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Dead by Daylight killers lore, powers, weapons, and perks

There are many Dead by Daylight killers ti choose from, and our handy guide covers all of them, including their lore, powers, perks, and weapons.

Dead by Daylight Killer Samara crawling out of a well

With our Dead by Daylight killers guide, we offer a little background on each murderous maniac, and let you in on what their unique perks and powers are. As well as which weapon they choose to go hunting with. These despicable beings have all the tools they need to make sure their victims really are dead by daylight. Currently, there are 31 killers for you to choose from, each one bringing something different to the table. Of course, this includes Dead by Daylight’s new killer, Carmina Mora, also known as The Artist. So, leet’s dive into this guide about all Dead by Daylight killers.

Since you’re here, we assume you’re a horror fan. That, or you have an obsession with killers – not that we blame you, we’ve lost many hours to serial killer documentaries. Either way, you should take a look at our picks for the best mobile horror games. Some put you in the shoes of a psychopath, while others task you with beating the odds as a victim.

Enough yapping, here are the Dead by Daylight killers.

Dead by Daylight killers

Dead by Daylight killer The Trapper

Evan MacMillan – The Trapper

One of the original trio, Evan, is a sadistic killer, one that idolises his daddy too much, which led to the deaths of more than 100 miners – not that his involvement in the tragedy has ever been proven.

Evan chooses to wield a cleaver, one that he created himself using the metals found in his family’s mine.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Unnerving presence The Trapper’s presence alone is enough to bring fear to his victims, and should they be within his terror radius, two things happen:
  • The trigger odds of skill check increases by 10%
  • The success zone of skill checks decreases by 40%, 50%, or 60%
Brutal strength Evan is a strong individual, and this allows him to shatter the defences of his victims
This perk increases the speed at which the Trapper breaks pallets and walls, while also upping the damage he causes to generators by 10%, 15%, or 20%
Agitation In case it wasn’t obvious, Evan is a sadistic individual, and the thought of hooking his prey causes the following:
  • The Trapper’s carrying movement speed increases by 6%, 12%, or 18%
  • Your terror radius increases by 12 metres

The Trapper’s power is a bear trap. He starts the match with two, while a further six spawn throughout the game. As you might guess, any survivor that steps in one of these is immobilised, though The Trapper can also get trapped in his trap – that’s karma for you.

If you’re carrying a victim when you step into the bear trap, they will escape, and you’re stuck there watching them leave.

Dead by Daylight killer The Wraith

Philip Ojomo – The Wraith

The second of the original trio is The Wraith. He was once a decent human being, simply trying to make a living at a scrap yard, choosing to ignore the criminal activity that took place there. So long as Philip wasn’t involved, he didn’t care. That is, until he discovers a man in the trunk of a car. Letting him go, the man doesn’t get far before Philip’s boss kills him, prompting Ojomo to murder his boss and disappear.

The Wraith’s weapon is known as Azarov’s skull, which, as its name implies, is a skull, though it’s still attached to the spine of the person Philip tore it from.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Predator Philip is a formidable tracker, and this allows him to hunt down his prey quickly
  • The scratch marks survivors leave appear more frequently and closer together
Bloodhound The Wraith smells the blood of his would-be victims, helping him to track them down
  • Pools of blood are brighter in colour, and are visible for two, three, or four seconds longer than normal
Shadowborn The Wraith was born in the shadows, as such, he has great vision in the dead of night
  • Your field of view increases by nine, 12, or 15 degrees

The Wraith’s power is a wailing bell. This cloaks the killer, allowing him to stalk his prey under a veil of shadows. However, the survivors can hear the bell from up to 24 metres away, and whoosh noise from up to 40 metres away. Oh, and when you’re within a 20-metre radius of your victims, the veil lifts, showing them your murderous self.

Dead by Daylight killer The Hillbilly

Max Thompson Jr – The Hillbilly

The final killer of the original trio is Max Thompson Jr, and to say his upbringing was despicable would be an understatement. His parents were wealthy landowners, having a child they didn’t ask for, one that’s disfigured, causing them to lock him away. However, revenge is a sweet dish, one that Max served cold when he ferociously murdered his parents.

