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The Evil Within and Slender are among fans ‘dream’ DBD chapters

Dead by Daylight dream chapters are subjective, but the idea of Scooby-Doo and Mystery Inc joining the chaos might be the best one.

The Evil Within's Keeper appearing as though he's part of a Dead by Daylight dream chapter

Every DBD player has a Dead by Daylight dream chapter. I know that I do, and thanks to a Reddit thread, it’s clear that many fans are in agreement on the next license and IP they’d love to see in Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical horror game. Since its debut in 2016, the game has welcomed characters from both horror movies and games, and while they’re appreciated, there are certainly some obvious ones that are yet to appear.

In the thread from Redditor Thundainnit, it’s clear that fans would love to see a Slender chapter, and I agree. The popularity of Slender Man is undeniable. The creepypasta and subsequent games (I tend to ignore the movie) all come together to strengthen his legend. Without a doubt, this killer is just who the Entity needs on its team.

However, the most intriguing suggestion to me (besides the obvious choice of Jason Vorhees) is a The Evil Within chapter. Bethesda’s 2014 horror game is beloved by many, with the 2017 sequel introducing even more horrors. While there are many worthy killers from both games, Redditor DemonSerter makes a case the Dead by Daylight killer should be The Keeper, while Sebastian Castellanos would take on the role of survivor.

The proposed perks feel completely true to the vile villain, one involving the killer becoming obsessed with a single Dead by Daylight character, another increases the speed in which The Keeper can break pallets, while the final perk incapacitates your victims, making it difficult for them to escape. Yeah, I need The Evil Within to arrive in Dead by Daylight. Stefano, Laura, and Ruvik would be terrific subsequent killers, while Juli Kidman would also be a solid survivor choice.

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Other dream chapters include Bioshock, Amnesia, and Scooby-Doo. Yes, you read that right. Any-Performer3637 says, “I want a full Scooby-Doo collab, gimme Fred, Velma, Daphne, and Shaggy, then gimme some iconic monsters from the show.” Finally, someone gets it. This is also one of my dream chapters that will never happen. But, just imagine, with all of the monsters and ghouls the gang has faced, there’s a lot of potential for multiple chapters – five of them, in fact. A Mystery Inc character and a monster per chapter.

While there are many more licenses out there, these seem to be the ones that the majority of fans want to see (at least according to that Reddit thread). While some are entirely unlikely, others are plausible. I’m constantly on the edge of my seat awaiting news of the next Dead by Daylight chapter, though All Things Wicked is certainly proving to be fun so far. If you need some extra bloodpoints to help you out, check out our Dead by Daylight codes guide.