Silent Hill 3 as the main protagonist, but that’s not the story we’re following in Dead by Daylight. Instead, Cheryl has escaped the cult that’s been hunting her all her life, but she has lost her adopted father, Harry. To cope with her guilt at his passing, Cheryl volunteers at a centre for troubled youths, until one day, a black fog engulfs her, and it was as though she was in Silent Hill all over again.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Soul guard After recovering from the dying state, the perk gives you the endurance status effect for up to eight seconds
  • Any attack that should put you in the dying state will instead inflict a deep wound that you have 20 seconds to heal
Blood pact When either you or the obsession are injured you can see each other’s auras
  • After you or the obsession heal each other, you both get the haste status effect which increases your movement speed by up to 7%
  • The effect whereas after you are more than 16 metres away from each other
Repressed alliance After spending up to 55 seconds repairing generators this perk activates
  • You can call upon The Entity to block the generator you’re repairing for 30 seconds, meaning the killer can’t hinder its process
  • All survivors can see the aura of the blocked generator

Dead by Daylight Felix

Felix Richter

This architect found himself fascinated by mysteries after the disappearance of his father. As time went on, he became a renowned architect, though working for other people didn’t sit well with him. Soon enough he created his own firm, and was hired for a job on Dyer island, where a familiar voice called out to him before his world faded to black.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Visionary You can see the auras of generators that are at least within 32 metres of you
  • Upon completing a generator, this perk is disabled for at least 16 seconds
  • When a generator is completed, the perk is disabled for up to 20 seconds
Desperate measures Your tenacity is remarkable
  • The speed at which you unhook or heal survivors increases by at least 10% each time you save someone, up to a maximum of 56%
Built to last When hiding inside a locker with a depleted item for at least 12 seconds, the perk activates, replenishing the charge of that item to 99%
  • Each time you use this perk the replenish chargers drops by 33%

Dead by daylight Elodie

Elodie Rakoto

When Elodie was 14 years old, she lost her parents after they disappeared on a business trip to Dyer Island. The night this happened, the teenager saw her mum holding a strange object, while Elodie’s dad urged her mother to run. All of a sudden, darkness overcame them, and when Elodie came to, her parents were nowhere to be seen. Naturally, she wanted answers as to what happened, and it would take years of searching for Elodie to find any sort of closure, her quest for answers would take her all over the world.

Years later, a mysterious group began hunting Elodie, for reasons she didn’t understand, until one day, when exploring the jungles in Madagascar, her surroundings began to change, and she could hear a voice calling out for her. It was at this moment that she knew her hunters had found her.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Appraisal Elodie begins the trial with three tokens for this perk
  • If you stumble upon an open chest, you can use one token to rummage through it for an item
  • You search through chests up to 80% faster
Deception Sometimes it’s the simplest of tricks that help you to survive
  • Instead of entering a locker, you emit a loud noise notification tipping the killer as to where you are
  • For the next three seconds, you leave no scratch marks or pools of blood
Power struggle You’ve been running for years, and you’ve gotten pretty damn good at evading captors
  • When being carried by the killer, Elodie can instigate a power struggle if she fills up to 35% of her wiggling progression bar

Dead by Daylight Yun-Jin

Yun-Jin Lee

Much like a certain killer, Yun-Jin made it big in the music industry. However, the difference between her and The Trickster is that she didn’t go on a mad one burning her bandmates alive in a fit of jealousy. However, that doesn’t mean the pressures of being famous didn’t get to her, especially when she’s the producer that added Ji-Woon Hak to the band No Spin. Of course, we know how that story ends, but what you might not know is that Yun-Jin continued to work with Ji-Woon when he adopted his new stage name The Trickster. However, as time went by, she became suspicious of Ji-Woon’s behaviour, especially when torture and violence became part of his music videos.