The Hillbilly uses a cattle hammer, one that is efficient for slaughtering many people.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Enduring Years of torture and torment means Max is resilient to pain
  • Pallet stun duration decreases by 40%, 45%, or 50%
Lightborn The Hillbilly has adapted to the light, using it to his advantage
  • Survivors trying to blind you are shown for six, eight, or ten seconds
  • Flashlights, flashbangs, and blast mines don’t blind you
Tinkerer When survivors repair generators to 70%, The Hillbilly gets two benefits:
  • A loud noise indicates the generator’s location
  • The undetectable effect is implemented for 12, 14, or 16 seconds


The Hillbilly uses a chainsaw as his power, allowing him to move at double his movement speed while wielding the weapon in a manner that makes Bubba Sawyer blush. However, there’s an overheat metre, so keep an eye on it when using this power.

Dead by Daylight killer The Nurse

Sally Smithson – The Nurse

Dead by Daylight welcomed Sally Smithson in 2016, with her serving as the killer in The Last Breath Chapter. Once upon a time, she had a good life, but her husband lost his life while working, forcing Sally to take a job at an insane asylum, where patients subjected her to emotional and physical abuse. Of course, there’s only so much one can take before they snap. Unfortunately, Sally’s breaking point resulted in the deaths of four staff members and more than 50 patients.

The nurse uses the bonesaw, perfect for cutting through flesh.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Stridor The Nurse has a keen ear
  • The volume of a survivor’s grunt of pain increases by 25%, or 50%
  • Regular breathing volume increases by up to 25%
Thanatophobia Nothing destroys courage faster than realising your own mortality
  • Every injured, hooked, or dying survivor incurs a stack-able 4%, 4.5%, or 5% penalty to repairing, cleansing, and sabotage speeds
A nurse’s calling It’s a nurses duty to tend to the wounded
  • Survivors being healed to you are revealed up to 28 metres away

Spencer’s last breath allows The Nurse to blink, meaning she jumps through the spirit world, landing somewhere else on the map

Dead by Daylight killer Michael Myers

Michael Myers – The Shape

You know, it doesn’t have to be Halloween for Michael Myers to be stab happy. The horror icon hit Dead by Daylight in 2016 as part of the Halloween Chapter. Anybody that’s seen his movies knows he stops at nothing to kill his victims. Once, he was an innocent child, that’s until he murdered his older sister.

Unsurprisingly, Myers wields the kitchen knife, much like he does when hunting Laurie Strode in the Halloween movies.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Save the best for last Michael’s obsession for a single survivor grows
  • You gain one token for this perk each time you hit a survivor, though it caps out at eight. However, for each token, you get a stack-able 5% cooldown reduction on successful attacks
Play with your food Michael’s obsession for a single survivor grows
  • Each time you let your obsession escape, Michael gets one token, with a maximum of three. Each token he has offers up to 5% stack-able haste
Dying light Michael’s obsession for a single survivor grows
  • For each survivor you hook that isn’t your obsession, you get a token
  • So long as the obsession is alive, other survivors receive up to a 3% stack-able impairment to repairing, healing, and sabotaging, to a maximum of 33%

His power is evil within, and this allows Michael to clearly see his victims, with more evil power building up as he stalks them

Dead by Daylight killer The Hag

Lisa Sherwood – The Hag

The Hag grew up in a quiet village, until she was kidnapped and tortured by cannibals. She saw many victims die while being held hostage. Yet, she hung on, until finally, death came for her, though she swore an oath, allowing her to exact revenge on her cruel kidnappers. Unfortunately, this also meant Lisa’s humanity was gone, leaving behind an evil being that yearned for blood.

