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Dear Ella tier list and reroll guide

With our Dear Ella tier list, you can discover who the best characters are, and then how to ensure you get them with our Dear Ella reroll guide

A bunch of Dear Ella characters posing

It’s time for you to fight for what’s yours in Dear Ella, a mobile RPG that puts you in the shoes of Princess Ella, the rightful heir to a throne usurped by her very own uncle. Of course, to exact her revenge and reclaim the crown, she needs some help. Luckily, there are all manner of allies willing to fight for what’s right, and in our Dear Ella tier list, we tell you who they are. Then, how to get the character you want with our Dear Ella reroll guide.

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Anyway, onto our Dear Ella tier list.

Key art featuring various characters for Dear Ella

Dear Ella tier list

Rank Dear Ella characters
S Lupus, Ella, Eriel, Jin Ryu, Erthel
A Lynn, Violet, Yi Nam, Sith, Wayne, Zafina, Esteban
B Jukha Ryu, Yeon Bi, Wallace, Florence, Zenon, Hyun Jin, Celine
C Lupio, Luke, Simone, Clai, Heroy, Shao, Gardin, Kairos
D Catherine, Charlotte, Rodric, Deanna

How do I perform a Dear Ella reroll?

To reroll in Dear Ella, you need to:

  • Launch Dear Ella
  • Use a guest account
  • Get to the gacha tutorial
  • Use all your free spins
  • If you’re happy, create an account and link it to your existing save
  • If you’re not happy with your pulls, delete the game and repeat the process

There you have it, our Dear Ella tier list and reroll guide. For more great games to play, check out our best mobile RPGs list.