Apparently, the record company felt the same way, giving the pair just three months to come up with a new sound as his current music was distasteful, to say the least. Well, when the time came, Yun-Jin began choking on smoke while her fellow producers were cut to ribbons by The Trickster. Unlike most survivors, Yun Jin welcomed the darkness, it gave her the chance to get even with Ji-Woon.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Fast track If someone’s getting hooked you couldn’t care less, so long as it isn’t you
  • Every time the killer hooks a survivor, this perk gets at least one token, with Yun Jin being able to hold a maximum of 27
  • For each token you have, Yun-Jin gets a stackable 1% progression bonus on top of the additional bonus she gets for passing a great skill check
Smash hit Capitalise on their mistakes
  • After stunning the killer with a pallet, you run 150% faster than normal for four seconds
  • This perk causes Yun-Jin to become exhausted
Self-preservation This perk doesn’t activate unless a fellow survivor is hit with a basic attack, or special attack, within 16 metres of you
  • You don’t emit sounds of pain, nor do you leave pools of blood for at least six seconds

Dead by Daylight Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine

Who doesn’t love Jill Valentine? Alongside Chris Redfield, she’s one of the first two protagonists in the Resident Evil franchise. That’s right; she saw the horrors at the Spencer mansion firsthand, a mission gone wrong, in the worst possible way. More than that, she was a one-woman show in Resident Evil 3, fighting for survival against Nemesis, and this is the Jill that features in Dead by Daylight – the one from the 2020 remake, to be more specific.

The monster had just one job, kill S.T.A.R.S members. Well, by the time she was done, Jill had the creature seeing stars. Unfortunately, there’s still more in store for Valentine, as a mysterious black fog engulfed her after she battled Nemesis, bringing her to the trial grounds.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Counterforce Even mighty foes have support systems, take them out and weaken their resolve
  • Jill cleanses totems 20% faster, this increases by another stack-able 20% after successfully cleansing a totem
  • After cleansing a totem, Jill can see the aura of the one furthest from her for up to four seconds
Resurgence You did the impossible once, you can do it again
  • After being unhooked, Jill instantly gains up to 50% of her healing progress
Blast mine After repairing 66% of the generators, this perk activates

Dead by Daylight Leon

Leon Scott Kennedy

Another famous horror character got his start in the Resident Evil Franchise. Leon Kennedy had what is quite possibly the worst first day of work ever. Most rookie cops are eased into their new role, whereas Leon drove into a city that was on fire, had zombies running around, and an overrun police station with a hulking tyrant marching around. Somehow, Leon and Claire survived the events in Racoon City, and Kennedy goes on to become a special agent that tends to be thrown in the deep end to deal with bioweapons.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Bite the bullet Even if you’re in pain, never show your weakness
  • When performing healing actions, this perk prevents you from emitting grunts of pain
  • If you fail a healing skill check, there’s no loud noise notification, and the regression penalty only reaches up to 3%
Flashbang Generator repair needs to reach at least 50% for this perk to activate
  • If Leon enters a locker empty-handed he crafts a flashbang grenade
Rookie Spirit You must complete up to five skill checks when repairing generators for this perk to activate
  • For the remainder of the trial, you can see the auras of regressing generators

Dead by Daylight Mikaela

Mikaela Reid

When she was young, Mikaela went sailing with her father, it was their bonding time. Unfortunately, at 16 years old, she lost her father, but the support from friends and family got her through, even helping her to discover a love for storytelling. As time went by, Mikaela also took an interest in witchcraft, and thankfully she was more of a ‘Charmed’ Wicca, and less of a Wicked Witch of the West.