The Hag uses a weapon known as the claw.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Hex: the third seal A hex that hinders a survivors ability to read auras
  • The last two, three, or four survivors hit with an attack suffer from blindness
Hex: ruin A Hex that hinders a survivor’s ability to repair generators
  • Every generator regresses at a 100%, 150%, or 200% faster rate than normal
Hex: devour hope A hex that relies on hope
  • If a survivor is saved from a hook and you’re with a 24-metre radius, you get a token

Blackened catalyst allows The Hag to draw a phantasm sign. You can have up to ten of these active at any one time. Mud phantasm’s disorientate survivors, and keep any survivor that’s running away in its sights.

Dead by Daylight killer The Doctor

Herman Carter – The Doctor

Dead by Daylight welcomed The Doctor in 2017, and he’s a bit insane. He got his killing career started in a prison, one where his one job was to extract information, and he took this to mean by any means necessary.

The Doctor’s weapon is known as the stick, and it’s an old favourite of his. It always extracts information, even if other instruments fail.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Overwhelming presence Herman needs only show up to inflict fear upon his prey
  • If a survivor is within your terror radius, the depletion rate on their items increases by up to 100%
Monitor and abuse The Doctor plans his assault and carries it out in fine detail
  • When outside of a chase your terror radius decreases by 16 meters, but your field of view increases by up to ten degrees
Overcharge Herman damages a generator which forces the next survivor to use it to face a difficult skill check
  • If they fail the skill check, they get a progression loss of up to 5%

If The Doctor successfully lands shock therapy or static blast while Carter’s spark is active, it increases the survivor’s madness.

Dead by Daylight killer The Huntress

Anna – The Huntress

Anna’s past is sad. She was raised in the woods, in an environment that taught her to be a survivor, but this came at the cost of not having anybody besides her mother. A horrific accident meant her mum was ripped from her while she was a child, forcing her to look after herself. Soon enough, she sought companionship, and began kidnapping the daughters of nearby villagers.

Anna hunts her prey with a broad axe, one that’s fit for the purpose of chopping trees – or limbs.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Beast of prey Anna’s need to commit a murder is so strong that she becomes unpredictable
  • After gaining bloodlust, the undetectable effect comes in for as long as bloodlust is active
  • Beast of prey provides up to an addition 50% in bloodpoints for the hunter category
Territorial imperative If Anna is at least 32 metres away from a survivor who enters the basement, she can see their aura for three seconds
Hex: huntress lullaby Survivors receive a progression penalty of up to 6% upon failing a skill check

The Huntress starts the trial with five hunting hatchets, which she can throw to attack survivors from a distance.

Dead by Daylight killer Leatherface

Bubba Sawyer – The Cannibal

Say hello to another horror icon, chances are you’re more familiar with Bubba Sawyer’s nickname, Leatherface, the murderous chainsaw-wielding maniac from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. And yes, the mask he wears is made from the face of a victim. However, there’s a tinge of sadness to his story, in that it’s not the carnal pleasure he seeks from murder. Rather, he wants the approval of his family. He’s scared of being hurt himself.

You’re probably expecting this guy to use a chainsaw, and he does, just not as his primary weapon. Instead, Bubba runs around with a sledgehammer, guess he’s trying to tenderise his victims.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Knock out Bubba inflicts so much pain upon a victim that crying out for help is painful in itself
  • When a survivor enters the dying state from a basic attack, other survivors can’t see them from up to 36 metres away
  • The victim crawls 50% slower and suffers from the blindness effect
Barbecue and chilli Upon hooking a survivor, the Cannibal can see the auras of all his would-be victims for four seconds, should they be more than 40 metres away from a hook
  • Each time you hook a survivor, you a stackable 25% increase to bloodpoint gains. This caps out at a 100% boost
Franklin’s demise A single hit from this monstrous man causes survivors to drop items
  • The survivors have a minimum of 90 seconds to recover their lost items. Failing to do so means all charges stored are lost

Here it is, The Cannibal’s power is Bubba’s chainsaw, and you start the trial with three charges.

Dead by Daylight Killer Freddy

Freddy Krueger – The Nightmare

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. That’s right people, it’s the stuff of nightmares, Freddy Krueger himself. There are two different backgrounds to him, but Dead by Daylight embraces the 2010 remake, meaning that Freddy was abusing children in a pre-school, that is until the parents of his victims burned him alive. Now he’s back, with more determination than ever to inflict horrors upon those he believes wronged him.

