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DBD codes May 2024

Pick up some extra bloodpoints, charms, and more with help from our list full of Dead by Daylight codes - survivor or killer, there's a DBD code for everyone.

DBD codes - A close up of The Plague surrounded by a green hue in front of the inside of a tomb

DBD codes are a great way to get some additional bloodpoints, and trust us when we say you need them. Regardless of which role you have, our Dead by Daylight codes guide can help you pick up the victory, as not only can it give you those precious bloodpoints but charms and other goodies, too. So, even if you meet your demise, at least you got some freebies.

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Dead by Daylight codes

Here are all the new DBD codes:

  • SPLENDID – 30 rift fragments and 500k bloodpoints
  • FLAGL – WLW flag charm
  • MFLAG – MLM flag charm
  • FLAGB – bisexual flag charm
  • FLAGP – pansexual flag charm
  • FLAGT – transgender flag charm
  • ISFLAG – intersex flag charm
  • AFLAGG – agender flag charm
  • GFLAGF – genderfluid flag charm
  • NBFLAG – non-binary flag charm
  • GFLAGQ – genderqueer flag charm
  • AFLAGS – asexual flag charm
  • LETSROLL – Dwight miniature charm
  • CAWCAW – feathers of pride charm
  • PRIDE – rainbow flag charm
  • PRIDE2022 – progress pride flag charm
  • WARRIORPUPPERS – warrior puppers charm

Expired codes:

  • DROPBP (Switch-only)
  • AMD
  • DROPMED (Switch-only)
  • DROPFL (Switch-only)

How do I redeem Dead by Daylight codes?

Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming a Dead by Daylight code.

  • Open Dead by Daylight
  • Head on over to the in-game store
  • Press redeem code
  • Input any of the active codes above
  • Hit redeem!
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What are Dead by Daylight codes?

Dead by Daylight codes give you free charms, bloodpoints, icons, and much more. The game’s developer, Behaviour Interactive, releases the codes, so we don’t have an exact release schedule. However, they tend to show up around holidays, so it’s a good idea to check back in with us then, as we always have an eye out for new codes.

How can I get more DBD codes?

Unfortunately, nobody has control over when new DBD codes become available – well, except for the team at Behaviour Interactive. There’s no clear pattern for when you can expect new freebies. The best thing to do is check in with us and follow the team on Twitter.

How to use DBD Bloodpoints

As you can see from the codes above, you can get Bloodpoints through DBD codes in addition to icons and cosmetics. These are crucial to improving your various characters. Both killers and survivors have a bloodweb full of different nodes, each serving as an upgrade. Bloodpoints are what you use to unlock those nodes, so they’re a pretty crucial currency.

And that’s it for our list of Dead by Daylight codes. If you’re after more Dead by Daylight goodness, we have Dead by Daylight wallpapers, Dead by Daylight killers, Dead by Daylight movie, and Dead by Daylight characters guides for you to check out. Or, Take a look at our Dead by Daylight Mobile review if you need a little more convincing to try this game out.