Eventually, she was asked to perform at a renowned Halloween festival, a prestigious honour for a storyteller. However, this consumed her life, leading to some less than pleasant changes and many sleepless nights. Eventually, Mikaela’s roommate disappeared, but she held onto hope that he would show up at the festival. He never did, but Mikaela stole the show with her haunting story, which ended with a black fog engulfing her.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Clairvoyance This perk activates each time you cleanse a totem
  • If you have no item in your hand, you can see the auras of hooks, generators, exit gate switches, chests, and the hatch, so long as they’re within 64 metres of you
  • It lasts for at least eight seconds
Boon: circle of healing This perk allows Mikaela to create a boon totem. If a survivor is within its 24-metre radius, they get a range of benefits:
  • Healing speeds increase by up to 100%
  • They all get the self-care ability, meaning they can heal without a medkit
Boon: shadow step This perk allows Mikaela to create a boon totem. So long as a survivor is within 24 metres of the totem, they get the following benefits:
  • They don’t leave scratch marks
  • The killer can’t see their auras
  • These effects last for a few seconds after survivors step out of the totem’s range

Dead by Daylight Jonah

Jonah Vasquez

Jonah has always been a bit of a genius with a penchant for brain teasers and mathematics. On his 16th birthday, he received a strange code, yet he couldn’t decipher it, and what he could work out led to Chile. In the end, Jonah abandoned the puzzle believing it to be flawed. After graduating from university, the CIA hired him as a codebreaker. It led him to work in Kwantana, though he discovered too late that his work led to the deaths of many. Jonah sought to right this wrong by transferring a small number of funds to help the struggling families. In the end, this led to an attempt on his life, though he managed to escape.

Soon enough, Jonah returned to work and was given new assignments. One of which was a code, one he knew from his birthday all those years ago. These numbers have been haunting Jonah, so he booked a ticket to Chile without running it by his boss. Was the trip worthwhile? Well, Jonah cracked the puzzle, and it turns out it was him being there, at that exact moment. Soon enough, he found himself in the trial grounds, the scent of blood lingering in the air.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Overcome Upon becoming injured, Jonah gets an additional two seconds to the initial movement speed boost
  • This perk causes you to become exhausted for up to 60 seconds
Corrective action You begin the trial with at least one token for this perk, earning more each time you successfully complete a great skill check. You can have a maximum of five tokens
  • When a fellow survivor fails a skill check when working on a generator with you, a token is consumed, turning that failed skill check into a successful one
Boon: Exponential This perk allows Jonah to create a boon totem. Survivors within 24 metres of it get the following benefits:
  • They get at least a 90% increase to recover speed
  • All survivors unlock the self-care ability, meaning they can heal themselves without a medkit

Dead by Daylight character Yoichi Asakawa riding a boat towards a lighthouse in the distance

Yoichi Asakawa

Yoichi has had a fascination with the supernatural since he was a mere child, which he developed following the tragic death of his parents at the hands of an inexplicable curse. Still, he tried to put those horrific events behind him, taking after his father and graduating from a university in Tokyo specializing in marine biology – going on to become the youngest professor in the same school’s history. However, his past was about to come back to haunt him after two of his students mysteriously disappeared during a research trip in Izu Oshima.

Sure enough, Yoichi found himself facing horrendous flashbacks, culminating in the appearance of Sadako, the ghastly being responsible for the curse that continues to claim the lives of innocents. For those who don’t know, Sadako is none other than Samara from The Ring, so you know that Yoichi is in some serious danger.

Months of research and torment followed, during which time Yoichi stumbled across a similar story to that of what happened to his students, ion Scotland at a lighthouse. Wasting little time, and with the goading of his father’s spirit, Yoichi travels to the lighthouse, but while on a boat with the lighthouse in the distance, the ocean begins to behave violently. Yoichi, refusing to give in, has his world turn to black when a huge wave shatters the boat.

Upon waking up, he follows his father to the gallery of the lighthouse, walking through thick black fog.

Perk Effect
Boon: Dark Theory Yoichi can use his extensive paranormal knowledge to turn a dull or hex totem into a boon totem
  • inside the boon totem’s radius, all the survivors get a 2% haste status effect, which can last for two, three, or four seconds after leaving the zone
Emphatic Connection You can physically project your presence to survivors in danger
  • If a survivor is injured, they can see your aura from up to 96 metres away
  • You can heal other survivors 10% faster
Parental Guidance You can hear the dead, and they warn you of danger
  • after you stun the killer, this perk suppresses your scratch marks and pools of blood for up to seven second

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