Surprise (not really), Freddy uses his glove with knives, all the better to slice you with my dear. He made this device with nothing but torture and murder in mind

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Fire up Freddy becomes more motivated the closer his prey gets to escaping his grasp
  • For each generator fixed, this perk grows in power, giving you up to a 4% stack-able increase in action speed up to a maximum boost of 20%
  • This applies to breaking walls, pallets, generators and carrying survivors
Remember me Freddy focuses on one survivor
  • Each time you hit your obsession, the remember me perk gets one token
  • Opening times for each exit gate increases by four seconds per token, though your obsession remains unaffected
Blood warden An exit gate must open before this perk activates
  • You can see the auras of survivors standing in the exit gate area

Freddy’s power is dream demon, which allows him to induce micro-sleep on survivors, which in turn pulls them into the dream world. Once here, they become oblivious, and can fall prey to The Nightmare’s traps.

Dead by Daylight killer Amanda

Amanda Young – The Pig

There’s crazy, then there’s Amanda Young. If you’ve seen any of the original three Saw films, you’ll likely recognise Jigsaw’s apprentice. Once, she was in a trap herself, but managed to survive, embracing the new lease of life John gave her. However, unlike her master, she rigged her traps to ensure those caught in them would perish – die or die, this isn’t a choice.

Amanda is a sly one, so her using a hidden blade seems appropriate.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Hangman’s trick There’s no escaping this trap
  • Amanda gets a loud noise notification when survivors tinker with hooks
  • When carrying a survivor, The Pig can see see the aura of other survivors in the radius of hooks
Surveillance If the regression progress for a generator is interrupted, you can see its aura for up to 16 seconds
  • While this perk is active, you get an eight-metre increase to the audible range of generator repair noises
Make your choice This perk activates when survivors are rescued from hooks, and you’re at least 32 metres away
  • Whoever saves their friend suffers from the exposed status effect for at 40 seconds

Well, it seems rather fitting that Amanda’s power is Jigsaw’s baptism, which provides her with reverse bear traps. Should a survivor be in a dying state, The Pig can place them in the contraption – let the game begin.

Dead by Daylight killer The Clown

Jeffrey Hawk – The Clown

Jeffrey got the stereotypical start in his murder career, and that’s killing innocent animals when he was a child, slowly tackling larger prey as he grew older. Eventually, his father found some of his ‘trophies’ which led Hawk to join a travelling circus, thus becoming a clown, and providing him ample opportunity to commit the most heinous of crimes while on the move.

When the world slips you a Jeffrey, run. Just run, unless you want to fall victim to his butterfly knife.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Bamboozle Vault actions are up to 15% faster and call upon The Entity. You also block that vault location for up to 16 seconds, stopping survivors from getting through
Coulrophobia This terrifying clown need only be near to instil fear
  • Survivors in your terror radius have their healing speed reduced by up to 50%
Pop goes the weasel This perk activates after hooking a survivor
  • The perk works for a maximum of 45 seconds at a time
  • The next generator you hit loses 25% of its progress

The Clown throws afterpiece tonics that cause toxicity, which in turn impairs the vision of survivors and hinders them.

Dead by Daylight killer The Spirit

Rin Yamaoka – The Spirit

One day, Rin returned home to the screams of her mother. Rushing upstairs, she found her mum dead in the bedroom, with the murderer being none other than her own father. Sure enough, Rin’s dad turned his blade on her, looking to end the life of his daughter as he had his wife. Well, Rin fought back. Still, her father overpowered her, but at that moment, she made an oath that she would have her revenge, in this life, or the next.

Her weapon is a shattered katana, akin to one that ended the lives of Rin and her mother.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Spirit fury Every time you break a pallet, it increases The Entity’s wrath, until eventually, it breaks these obstacles for you
Hex: haunted ground Two hex totems spawn on the map
  • Upon cleansing a totem, all survivors suffer from the exposed status effect for up to 60 seconds
Rancor A single survivor becomes The Spirit’s obsession
  • In exchange for your location being revealed to your obsession, you can see the location of all survivors
  • After all generators are complete, your obsession suffers from exposed permanently
  • You can kill the obsession by your own hand

Through using Yamaoka’s haunting, Rin can traverse at a faster speed, and while she loses sight of survivors, she can see all of their claw marks. When phase-walking, The Spirit leaves behind a husk that emits a terror radius.

Dead by Daylight killer Legion

Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey – Legion

The Legion is comprised of four individuals, a group of friends that took on murder as a hobby. Sure, most of them didn’t want to do it, yet they did. Frank is the ring leader, with the other three following him around like lost puppies.

These are more killers that love to get up close and personal with a blade.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Discordance If a generator that is a minimum of 64 metres away from you is being repaired by at least two survivors, you can see a yellow aura
  • Discordance triggers a loud noise notification on the generator
Mad grit There’s no cooldown period for missed attacks while carrying a survivor
  • If you hit another survivor, the wiggling progression of the one you’re carrying halts for a maximum of four seconds
Iron maiden Any survivor that exits a locker suffers from exposed for 30 seconds
  • The Legion opens lockers up to 50% faster

Feral frenzy allows you to move at high speed, maniacally attacking multiple survivors. However, when using this power, you’re unable to see scratch marks or pools of blood, so use this wisely.

Dead by Daylight killer The Plague

Adiris – The Plague

The high priestess of Babylon was a devoutly religious woman, until a disease made its way through the city, infecting Adiris. Her condition changed her, horribly disfiguring her, and while she tried to appease the gods, it was no use. Therefore, she, and her followers, left the city. Eventually, she succumbed to the plague, but not before becoming shrouded in black fumes after making one final prayer.

Adiris uses the profane censer, which she once used to tend to the gardens as a priestess

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Corrupt intervention You pray for their misery
  • When the trial begins, The Entity blocks three generators for up to two minutes
Infectious fright When one survivor is dying, all survivors within The Plague’s terror radius scream, showing you their location for up to six seconds
Dark devotion Adiris obsesses over one survivor
  • Striking the obsession with a basic attack causes them to emit a terror radius of 32 meters for at least 20 seconds, which the obsession can also hear
  • You become undetectable

Vile purge allows Adiris to infect survivors, and once their sickness metre is full, it puts them in an injured state. If you strike an environmental object it becomes infected, meaning it can damage survivors. Oh, and your victims are likely to throw up, which also infects objects and people.

Dead by Daylight killer Ghost Face

Danny Johnson – Ghost Face

Ghost Face has seen many faces over the years, but in Dead by Daylight, it’s Danny Johnson behind the mask, previously known as Jed Olson. He took it upon himself to go on a murder spree in Roseville. He was working at a newspaper as a contributor, and let’s just say he took his work so seriously that he couldn’t help but bring his stories to life.

As with any Ghost Face worth their salt, Danny uses a tactical knife, this weapon has claimed many lives over the years.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
I’m all ears If a survivor uses a rushing ability within 48 metres of you, their aura is visible for six seconds
I’m all ears takes at least 40 seconds to cooldown
Thrilling tremors The Entity blocks all generators that Survivors aren’t repairing when you pick up a survivor
This takes at least 60 seconds to cooldown
Furtive chase Danny focuses on a single survivor
  • Each time you hook your obsession you get a token
  • For each token you have, your terror radius decreases by four meters
  • If your obsession is unhooked, their saviour becomes your new obsession

Ghost Face’s power is night shroud, this grants the killer the undetectable status effect. However, should a survivor detect you by looking at you for more than 1.5 seconds, your power gauge depletes completely, and night shroud deactivates for 24 seconds.

Dead by Daylight killer The Oni

Kazan Yamaoka – The Oni

This is a terrifying being, one that nobody should ever have to meet, and he certainly isn’t honourable. Kazan is the son of a Samurai, but rather than pursue noble causes, he chose to attack people he perceives to be imposters. Farmers that claimed to be Samurai were his primary victims, Yamaoka killed many in the hills, valleys, beaches, and woodland. Eventually, Kazan was given the name of Oni, which he didn’t understand, thus he ended the lives of anyone who dared utter Oni-Yamaoka.

The Oni uses a family heirloom. The Yamaoka blade is passed down from generation to generation, well, at least it was until this ruthless murderer got his hands on it.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Zanshin tactics Kazan’s aura reading abilities are second to none
  • Breakable walls, pallets, and windows reveal their auras if they are within a 32-metre radius or less
Blood echo Your victims suffer together
  • Upon hooking one survivor, all of The Oni’s would-be victims suffer from the haemorrhage status effect until they heal themselves
  • Survivors suffer from the exhausted status effect for 45 seconds
  • This perk takes a maximum of 80 seconds to recover
Nemesis Those that wrong The Oni shall pay
  • When a survivor stuns you through using a pallet or locker, they become your obsession
  • Your obsession is inflicted with the oblivious status effect for at least 40 seconds
  • You can see their aura for four seconds

The Oni’s ability is Yamaoka’s wrath, which allows you to absorb the blood orbs of your victims, filling your power gauge. Once full, you can enter a frenzy known as blood fury, and when this is active, The Oni gets two new abilities – demon dash and demon strike.

Dead by Daylight killer Deathslinger

Caleb Quinn – The Deathslinger

Born to Irish parents, Caleb struggled to survive in the American Midwest. One day, the young boy discovered his father’s engineering tools, leading his dad to teach him how to create new applications. With age, Caleb began creating more sinister devices, and eventually, he put these to good use after patents were stolen from him. The thieves sold them for a profit, an action that would prove to have deadly consequences.

The Deathslinger uses the death to Bayshore, a sharp weapon that gives more than a little prick.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Gearhead You must hit a survivor two times with a basic attack to activate this perk, and it lasts for a maximum of 45 seconds
  • Each time a survivor passes a good skill check, the generator they’re repairing shows itself to you with a yellow aura
Dead man’s switch The Deathslinger takes a liking to one survivor, though to activate this perk you must hook the obsession
  • If a survivor is repairing a generator but stops before finishing the job, The Entity blocks it for as long as this perk remains active
  • You can see the generators this happens to with a white aura
Hex: retribution This hex summons totem poles on the map
  • Any survivor that cleanses a totem suffers from the oblivious status effect for at least 35 seconds
  • After you cleanse or bless a totem, all survivor auras are shown to you for 15 seconds

Caleb’s power is known as the redeemer, this allows you to aim down sight with your weapon, firing a spear at a single survivor. Upon successfully hitting them, you can reel the victim in, though chances are they aren’t going down without a fight.

Dead by Dylight killer Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head – The Executioner

We all know who this monster is. Even if you’re yet to play Silent Hill 2, you may have seen Pyramid Head in the movie, or as a cameo in later games. Failing that, it’s a horror icon, one that haunts the minds of many gamers – we have no doubt you’ve at least heard of this creature. Its purpose is to exact punishment, torture, and torment upon those that walk the hellish halls of Silent Hill.

Unsurprisingly, Pyramid Head stalks his prey with the great knife it’s synonymous with.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Forced penance Anybody that attempts to stop The Executioner from fulfilling its duties will be punished
  • Any survivor that takes a protection hit suffers from the broken status effect for at least 60 seconds
Trail of torment Make sure your victims walk this punishing path
  • If you kick a generator, you become undetectable until either a survivor begins repairing the generator, or you harm a victim
  • This perk has a maximum cooldown of 80 seconds
Deathbound Everybody suffers together in Silent Hill
  • If a survivor heals another victim within 32 metres of you, the healer screams, giving you their location
  • When that survivor is at least eight metres away from the healed survivor, they become oblivious

The Executioner’s power is rites of judgement. You create a torment trail on the ground, and should a survivor cross it, killer instinct is activated, and the victim suffers from the torment status effect. Pyramid Head also gets access to special attacks, including punishment of the damned, final judgement, and cage of atonement.

Dead by Daylight killer The Blight

Talbot Grimes – The Blight

Ah, here’s an unpredictable killer for you. Talbot is a chemist with questionable methods, and a will to push the limits. Eventually, after using many victims to create a pain-withstanding drug, he was kidnapped, his abductor taking him to a grave full of hundreds of bodies. These were the men that lost their lives to his work, thus he was beaten and left for dead in the grave himself. Yet he was rescued, and taken to a monastery. Unfortunately, his time here would only end in blood and death. A genius lost to his own psyche and genius.

The Blight uses the bonebuster, which does exactly what it says on the tin, busts bones.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Dragon’s grip Once you kick a generator, the first survivor that attempts to repair screams, revealing their location to you for four seconds
  • This move has two minute cooldown maximum
Hex: blood favour Successfully damaging a survivor with an attack pleases The Entity. As a result, it prevents all pallets from being pulled down within a 32-metre radius of the survivor
Hex: undying If a survivor is at least two metres away from a dull totem, you can see their aura

Blighted corruption is Talbot’s power, and it allows you to move at great speed by activating rush, though this does mean Talbot is unable to attack. However, it does help close the distance between you and your victims.

Dead by Daylight killer The Twins

Victor and Charlotte Deshayes – The Twins

These two are conjoined twins, and that made them quite the attraction back in the 17th century. They were happy at a young age, that is until their mother was killed after being accused of witchcraft, thus ripping whatever goodness The Twins had away from them. As the years went by, they both began to harbour a deep hatred for humanity, especially after they were torn apart. Yet, they found their way back to each other, determined to cause pain and misery on those unfortunate enough to encounter them.

Victor and Charlotte use the blade of Marseille, a weapon that is sure to claim the lives of many.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Hoarder When this perk activates you get a loud noise notification in a minimum radius of 32 metres. This happens when:
  • Survivors unlock a chest
  • Survivors pick up an item
Oppression A difficult life for The Twins means a difficult life for others
  • Upon damaging a generator, up to three other generators also begin to regress
  • A difficult skill check is initiated when a generator is being repaired
  • This perk takes at least 80 seconds to cool down
Coup de grace Each time a survivor repairs a generator you get one token, which you can use to increase the distance of your next lunge attack by up to 60%

The Twins’ power is blood bond, this allows you to unleash Victor, sending on what could be a devastating attack. During this time, you can switch between The Twins, controlling whoever you wish.

Dead by Daylight killer The Trickster

Ji-Woon Hak – The Trickster

Now, now ladies and gents, we admit he’s pretty, but that’s no reason to make yourself an easy target by fangirling or fanboying over him. A talented singer, Ji-Woon joined a band, and this proved to be a deadly choice as the narcissist was unhappy sharing the love and adoration of his fans with others, thus he did the most natural thing in the world, start a fire that consumed his bandmates. He then acted like a hero, loving the praise sent his way, but in his mind, he snapped – beginning a horrific spree that would go in the history books.

The Trickster uses the polished head smasher.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Starstruck This perk activates a couple of benefits:
  • If in your terror radius, survivors become exposed, and this lasts for up to 30 seconds upon leaving your presence
  • Hooking a survivor disarms the perk, but the status effect remains for those in your terror radius
Hex: control the crowd If survivors rush through a window, The Entity blocks it for at least 14 seconds, potentially trapping another victim
No way out When you first hook each survivor, this perk gets a token and it activates when an exit gate is powered
  • When a survivor activates an exit gate switch, The Entity blocks the exit gate switches for 12 seconds, and up to an additional 12 seconds for each token you own

Showstopper is The Trickster’s power, and this allows you to throw blades at your prey. Ji-Woon begins the trial with 44 blades.

Dead by Daylight killer Nemesis

Nemesis T-Type – Nemesis

Any Resident Evil fans out there? Of course there is, and you all know this guy. Nemesis made its debut in Resident Evil 3 when Umbrella tasked it with terminating all the S.T.A.R.S members, including protagonist Jill Valentine. As such, it’s clearly a proficient killer, one that you’d do well to stay away from.

Nemesis needs no weapons, its fists are more than enough. And frankly, we’re happy it has taken this approach rather than firing at us with a rocket launcher.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Lethal pursuer As the trial begins, you can see the auras of all survivors for up to nine seconds
Hysteria Hurt one to terrify the others
  • Injuring a healthy survivor causes all injured victims to enter an oblivious state for up to 30 seconds
  • This perk has a 30-second cooldown
Eruption After kicking a generator its aura becomes yellow
  • Putting a survivor in the dying state causes all generators to explode, ruining any progress the survivors have made
  • If a survivor is repairing a generator at the time, they become incapacitated and scream, showing you their location

Its power is the t-virus that mutates you, granting you extra abilities and means of attacking. For example, Nemesis grows a tentacle that allows you to strike from a distance.

Dead by Daylight killer Hellraiser

Elliot Spencer – The Cenobite

Say hello to yet another horror icon – who would have thought a game full of killers would feature so many legends. Pinhead is best known as the leader of the Cenobites in the Hellraiser universe. He, like his demons – or angels, depending on your point of view – indulges himself and others in the thrill of pleasure and pain.

The Cenobite chooses to attack with a hook and chain, the best way to mix pleasure and pain

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Deadlock Whenever survivors fully repair a generator, The Entity blocks the generator with the most progression for at least 20 seconds
Hex: plaything This perk can only activate if there’s at least one dull totem on the trial grounds
  • Hooked survivors suffer from the oblivious and cursed status effects until this perk wears off
  • For the first 90 seconds, only the cursed survivor may cleanse the totem
Scourge hook: gift of pain When the trial begins, four random hooks become scourge hooks, their auras are white
  • When a survivor escapes from a scourge hook, they suffer from the mangled and haemorrhage status effects until they heal
  • Upon being healed, they get a speed penalty, slowing them down by up to 9%

Pinhead’s power is summons of pain, which allows you to attack survivors with additional chains. In fact, you can control these possessed chains, and once they wrap around a survivor they become regular chains, incapacitating your victim.

Dead by Daylight killer The Artist

Carmina Mora – The Artist

Here’s, Carmina, and to say she’s a corrupt artist would be an understatement. Still, to become her victim, is to become a masterpiece. However, she wasn’t always this way, it was losing her mother and friends that led her to fall to darkness, listening to the screams of her loved ones as crows devoured them – through the command of a man – destroyed her, thus making Carmina a killer known as The Artist.

Carmina once used a palette knife to paint her murals, but now it’s her weapon of choice.

Unique perks:

Perk Effect
Grim embrace Each time you hook a survivor for the first time, grim embraced gets a token, when you have four, the perk activates
  • The Entity blocks every generator for a maximum of 40 seconds
  • You can see your obsession’s aura
Scourge hook: pain resonance When the trial begins, four hooks turn into scourge hooks, which you can see thanks to their white auras
  • When a survivor escapes from a scourge hook, they cause the generator with the most progression to explode, causing it to lose at least 9% of its progress before continuously regressing
  • If a survivor is near the generator, they scream, revealing themselves to you
Hex: pentimento You can rekindle cleansed totems, which has the following effects:
  • One totem reduces the repair speed of survivors
  • Two totems reduce the healing speed of all survivors
  • Three totems reduce recovery speed for all survivors
  • Four totems reduce gate opening speed for every survivor
  • Five items cause The Entity to block all totems

The Artist’s power is birds of torment, when your gauge is full, you can summon a dire crow that inflicts pain on survivors in its flight path. You can call on numerous birds, unleashing them on your prey, much like they were on your loved ones.

Dead by Daylight killer Adriana sat at a desk showing off her weapons

Dead by Daylight new killer

Adriana Imai – The Skull Merchant

The most recent Dead by Daylight killer is Adriana, making her debut in the Tools of Torment DLC on March 7, 2023.  To say she’s an angry individual is an understatement, but in a sick way, she’s honouring her deceased father through portraying the main character from his dark and unpublished manga, The Skull Merchant.

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